Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pro-Old City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pro-eight located in the Old City area step-Jie Zhen, Yuan Ding of the Western Han Dynasty, founded in 2006, that is, 111 years BC, the four major ancient city in Guangxi is the only well-preserved history, an ancient city. Archaeological discoveries of the city a total of three cities, the first major city located in the village of Duck, said the city was jiuxian belly. At present, there are the city of the Western Han Dynasty period of four North and the South East and West Wall and East, South 2 fan Shing Mun, North and the South moat around the mid-Western Han Dynasty of the city was moved to this village in the territory of Lee Chang-Pro-West River Delta area of the interchange, said Mei Chau city. The Chinese city of about 3000 meters, over the years due to the floods, debris piled up, only the south wall is 300 meters above the ground. To the Eastern Han Dynasty The city was once again of movement, moved to the Hexi Street, said the Hexi Old City, since 1951 until the county to move to eight-step so far. There has been a Pro-old seat of the county's legacy. Hexi is in the city are the main city in Hexi and by-laws of the city, in east-ming also has a secondary city. By-laws in the city of Nancy north A 1,100-meter long Rammed earth walls of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the wall about 6-3 meters wide, 25-4 meters, compactor a moat outside the wall there is the Eastern Han Dynasty, 3-4 m wide and 1.5-0.8 m deep.

In the main eastern city of Nancy on three sides have since Song has been a brick wall package, the contract 200 Meters. Second, the southwest side of the Five Dynasties have their own moat along the East River to screen for natural conservation, the northern section of city wall and moat are destroyed. In the main city there are a lot of wealth to the local characteristics of the old buildings, including temples, ancestral halls, the Office of fishing, government offices, warehouses justice, Hall, the Confucian Temple, Xue Gong, stone streets, ancient, ancient tower, residential terminals Watergate, and so on. Be able to display a complete ancient city of multiple functions such as administration, education, culture, religion, transportation, trade, defense and so on. Linjiang in the east coast of the main river and the city hope that next year as a result of trade fairs and the incidence of urban functions and the extension of the spontaneous formation of a secondary city, Dongcheng District, said, is the historic Lower East Side Save for the still-intact, it is important to have a street in east, Guangdong Province-ching Hall, eight temple, Guanyinge, Li, Zhong name, last name, such as Mo's name out of the three major residential areas since, gun turret, the garden, long Diaojiao Lou Street , In line fir, ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Temple Mountain, the Qing Liu Dong Jinshi old standard, and so on. In the outlying city, according to archaeological discoveries, there are six major group of ancient tombs, ancient group of flowers, high-group of ancient tombs, ancient tomb groups Shou Feng, Ling tomb group of snake-heads, butterflies and the south-west ridge group of ancient tombs. Another of the Song Dynasty and a Fau Shan Ying, two temples, such as boiling water temple.

Pro-boundary of the ancient city of Guangdong, Canton And Hunan provinces, is to communicate the throat of the North and the South Mountains, as a result of the unique geographical location, contributed to the Central Plains culture, Baiyue Chu culture and cultural crossroads of integration here, and to form their own unique cultural characteristics, there are many age-old mystery of waiting Tour of people to study to reveal.

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