Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dah Sing Ming pastoral scenery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ming pastoral scenery, 53 km from the county seat, at the national level scenic spots. 20 km radius of a beautiful scenic mountain water around the ring, known as the small Guilin said. Bamboo here around the coast, dotted farm structures, cross-single-plank bridge, swaying rice, the farmers get rid of Fuhe, the shepherd boy water, the scenery Toshiro Qing Yi, the very southern rural atmosphere. Beautiful Mountains, mirror-like river, the boat into the sky, sprinkling over the bamboos, green and lush rice fields, local taste of the water tankers, water pipes and a single-plank bridge, so that you river rafting, mountain feeling blue sky and white clouds reflection of bamboo as a mirror, Re-lined bridges, birds Timing, as well as the cottage in the dog cock is a hard to come by Stunning rural scenery.

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