Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lipu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lipu located 100 km south of Guilin, Guilin is a major tourist area, is rich in tourism resources, ranking Guilin, Liuzhou, Wuzhou at the center. Lipu Yu to head China and famous. At present, the county has developed the first Asia-hole - for the abundance of fish-head of the provincial tourist resort of the Holy Land, by Yin Ziyan, gossip Villa Goose Ling Monastery, Lo Po falls, he traveled Long Beach area, the political arena, such as the Gap Sigong formed with seven stars on the travel pattern. Transport: From the Guilin Lipu bound for the long-distance bus, 7:00-14:00 every day, every 20-minute intervals, the travel time takes about 2 hours, 9 yuan fare. Tips: to Lipu, do not forget to buy China's Li Puyu famous in the first, but the Royal tribute. In addition, the use made of Lipu Yu Rou Lipu, visitors will no doubt keep the teeth Fresh.

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