Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yangshuo rock climbing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangshuo of Guilin as a whole is a typical karst, the high mountains, where the mountains without continuous ups and downs, most of them is a separate mountain from where they stand. Lin cliff here, where rock climbing can be found everywhere, it is no exaggeration to say that, from any location Yangshuo North Korea looked in any direction can be seen climbing . Some of the rock wall where the joint development, and some serious weathering, but because of abundant rainfall, the rock-weathering on the left, leaving holes and cracks in the solid and clean, especially suitable for climbing, it seems to be devoted to God Rock climbing enthusiasts for the opening of the park. Yangshuo existing space rock climbing, All in Yangshuo along the road to Lipu, good transport facilities, starting from the county seat of the supreme Tin Lipu or Pakistan, 1-2 yuan. Among them, the more concentrated the rock climbing routes have a large banyan, Moon Hill, the cat hole, the peak of thumb, and so on.

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