Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bi Lianfeng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bilian Feng is one of the hallmarks of Yangshuo County, the Hill as a result of the shape of a Hanbaoyufang Bilian named after. In its about half a kilometer to the east of the South Bridge Yangshuo bridge the so-called "concept Lin Department," Bi Lianfeng see from here, like the bath water out of the arch, the Hanbaoyufang Lotus. Bi Lianfeng around the Pavilion, Cliff, monument Lot into trees and Castle Peak, people think of Xu's poem "The most memorable is that you bow to the gentle" Qingzhi, thought-provoking. Xiuse set its landscape and cultural heritage, in a rare but Mid-Autumn as the "garden of the park." In the past, from the Tang Dynasty Buddhist Master Jianzhen, poet Cao Ye, the brigade Xu hundreds of homes, and other celebrities to the contemporary Aston Zhou Enlai and Chen Yi, Deng Xiaoping, dozens of state leaders have gone to the garden tour, leaving behind a lot of beautiful poetry and calligraphy.

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