Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yangshuo West Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangshuo is a history of more than 2,000 years of the most beautiful side of the town of Lijiang River, visitors like clouds. Less than 1 km of Yangshuo West Street from the stone structure, was the S-shaped curve. Streets filled with a variety of tourist souvenirs, a large tie-dye tablecloths about 60-70 yuan, a small square 5-8 million.

Yangshuo Street, foreigners in China is the most intensive street, to come here every year for leisure residence of foreigners here is equivalent to three times the resident population. West Street is China's largest foreign language angle, the high proportion of foreign-related marriage for the whole of China the most. To this end, the tourism sector, experts and scholars known as the "Chinese tourism in the phenomenon of Yangshuo" China's "global village." This phenomenon caused by China's concern in the world. Its full of exotic night life is 10,000 kinds.

West's hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and so on are all Chinese and Western, and almost all the signs are in both Chinese and English, from the boss Attendant to the street stalls Mother can speak fluent English, there are no geographical differences, idle, the leisurely pace of life, so a lot of tourists come here for a long time do not want to leave. "Sentimental Journey stolen a few days free," may be here to experience what life is.

  Chinese and foreign tour Flow, or shopping, or watch. Street-side restaurant menu of both Chinese as well as Western-style. Many foreigners were sitting here drinking beer, food products, spirits when they come in person Zhangshao cooking. This has truly become the West's Yang Renjie, it adds to the small town of Yangshuo, a beautiful landscape. Here visitors can Love to enjoy the quiet town of Qingyun unique environment and leisure time, and the romantic atmosphere and the exotic customs.

  West Street shop is also very convenient, because the Street is the first of the East side of the Li River cruise ship terminal, visitors have just finished tour of Lijiang, you will cruise directly to the West.

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