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Yangshuo Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangshuo, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is located in the north-east, south of Guilin. Is located in east longitude 110 � 13 '~ 110 � 40', latitude 24 � 38'-25 � 04 'between East and Gongcheng County, at the junction of Pingle County, adjacent to Lipu and south, Yongfu County, which borders with the West North and Lin Guixian, adjacent to the Lingchuan County. The total surface 1428.38 square kilometers. At the end of 2003 has a population of 299,434, including the Zhuang, Yao, 37,760 people of the Hui ethnic minority. County government in the town of Yangshuo. Yangshuo jurisdiction, white sand, welfare, Xingping, grapes, Takada 6 Campbell Town, Pu Yi, Yang Di 3 townships, 110 administrative .

Yangshuo County, construction began in the first year of the three Miss Mannan (265). This is still home to Yangshuo County, the counties Hei Ping, Jingzhou is a gun before, in order to Yangshuo County, to build the beginning.

Wong Sui-opened 10 years (590 years) from Yangshuo County government has moved to the town of Yangshuo. Takenori four years of the Tang Dynasty (621 years) Yangshuo County at home by the Yixian county government in this village of Pak Sha jiuxian on the north side of town. Yangshuo County, with the same jurisdiction in Guizhou. Zhenguan the first year (627), the withdrawal of Yixian County into Yangshuo. Lingnan Road to the West Guizhou and jurisdiction.

Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Yangshuo for Chu, the Southern Han rule, a Guizhou jurisdiction. Grand View the first year of the Northern Song Dynasty ( 107), to Guizhou for the House Jiang Jing, Jing Jiang Yangshuo by the government jurisdiction. 15 years of the Yuan Dynasty (1278), for the House to Jiang Jing-Jing Jiang Road, Yangshuo is a quiet River Road. Hongwu of the Ming dynasty in the early years, Jiang Jing change the way for the government of Guilin, Guilin, Yangshuo is a government. Qing dynasty, is still Yangshuo, Guangxi Guilin Prefecture.

In 2002 ( 913 years) Road House in the waste. Yangshuo is Lijiang, Guilin Road to June the following year. In 19 years (in 1930) spent Road, Guilin, Yangshuo, Guilin, a Civil Guard District. In 23 years (in 1934) to March Guilin is a district administrative supervision. In 29 years (in 1940) in April to the first executive Governor Area. Sanshiyinian Republic of China (1942) March Zhili is a provincial government. In 33 years (in 1944) to May is the eighth Chief Inspector of the district. 1949 (1949) is the 14th July to the Chief Inspector of the district. November 25, 1949 liberation of Yangshuo. People's Republic of China into After that Yangshuo County, an area of Guilin. In April 1968 called Guilin region. July 1, 1981 Yangshuo approval of the State Council under the jurisdiction of Guilin. Yangshuo approved by the State Council in 1978 for opening to the outside world.

  Yangshuo in the western and north-east of higher ground, Zhongshan, low-entrenched Hill, the sub - There are yellow, red yellow, red, purple soil, is Forest Woxian main areas. One in the north east of higher ground, the highest peak 1701 meters above sea level Songping Long; the peak time for the wood in the western Bay Ridge, 1394 meters above sea level. Spread all over Rock Hill, about 56% for the karst, Qi numerous flat out all over in the river Shore. In particular, the two sides Lijiang River, Shan-ching, Shui Sau, the odd holes, the United States and stone, the clear bottom of the Lijiang River water in mountains meandering, Jiang Liu Cheng Xia, Shanguangshuise embraced thousands of images, constitute a beautiful scene in the beautiful mountains and rivers, Known as "Jia Tianxia landscape of Guilin, Guilin, Yangshuo called a" famous in the world that has become ancestors A pearl of the beautiful rivers and mountains, attracts many foreign visitors. In the territory in the central, eastern, southern flat terrain, water conditions, Woxian is the most important grain-producing areas. County in the center there is an area of 150 square kilometers of hills, a more moderate slope, the thick layer of soil potassium, is the name of the four Woxian Kumquat the main producing areas.

  Yangshuo, China's tourism county. Has a long history, more than 5,000-year history of Habitat. Sui Kaihuang 10 years (AD 590 years) home county, the city has been the history of 1410 years. Yangshuo, Guangxi is located in the north-east, south of Guilin, a sub-tropical monsoon zone, the average annual temperature of 1 Celsius Degrees. The county with a total area of 1428.38 square kilometers, 3 rural town of jurisdiction 6. County population 300,000, Han nationality accounts for 87%, there are other Zhuang, Yao, Hui, Dong, Miao minority 11. Approval of the State Council in 1987 opening to the outside world. By the State Council in 1982 as the first National Scenic Area. Shan-ching, Shui Sau, the odd holes, the United States and the four stone landscape features, creating a fairyland on earth Yangshuo side, God's special gift to give a Fu Jia Tianxia of Yangshuo Mountain Xiushui. The county has a peculiar peaks more than 20,000 seats, 17 rivers and streams, 8 large area, more than 250 natural and cultural attractions. Up , The world has more than 150 countries, more than 300 presidents, prime ministers, the Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism visits to wait until Yangshuo.

  - The world's most typical karst peak forest landform in Yangshuo;

  - The beautiful Li River, the scenic landscapes of the best of the lot in the territory of Yangshuo;

  -- Embassy of the United Nations headquarters in the country to fly only on behalf of the Chinese landscape painting, the scenery of Yangshuo is a "reflection of yellow cloth";

  - People's Bank of China in 1999 issued a round Ershi yuan background patterns, Yangshuo is the scenery Xingping;

  - 1960, a sensation in Southeast Asia The film "Third Sister Liu" in the picturesque scenery of Yangshuo success of the film;

  - 2001, won the first county in Guangxi Tourism outstanding;

  - 2003, directed by Zhang Yimou, the world's largest real landscape in "impression? Third Sister Liu" in Yangshuo to be successful, the project Rong National Cultural Industry Model Base of the third and China the top 10 performance awards event;

  - 2004, the World Tourism Organization Location: Yangshuo - leisure tourism destination;

  - Known as "China's global village" of Yangshuo West Street, Eastern and Western harmony freighted with the local gas , And filled with rich exotic. The unique charm of West Street, Yangshuo has become a symbol of the distinctive tourism, tourism has become China's well-known trademarks.

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