Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Montreal Le Leisure World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

World music all over the floor leisure-tourism, leisure, tourism, vacation in Guilin, one of the world's music all over the floor leisure, Guilin is located in Xing'an County, covers an area of 6,000 hectares, is by far the largest country in the world of leisure travel. Modern music can be all over the floor of the peak for leisure travel, grand, warm, beautiful, the harmony between man and nature; modern Division God works with the landscape of integration must yarn; the grand scale of the planning complete, complete facilities, the mood of graceful, called China the most. It is also against the theme park's magic also, true to the original forest resort, the most in the park features 18 holes of the Tomb American-style golf course, each another enjoyable time visitors may be to hang around , In the original Shanguangshuise be modern and comfortable enjoyment.
Music all over the floor the first phase of the development projects will be on December 25, 2000 opening-round, includes a total of forest resort, golf club, resort hotels, theme parks.
In the faithful to the original flavor of the sum Resort, in accordance with changes in the level of the mountains located elegant villas and chalets cliff base, unique style of camping platform for you to enjoy camping aristocratic taste. In the full flavor of the original field of the park, visitors can enjoy creative play area, such as: poetic tour of the Lake restaurant, Charlie's soul-stirring Vehicles, to stimulate the horror of the earth and the mountains shake, step-by-step climbing area, to enjoy the Need for Speed artificial ski ... and so on, will give you an unexpected surprise. The United States similar to Disneyland's large-scale entertainment, Bi You Happy Chinese district in the western U.S. city, district dream world, the South Pacific, piracy features, such as the village of King Area, the entire park as impressive, the Leisure Tourism of the Kingdom.


  By the designer of the 368 elegant rooms fine, for honeymoon couples and planned in the House floor, a warm, family or business for the design between the two sets of exquisite rooms and three suites, with parks, gardens and countryside three Changes in the landscape to choose from. In addition, we are even more preposterous the distinguished guests to provide services and equipment, the five-star gourmet delicacy, the SPA aerobic massage, sauna and steam bath, night clubs and so on ... ... enjoy the aristocratic, so that you experience the feeling of home away from home. Financial landscape of the United States, folk arts, entertainment, as well as theme A five-star Sadian. Visitors can choose a different price, quality, variety and style of tourism consumption.

The introduction of world-class large-scale amusement park design, capture all over the world dream situation, the re-implementation of the Montreal music in the Magic Kingdom, the warm Pacific Area, cross time and space The Chinese city of joy, the thrills of the western district of the United States, as well as the wonderful magic world full of mysterious zone of the village of pirates ... ... will allow you to enter a time tunnel to a different experience in the exciting and varied fantasy fun.

Tiancheng unaware of the Golf Club, use of mountain and lake scenery of Hope, by the International According to the original landscape of the home landscape, carved out a totally natural world-class 18-hole golf course, changing the compact design of the ball, you will bring to the swing-by-hole strategy fun. Is now the largest full Guangxi, China is its sole international standard American-style 18-hole golf course hills. Swing so that those who enjoy the fun at all, access to drinking by Some world-class landscape, an experience that ultimate feeling of honor.

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