Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sok Kwu Ling Guan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Customs ryong Sok Kwu Ling in the Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, 22 km east, and the "chicken back the public" phase of confrontation. If the path of the word, and circled to be approved by the 43 party arrived in the Peak. Jia-Mu Department to 16 verdant, quiet Cave. There Longquan Temple, Hou Si three Shouting Shu Han Guan Yu; Arima Stephen plane, water Ganlie taste, as Qiongjiangyuye. Customs Nan Zheng Liang, the third son of Guan Yu Guan demand for the striker, EC soldiers to this very thirsty, Eerchengji plane to the water, a horse named Stephen. Stephen on the right side of a deep Chi Xu, of course, very severe drought, heavy rain is not up, drink this water-human transmission gets dumb, dumb named Stephen. Xu Er Quan said that "not quite a few steps, Liang (plus hard wood), so different!" Ancient Can not answer, is a long time to build huge, cut-exist side by side monument, Bang said, "Stephen ancient dumb." Peak above the clouds form, the vast Wu Hai, the Meteorology Series. Yu Shu floor stands During this period, there were 2002 Emperor Kangxi (1663) Ye Hyun-title "Yunnan-Guizhou Suoyue" horizontal inscribed board. One side of the temple floor, for cable clearance. Qian Guan Yu respect people, all over the multi-Kwan . Legend has it the cable clearance, Yong Man, active in Guizhou, hence this temple food, and its famous name.

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