Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Daming Mountain Nature Reserve, West - Chinese tourism scenic spots

West was left Damingshan, Youjiang, at Dah Sing, Chongzuo, Fu Suixian between the mountain. Up to 1,080-meter peak, four mountain slope in more than 80 �. Peak 1,000 meters for the gentle undulating surface, slope 600 meters and another there is a gentle face. Cambrian strata in order to, the Department of Ordovician shale sand at the core On the order of Silurian quartz sandstone, Devonian quartz sandstone and shale. Paleozoic limestone for the external. As a result, there is a clear boundary of the mountain, that is, hard by the Devonian quartz sandstone ridges into the slope for the radical circles, and from the external Terrain by enveloping the peaks Rock Hill. Cutting victims mountain stream, there are large areas of hillside full -Like form. In the fan-shaped peaks and Rock Hill junction, as a result of apparent dissolution, each into a gully, the mountain is the most appropriate rice farming. Distribution of mountains, plains into a circle, to highlight the landscape.

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