Tuesday, December 23, 2008

East Falls group of ancient forest area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guilin ancient East Falls Scenic Guilin from 26 km to the east, and along the Lijiang River, Guilin is located - Guan Yan travel online, is a rising star of the development of the area. The first batch of civilization among the scenic Guilin, Guangxi is also a young eco-environmental base. Falls: the only Department to form springs from the ground floor of the multi-stage serial Falls 500-meter gap between the last trip meters. Different time series, or cascade Juan show or forceful. Forest: strong sub-tropical jungle, the vines tied down. Muqiu value of each season, three thousand acres of red maple trees, Manshanhongbian, storied dye to make not only beautiful and elegant, both warm and quiet, stay in charming picture Fenglin, had shown the "red Green, yellow, and green blue, purple, red Shuangye in February Yayun Flowers. "

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