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Dan Touzhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dan Touzhai located in the southwest Guizhou Zhenning county's pole Hill, 48 cottage Puyi, Dan Touzhai is one of them. Quan Zhai layer upon layer of stone house, the construction of the mountain, orderly layout. Housing construction are wood and stone structure, not a brick by brick, stone house a solid long, Dongnuanxialiang, designed by the Walled people, to build on its own, very Features local and national characteristics.

Dan Touzhai or a town famous for its batik. Dan Touzhai good for women's batik tapestry. White Quanzhai 80 per adult women of this city's traditional arts and crafts. Even more interesting is that visitors can participate in their design, their operation, to do a back Dan Touzhai Walled Pouilly , To experience the traditional process of endless fun.
Dan Touzhai tourism landscape is the view of the largest stone-built houses, stone walls as to stone for the gallery to stone for the column for the stone tile. Dan Touzhai, Puyi of the local language known as the "Posen board", meaning "rock back, the resident stone house." Layer upon layer of stone house Slopes along the bottom, the orderly layout. Some of the stone hut towards the door, the rows of side by side; some components of compound, criss-crossing; a stone house and some stone walls, stone arches and out. Walled side of the bamboo, tree placement of Dan Deng, stone benches and Shizhuo for leisure, entertainment.

Residential building, is the appearance of a uniform size, each side has certain rules shaped stone through the Cuoluoyouzhi Leiqi from the strong housing. However, when residential construction is quite particular about: Housing stone hillside, the building before the eyes to a room, stone mining on the spot. Wu Ji stone house is , In a more than two meters, so every family has a block of stone steps through the door. I do not have houses here, brick by brick, the building when the first timber roof trusses to wear as a tenon, but also to build on both sides of the stone walls, wooden pillars in the middle frame, the frame-li good room, surrounded by the wall, "closing", with some Thin stone every room, some with stones Lei Qi, Also supported by pillars. Housing regardless of 3, 5, the central room in the middle of the total, for both sides bedroom. Housing is invariably divided into two, the wood shop in the middle, and lower GUAN animals, who live in the upper. Housing outer wall with the size of the stones to build together with lime coagulation tiger wall pointing at the wall; masonry joints and a half closer lines Time symmetry. Beacon House, into a wall, and also similar to the size of the irregular stone covered roof, the roof Xieshan Ding absorbed the basic style of construction, and changes in regularity. This wood and stone structure of the low-cost housing, durable solid, Dongnuanxialiang, unique and practical. Quan Zhai Yu-see well-stone house, then become white as silver, natural good .

Dan Touzhai residential construction also attaches great importance to the appearance of the modified appearance in the overall shape of the stone room, although the tradition is being affected by the impact, but based on the natural environment, level of economic productivity and create a unique and simple geometry of the United States. Dan Touzhai in the housing structure of the internal and external decoration , Because of the size of the use of a combination of different materials, fabric is the United States, irregular rectangle, diamond, triangle and polygon of a round table of stone and gravel mix Leiqi; Dan Touzhai housing gable stone carving patterns on the Sun Tou, Some dragon, Shou Xing, and some flower patterns, unique.
Your Batik famous Chinese and foreign, is well-known Dan Touzhai Leung town Wax, Zhaiwai Walled Village, River on the bridge, can be seen at any point wax, wax drift of women. Quanzhai about 80 percent of adult women will be this traditional folk art, half of them have a vat dye; can be said that their life has accompanied manufactures batik; newborn baby Used by a small towel, baby clothes, children's wear, flower hat, water pocket, took back fans are batik products, young love, marriage, when the handkerchief, belts, scarves, shawls, vests, foot cage, clothes, courtesy batik products ; Sheets used in everyday life, Beimian, pillowcases, curtains, wallpaper, the burden of cloth, Wei Yao Pago, Sets, blue scarf, purse batik products are: the old died at the exclusive use of clothing, Beimian long, long shoes, towels, cover-ling and towels are also calling back the soul of batik products. Dan Touzhai batik is a culture of the world.

  In addition to batik, Dan Touzhai women also engaged in textile production process. At the same time, they are Song, dance, June 6, and other Chinese ethnic Buyi Ganchang day or holiday, young men and women is the Buyi and the joy of life; field on both sides of the dam, the Front for the respective men and women, a good friend of loved one, then to the fields, trees, river , River Cliff, back-to-back in order to appeal against singing heartfelt emotion - this is the Buyi and unique "drive table .
Dan Touzhai simple living and hard-working people Puyi, the history of living up to more than 600 years. Buyi people's hospitality is a major feature of a passenger when guests are Quanzhai of each grand to have the same courtesy. With the further development of the Huangguoshu scenic spot, also by Dan Touzhai her unique charm, ushered in a number of foreign tour .

Dan Touzhai the United States, the United States and is a stone, straw and cow dung is the United States!

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