Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rhino - - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhenning in the Buyi and Miao Autonomous County at about 1 km east of the east slope of Hill. Formed in 200 million years ago. 000 cattle-old group, in 1975 the construction of water stations on the ground floor, inside the cave dug out the fossil bones, thus this name change. Hole more than 400 meters long, 5-100 m wide, Wan Yan twists and turns, peculiar structure. There Cheng Tan, floor Do not hole the palace. Stalactite rich: There are no vast sea of clouds, the parents of the formidable guard, the baby's embrace of the Miao women, realistic image of a lion, hung upside Bailian waterfall chart, and so on, a picture of natural increase, the odd fight for victory, dizzying. There is a great center of the circular palace, can accommodate 1,000 people. The top of the caisson decorated with full justification ; A central standing Optimus Prime, can be encircled, as high as 30 meters, straight up and down, sub-section uniform, each have a detailed profile of a straight line, like ivory carvings; on the left side of the huge Shiman, down from Dong Ding, Clear lines, color harmony, and the use of the velvet stage curtain is no different. Behind the main hall, a square meters Dome, covered with follow-up. 70 meters long, 20 meters wide, 27 meters deep of water Longtan. If the bank stalagmite forest, Mid-levels pagoda in sight. Tam-side hole, a stone gong Shek Kwu display, the deduction of hair metal sound echoed residual sound, echoing with prolonged. Unison hole at the entire octave, clear and sweet, it is said never.

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