Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Moon Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Moon Hill at Takada, 8 kilometers away from Yangshuo, where simple elegance of the scenery, quiet comfort. On the mountain's natural to have a large Stone Arch, through both sides, From a distance, exactly like the bright moon hanging in the sky. From different points of view to see change, Cidong also changing shape. If the drive is to celebrate the mountain, that the shape from the Stone Arch Shang Xianyue the bend, gradually turned into a half months, Full Moon, then become Xiaxian Yue, very wonderful.

In the vicinity have to wear rock Gurong scenic spots, nine cattle Ling, Wo Hu Shan, 20, a number of black rock, and so on.

Moon Hill is a wonderful scene of the territory of Yangshuo, it Takada Fenglou rural village, as much as More than 80 meters. Peak because it is run through a big hole, like a Haoyue, high and bright, so people call it moon peaks, known as Moon Hill. Visitors can follow a 800-class climbers on direct access to the Road hole.

Big hole on the bizarre, each 50 meters high relief, and Shanbi only a few meters thick. Liangbi like formation of the walls, but at the top of the hole covered with a stalactite, various shapes. Two of them, like the palace of the rabbit and Wu Gang. In sunny, visitors can see the hole on the blue sky and white clouds, like hanging on a hill on the Yuan Jing.

  As the hole on the north side of the hill is a circular Therefore, visitors walk Shannan "to celebrate the road" from the point of view on different holes, you can see the Full Moon, Mei-yue and a half months and the different scenes. Seo Jeong-Ci Jing Qing Zheng said was "hanging on the peak," he wrote a poem: "The rise amid floating on top of light-, air-ming has not received overnight. Zixi cliff collapse of the iceberg, so far as future soul left. Wear Hill Yao no moon. Ren Hui stay on mountains. Only non-vancomycin-mill, and for long-Han Guang Yu. "

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