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Former residence of Xu Beihong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangshuo Yangshuo County, located in the former residence of Xu Beihong St. in front of the county government, there was in Mr. Li Zongren Mr. Xu Beihong in 1935 to 1938, when the refuge Guangxi donated housing. The White House is the external Fenqiang, Qingwa small, there are slightly Tuhuang color of the cornices, the Gate Tower has suspended the following handwritten Mr. Wu Zuoren "Xu museum's former home," plaque, the plaque was also mounted on the side of the "former residence of Xu Beihong" marble tablets. Into the former residence of the court, but see a more than 10 meters high, the two have rough Wai, if the shade cover, the magnificent magnolia tree flowers. This strain of Magnolia trees can be said to be former residence of Xu Beihong a major feature of this Council. House display For the three-room single-storey brick building, the wind light brown to red. The main exhibition hall, displaying Mr. Xu Beihong in the real facts of life, and at the same time reflect the life experiences of Mr. Xu Beihong picture, and so on.

  Master Xu Beihong and the beautiful Li River and forged a bond, when he had Yangshuo Settle down for the community, its well-known "spring Lijiang River" map, that is, in Yangshuo "Panzhuang" into the painting. In 1937, Xu Beihong by boat from Guilin to Yangshuo, for the beautiful scenery of the Lijiang River intoxicated. In his "Southern Tour random thoughts," wrote: "One of Taoyuan in the world, Jia Tianxia its mountains and rivers, Yangshuo of Guilin, even! ... Ying-Ying of the river, according to people as a mirror, wind around linger, thin stratosphere diarrhea, with silk. Shan light waves, beautiful picture, the mirror also Zhennai human cents! "

He go out alone, even in the Bi-ri to find accommodation. One day in a dilapidated house, to see two tall magnolia trees, flowers after another, Yan Snow, it Dunsheng feeling nostalgic, rent stay, engraved "Yangshuo days to the people" a seal, as in the painting Yangshuo. Mr. Li Zongren to know this, people purchased the house to be built, Xu better gift for painting homes.
Xu Beihong in 1985 by the former residence of one of the autonomous region of the Home Repair funding. This is a three-room brick cottage, after expansion, repair of the exhibition rooms and courtyards. Hospital's one-meter-high marble pedestal has a positive half-length bronze statue of Xu Beihong, on both sides of Yangshuo is unique stones, stone carving, "Yangshuo days to the people", "Xu India" stamp. Xu placed side indoor hall tragedy Dan Gaoxiang half, both sides of the penthouse rooms and exhibition displays text LIAO Jing Xu and his wife, and living according to the group photo, as well as the "Lijiang River spring," and so on a number of works of art. Former Residence of the door pillar on the "former residence of Xu Beihong," Miss Liao Jingwen Department of words hand-written.
5 km from the county's "Pan Zhuang", is a resident Xu Yang When sketching and painting the rest of (then GUANGXI for the fourth group of the National Revolutionary Army general headquarters and training policy by the Director of the Pan Yi Jian, is now a senior hotel). It was built in the old Yangshuo Eight "Castle" Yishanbangshui, wide field of vision. There Furuki heaven, the following is Gudu. Ferry hundred paces away for the Campbell River and Yulong He convergence of , Is the other side of the bamboo Walled Dou, through rock, rhino villages along the ridge. Qingming Festival, continuous rain, the white shade, Bamboo whirling, Shanguangshuise, Qingyipiaomiao. Xu Beihong painting often in the paint, he locked in purdah did not know who the "green scenery", are ready for a vivid, "Li Chun-yu," plans to stay in the country and the people The art treasures.

  Now, in "Pan Zhuang" Jimuyuantiao: Takada area of "green scenery, the river Camel, Kam Shan Monastery, Longtan-wearing rock Gurong, hanging on the peak, according to Feng Lou night" area, with Yangshuo's Qishanxiushui together Panzhuang like to put on a pearl necklace.

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