Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shuilian Dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huangguoshu Falls unique in its ground, underground, water, the water there are a series of scenes, one of the most amazing thing is implicit in Falls Banyao up to 134 meters on the curtain falls cave. Falls after Shuilian Dong quite wonderful, from inside the six-hole windows, Dongting five, three-and six-channel group Stephen The main attractions are: cactus upside down, hanging Gurong root, rattan screens, pocket-sized garden, I blast, Crystal Palace, waterfall Taiwan touch, and so on. Visitors through the cave, in addition to viewing the top of the wonders of the curtain man. The most wow, all Shuilian Dong from the hole can be a window to see the Rainbow Lake rhinoceros, from here to see the rainbow, Is the only double rainbows, but rainbow is a dynamic, changing blurred, it is well-known "in view of the sunset Shuilian Dong", it is natural wonders.

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