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Dan Liuyuan mu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dan Liuyuan yi mu city, located in the Yi west of the mountains more than 10 years of Yang, 30, from east to west, north-south width of 4 years on the hillside, covering an area of ten hectares. Pomegranate tree in the park more than 35 strains of 43 species, as is currently China's largest Shiliu Yuan, and therefore known as "the best in the world Liu Park." Liu Hua season in full bloom, the garden outside, Sea mountains, the flowers were. Danxia such as a fire red, white as snow cloud after another. Qi Jue's vigorous pomegranate tree trunks, branches Qiu simplicity, are thousands, such as the Pan Wo Hu. Liu Shu-deep, winding streets, the deep mountain, the sound of the moving landscape. Autumn night, science, and indeed it away for a tour of the resort. Park Tatarinowii Temple, a Wangting, garden park, Princess of the right tomb, the last three College, and other attractions.

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Teng Old City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tengzhou located in the urban south-west, about 5 km away from the urban area. According to historical records, "around the Old City, there are two sub-city." Old City wall is faintly visible. "City" slightly square, lying East and West. West along the outside wall to the south, there is a trench, known as the "West Lake" as the old moat, the city outside the south-east at either end depression A, Ze into water, over the past planting lotus root, "lotus pond, a Hibiscus Town". "Sub-city" outside the central city, a square slightly, Yu Hua circumference of 10 years. Local residents in the past 100 years of the original city-building on land Wai Chai, Binghuo to resist flooding, is the "son of the city," 3-4 meters above the ground, on top of walls full-sik Tree, exuberantly, overflowing flower. There are between urban and rural areas in the city Teng, a village surrounded by green fields and orchards, full of vitality. Dongbei Yu city with a high-profile, "Wen Gong Taiwan," also known as "Ling-tai," Taiwan for the next pool, Chuan as "Chi-ling." "Mencius. Lianghui Wang," it reads: "Emperor Wen to the public for Taiwan, as de The joy of the people, which claims Taiwan as Lingtai, amounting to de-ling marsh. "Build Tengwen Gong follow the example of King Wen Ling-tai, Ling-de-de-sac, check with the joy of the people intended. Wanli out on the stage of the construction of Zhenwu Miao, the temple has left Yemen on both sides of the Qing Dynasty scholar Zhu Wei check list Zhuanke couplets: "Jing near historic flow to the high-profile pregnant prince; left of the original closure Embroidery, Mo will fly error Teng Wang Ge "evidence. On the eastern side of the high-profile paintings of" Wen House, "" Lvzu Pavilion, "" Temple of the story rather than "and" Temple of rest. "Stone of the story rather than another, there is a magic moment moving Story. Table with a stone, engraved on Li Bai's hand-written "spectacular". Guhuai stage there are two, bold simplicity, about Shi, Climb. Chuan Tang Zhenguan for years by planting, more than 1,000 years ago, local people respect the "tree of God." In 1992, Tengzhou Municipal People's Government of Taiwan, Wen Gong was rebuilt, temples and corridors on the stage, Diaolianghuadong, green glazed tile brick, the temple stands, regain its past glory. A display hall, "Wen Gong Political "figure, Wen Gong Mencius for managing state affairs, and the Friends of the natural, vivid characters, such as completion of war, life. Taiwan on the eastern side of the new Forest of Stone Tablets, over the years to display a collection of the stele, Epitaph, Tang Quan statues of the royal family monument, Tang Xingguo Temple Monument Tang Ye Liang Shan mother monument, the Taiping Hospital Monument, the monument Dading, Songtai Zu Sheng Yu Zhao Kuangyin Yuan Qing Shi-kui, such as China and the monument's stone art of calligraphy, and so on, visitors can watch the visit. Teng has a long history and splendid culture, beautiful scenery Teng's Old City, people are longing for the culture from generation to generation Zhuihuai resort.

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Weishan Lake Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"The sun is going down-hill to the west, Weishan Lake on a quiet, I loved the soil up pipa, touching songs that sing ... ..." as a result of the film "Railway guerrilla" and the famous Weishanhu at Jining City, Shandong Province Weishan Xian, 150 km long from north to south, east 6-20 km wide, from micro-Hill, Zhaoyang, Dushan Nanyang four lakes connected to each other, it has been satisfied for Lu, Su, Anhui, Henan Province, four of the eight areas of water, more than 40 lakes in the convergence of the river, forming the largest fresh water lake in northern China.

  Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the entire north-south lakes, has been able to navigation. Micro-Island Lake is the first Island, many cultural sites, there is the territory of sub-micro-Yan Zhou tombs, the Tomb of the early Han Liang, head Yi Tomb of the Spring and Autumn Period, V Ling-yi (Temple), Temple Road, Zhong Zi, Stephen Luk, Stephen of Our Lady of the temple, as well as a large number of pavilions, stone Bricks, Han Dynasty stone monument, and so on, and railway for the guerrillas who cherish the memory of the monument, archaeological and high value Transport: From the north of Xuzhou, in 104 countries Tong Road, Lake Station (5:40-16:40, 22 classes a day, 40-minute ride fares by 5 million), up to three rounds of motor Weishanhu terminal, and then by Island on the ferry. Qufu from the south, first by car to the city of Weishan Xian (eight per day, Hour, 18 yuan fare) and then to the micro-car terminals Lake (a half hour's drive fares 4 yuan), on the island by ferry (1.5 yuan /person). By the Beijing-Shanghai railway station in West Zaozhuang (Xuecheng) get off, and then 20 minutes by car (2 million) transfer to the Weishan Xian, the micro-to-do shipping. Accommodation:

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Ssangyong Great Rift Valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bus lines: North Shanting Qu Zhen Xiong's ear Shanxi Lu ticket offer: 18 yuan Note: Shanting Qu Town of North Shanxi Lu Xiong ear attractions: the Great Rift Valley Ssangyong natural scenic spot under the North Town area, to fall back on in 70 Yimeng Gushan two of the first national forest park - Bao Dugu Bear in the western area of the ears in the mountains, the Great Rift Valley set Ssangyong, the cave groups, Huanglong Dongfu, cliffs Long grasp, Peony Um, Journey hole, Longquan, and other natural landscape into one, is a unique to the province, the only national, independent Characteristics of karst geological features of the natural wonders. Ssangyong Great Rift Valley Scenic natural geographical location, favorable natural conditions A variety of forest vegetation is rich in resources, transportation, communication is very convenient, the National Highway 104 west, the Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, Xuzhou Guanyin and the Beijing-Shanghai Railway International Airport, near East Lianyungang and Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Hong Kong Shijiu, date (Zhuang) fee ( County) Highway, Bo (Hill) Xu (state) highway wear and Habitat, the beautiful natural environment Pleasant scenery, unique natural advantages as well as geographical advantages. Ssangyong Great Rift Valley is located on the south side of Shanxi Lu Xiong ear, is a unique country, unique geological features of the karst landscape. Rift Valley from west to east with up to 600 meters from south to north 300 meters, 40 meters high on average, criss-crossing, wonderful change, from time to time Days to avoid, and sometimes ran open register, winding paths, winding streets, dependent Dongtian, Cuoluoyouzhi as if Street Promenade days, the steep cliffs on both sides, stand like a wall a thousand Ren, between the cliffs around the stalactite. Maximum width of 10 meters, the narrowest point Rongren only on their sides and over. Yunufeng in the Rift Valley, Yu-zhu tower, tower mushrooms, flying stone Yi Xiantian, flying waterfalls, the day Street corridor, and other natural scenery, stunning. There is indeed a hole hole hole hole there, the hole-set, even the hole-hole, do not have a view, with a magnificent view. It also found that internal hard objects, is a unique natural tourism resources. Ssangyong Great Rift Valley is really a natural scenic mountains, and even Ups and downs; magnificent, magnificent; Shen Jian large sink, Shanqingshuixiu, Jade, the nature of this distinguished sculptor representing a display of magic, so that the landscape XIONGERSHAN Lin Shi magical good luck, this exposure to the Xiusekecan Kai King, to listen to BUZZ to the sound of spring water, it is tempting to mountain flowers, fresh and cool to suck the Wild atmosphere, to see the magic of the natural landscape, in order to give people the feeling of return to nature. It is tourism, Hiking, leisure, entertainment and an ideal place to go. Special Bao Dugu National Forest Park located in Zaozhuang City, 20 km north-east, where rolling hills can not, many in the first peak, from west to east to form a natural barrier Large areas of forest cover, the main tree species for the war of resistance ... ... Initially, Li Tsung-jen patriotic general of the Chinese armed forces command in person, Taierzhuang in the region and the Japanese invaders engaged in a fierce battle to win the war. Taierzhuang World War II Memorial is listed as "national patriotism education bases," ... ...

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Mo's Hometown - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Memorial Mo (Mo of the International Research Center) is located in the city of Tengzhou City in the eastern scenic Jinghe Sipan, in front of the towering Longquan Tower, after a solemn according to the plain Wang Xuezhong Museum of Art, south of the former House Road, west pagoda Street, the environment Beautiful, easily accessible, covers an area of 10,200 square meters, construction area of 41 0 square meters. There are galleries of the main building: Mo-tang shrine, the Mexican Church, science and technology together to exchange text together. Eastern Hospital, Mo lectures stone bust, "Mo" stone, the famous inscription tablets, in addition to turret, corridors, head Yi-ting, and other landscape. The entire building all-out angle ridge, to kiss deduction canopies, ding tall, green glazed tile Fenqiang, Colored marble platform, solemnly quaint; the door wide window, with embedded sapphire glass, magnificent spectacle;-Corridor Office, Labyrinth Road, Central, who spent Yi Cao, tree-lined, modern and Minzuxingshi is a combination of landscape Construction group, reflects the academic study, library collection, visited three major functions of both a concept of tourism The human landscape, the city of Tengzhou is an important window to the outside world.

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Tengzhou Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tengzhou Museum, formerly known as Tengxian Museum, located on the first northbound good country, is a large antique building, with a total building area 5700 square meters, of which six-storey exhibition hall, about 2400 square meters; a total of 9 display Office. Office hours order, Shangzhouwenhua Office, the Office of ancient coins, ancient bronze mirrors, pottery, etc. Paintings. Tengzhou Brunei Museum More than 10,000 pieces, including bowls, pots, bowls, ceramic pots and so on; Blade, sickle, grinding stone, and so on; sharp, dart, hoeing, cutting, such as bone needles, the angle, teeth, fully reflects the "culture of the North Xin" Characteristics. Among the many collections of cultural relics, bronze accounted for one-third of the total reserves. Teng Hou Ding, Gui Teng Gong, Li Teng Gong Hou-Teng, Hou Teng Yu Ge, Teng Huang, and other bells with a large number of feudal characteristics of the country's treasures have been approved for the objects.

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Taierzhuang World War museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taierzhuang military has always been vital importance, Taierzhuang famous as a result of the war, as in the indomitable reputation of the Chinese nation. From ancient times, in this less than 600 square kilometers of land has occurred in two dozen well-known campaign, the interpretation of the tragic scenes of the wonders of the war.

  Taierzhuang war In the exhibition hall is located on the north shore of the Grand Canal, Taierzhuang located in the city center, an area of 100 mu, a hero from the square, displaying World War Office, the National Defense Education Park, Armstrong Park and the country composition of the auditorium. Heroes of the Central Square stands a monument to the 31.8 m high, the positive use of hand-written body of Mao Zedong "immortal revolutionary martyr" of the eight Characters engraved on the back of the former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, General Zhang Zhen, written inscriptions, on both sides of the monument built 50 meters long and 6 meters wide, 8-meter water fountain, and colorful flower bed backed the whole square solemn, solemn , Spacious, bright; display World War Office, at the ancient, modern World War, the War of Resistance Against Japan, the liberation of History of struggle and the heroes of the three exhibition halls, with precious historical and realistic sculpture, by means of modern art to show the vivid scenes of war, giving an immersive feel.

  National Defense Education Park, a display used by the army during the war years of modern weapons and advanced weapon models, in the view of tourists Learn the knowledge of the military, national defense education; strong country park built the ancient city gate, a miniature Great Wall scenery, and the moat tombstone sculpture, and so on, with construction to embody the image of the motherland and the great heroism of the Chinese people, style, elegant environment; auditorium, Through valuable player in the field of documentary videos and interviews with officers and men of war , Visitors to the systematic introduction of Taierzhuang war and Taierzhuang today's prosperity. At the same time, the museum has interactive, hands-on allows you to see for themselves how the fighting endless fun.

World War gallery is Taierzhuang called China's World War enrichment, the military's treasure house of knowledge, the renowned war hero Former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, watched the defense minister, wrote the name of the museum not only for its name, also issued a "Taierzhuang is a great place, the land is a hero, a hero of the people" with emotion.

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Luoshan National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoshan National Forest Park is 92 years by the Ministry of Forestry approved the establishment of a national forest park in 2001 by the National Tourism Administration approval for the AA-level scenic spots, with a total area of 15,000 hectares, the forest coverage rate reached 91%, more than 1000 kinds of plant resources , More than 80 kinds of wildlife resources. Inner area Overlapping peaks, spit-Fei Bao, towering old trees, rocks farms legislation, the solemn ancient temples. Fill the fields of rhododendron in the spring, in full swing; in the summer of gurgling streams, Jade; in the fall of green leaves, red leaves Cucu, wild fruit covered with branches; snowy winter, very spectacular, spring, summer, autumn and winter tourism resorts is the Miao Jing One. There are scenic Maogong Hill, Lotus Po basin, waterfalls, turtles Lake View, Oxygen Bar forests and other natural landscape, Guan Bao Ge, double-Yi Ting, recorded imperial dynasties and so on, as well as cultural Xiang-ji, the Temple weeks, and other historical and cultural monuments, Wolf-drive pillars, Tun Run-top, eyes, and so magical and beautiful rock legend tourists mysterious, pleasant nostalgia Zhaoyuan enjoy the "downtown Chinese" reputation, the visitors came to the town of gold, gold did not see the wind is a major event. "Golden tourism" in China is still blank, Luoshan National Forest Park Service is spending huge sums to develop a historical gold mining holes, the construction of a hall of gold, combined with gold ore dressing plant will be long Introduction of the "forest tour, the Golden Dream" features excellent tourist routes. For visitors to fully understand the processing of gold by mining, smelting and so on a series of production processes, so that you really do a recovery Jin, found a piece of gold ore, a round golden dream ... mt national forest park filled with all staff to the warm, high-quality The arrival of services to meet you!

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Joe nine scenic cliff - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Joe cliffs nine counties located in Long Island, because of the high and steep cliff and got its name. Cliff park IX proclaimed the total area of 3000 square meters, set spots mountains, sea, islands, reefs, cliffs, beaches, Bay, hole in one monument, into odd-hung, the show, the United States, insurance, in one corner of God, development The main attractions are: July 1 , That the tunnel Pearl; Bay II, that is, Pearl Bay, gull-winged Bay; three cliffs, that is, the stone cliffs, cliffs ten feet nine, set-long cliff; four, that is, the viewing platform, fishing and Taiwan, dresser, will be Taiwan; five Hole, that is, three holes, Lvzu hole, hole Xian Gu, Jing-dong shrimp, seven-dong; Reef, that is, Xianglu Jiao, Pearl Reef, the threshold of the reef, the reef warship, the giant reef, reef Wolong; seven stone, that is, nine Dieshi, crystal stone, stone and longevity, the ghost God stone, stone chessboard, Capriccio stone, three stone jump. In recent years, Cliff park IX proclaimed King added one - Underwater World, Underwater World erected in front of a 12 m high statue of Guanyin water, there is Erlongxizhu exit the statue, there are Niangniang Temple, Dian Long, poly-dong, the wizard Cave, Pearl Temple, the holy water of six Longtan King, the tall transparent glass, Stocking a Long Island waters of the live marine life people have a sense of feeling into the seabed.

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Ding's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ding Huang's former home is located in Longkou City, North Street, Lane 55, is set to the city museum. With a total area of 14,800 square meters, construction area of 4327.18 square meters. A national key cultural unit.

Ding Yi Zhou Guangzu origin Shandong Rizhao County House Drafting nanshahe Masan, Ming The early years of famine as a result of Longkou Xi Ju (formerly Huangxian), the latter in order to open a pawn shop, fortune banks is Jiaodong wealthy in the Qing Dynasty, known as "Ding million."

  Ding family from the rich to the decline experienced before and after the 500-year history, the existing Ding Guzhai Yongzhengnianjian Dynasty, was built in Daoguangnianjian, at its peak Up to more than 2,700 houses, magnificent so far, more than two hundred years.

  Ding Guzhai existing housing 55 243 for the small clan lines, "West Panda" Guzhai part, covers an area of 15,000 square meters, construction area of 4800 square meters, the hard-Hill, Poding, wood structure of the framework. By Guzhai West of the two areas around the compound, "Fuk Tong Love" and "Lu-Tang" and "Su Tong Bao", "Chong Jian Tong", each compound has five Jinyuan Luo, Guzhai there was room, main hall , Hua Ting, study, bedroom, accountant and so on, around the base to close the car or the wall Villa, and in the north of China have the characteristics of a typical residential areas. Orderly layout Sequence, unification is now; excellent research work, the south-pointing carriage. The entire building to form a "D", Ding Guzhai the existing set of 20 exhibition halls displaying rehabilitation, research into residential areas in the north of the kind of information and visited the resort.

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Yantai farmers Boyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yantai, China Agricultural Science and Technology Exposition Garden ( "China Yantai farmers Bo Yuan") is the establishment of Yantai, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the imposition of a "tourism in agricultural science and technology" as the main line of the AAA national-level agricultural sightseeing spots, May 1, 2002 official Open to visitors. Agro-Bo Yuan to promote agricultural science and technology, eco-tourism, Leisure entertainment and popular science education in one, Fiscal Bureau on tour, teaching at the Yu Yu, Yu willing to travel. Park as a whole can be summed up as exotic fruits and vegetables, flowers in the world, Grand View agricultural, eco-tourism. Bo Yuan farmers is "a model of popular science bases in rural areas throughout the country", "young people in Yantai City of popular science education base", "advanced the work of Yantai Tourism Body. "

Yantai, China covers an area of 120 hectares of agricultural Boyuan. Investment is now more than 2,000 yuan. Park throughout the planning and construction of scenic spots include: rare fruit garden, the desert oasis garden, garden vegetables, three-dimensional soilless culture, high-grade flower garden, the Garden State in the world, tropical fruit garden, fruit garden in the north, drugs Consumption of botanical gardens, orchards and Tourism, children's entertainment park, museum of popular science education, biological tissue, such as the Center display, but also has a capacity of 400 people dining restaurant, barbecue garden, first-aid centers, tourist service centers, residential centers to receive Ancillary services.

  Between the area in order to quiet Spent Gallery, eco-hedge interest King connected with the formation of agricultural science and technology, eco-tourism, education, science, tourism, holiday into a unique tourist attractions. "National Model Base of rural popular science" and "national agricultural tourism demonstration" and "Yantai young science education base."

Huan You entered the agricultural Boyuan, "xian JING eco-tour to explore the mysteries of Agricultural Science"!

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Xu Longkou Hometown - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xu, Longkou City, FANG Qin Dynasty, the great navigator, more than 2000 years ago, east to Japan for the history of cultural exchanges between the two countries left behind a much-told tale through the ages. Is located in Longkou City, northwest of the island to its east Qi mother in Japan to set sail.

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Days Street Plaza - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Days Street Plaza, located in the Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone at the main entrance of Golden Sands Beach Park, a ladder-like circular building. The highest point in the north tower of a group of sculptures sailing in clear water, blue sky showing between the vitality, symbolizing the zone in the reform and opening-up in the tide of wind and the waves, smooth sailing; at night, here Lantern Qi-fang, Black glorious, light-emitting species sailing, high-spirited and progressive, meaning a bright future and the spirit of the times. Fountain Square as a whole sprinkling beads, Dicui grass, flowers mangrove green, Ukraine Yingti Bird, as if people outside the market in the sky, very magical.

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East of the First Qin Emperor Palace Tour - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qin Shi Huang Tour East Palace Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone located in north-east, on April 18, 1992 completion and opening. External to the Qin and Han architecture imitation, magnificent, elegant simplicity. There, "Tour East division integration", "Langya Heaven" and "Wizards Alchemy," "look into the distance Mishima," "Mirage city", "Zhifu east," " On the victims "," Japanese business "," Tao Ying Yan total "," Shi Huang Dream, "" Welcome Aquarium, "" Nine-palace banquet, "and" 9 to ascend to heaven "and" fairy sprinkling Lu "and" the merits or demerits of "20 scenes, the use of modern machinery, sound and light, such as electronic ways, a historical collection, interesting, and in science and technology , The magnificent, Piaomiao illusory, romantic and colorful, exciting, to the time when the reproduction of the First Qin Emperor East division integration of Qiuxian Tour legend.

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Changyu Wine Culture Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changyu Wine Culture Museum in 1992 in the hall, located in Yantai City, Shandong Province ZHIFU six road No. 56 - Zhangyu's Hospital site. Museum a century underground wine cellar from the main exhibition hall and made up of two parts. Large seven-meter-deep cellar, was built in 1894, was completed in 1903, lasted 11 years, the time for Asia An underground cellar. Hall, through the Office of the history, culture, wine room, the Office of honor, Paintings at most four, systematically demonstrated Changyu Wine Culture of the 100-year-old, Hall also displayed a lot of ink and celebrity collections. Over the years, Changyu Wine Culture Museum, Zhangyu as foreign propaganda is an important window, then one after another A large number of foreign guests and dignitaries, and the city government of Yantai in Shandong provincial government and as a patriotism education base, which greatly expanded the Zhangyu company's reputation at home and abroad.

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Kongtong Island tourist area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kongtong Island is located in Yantai City ZHIFU 9.5 km north-east of the sea, Yantai is the largest island, the main island area of 0.84 square kilometers. "Ring around the water, Chaochen Juesu", as if Shangri-la. To the north of the island are steep rock, the gentle southern slope of the terrain, and there is a natural crescent beach, island Surrounded by a dozen islands, the main island in the first and second islands, three islands, such as the Malvinas. Fisheries on the island is rich in resources, rich sea cucumber, scallop, and other valuable Seafood.

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West Battery Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Light was built before 2002 (1876). By the wall, Weng Cheng, the drill ground, underground command post, and other components. China is so far to preserve the integrity of one of the ancient fort. Traffic: 1,4,11,47,48,49 by car up the road.

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Wang Yirong Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanqingshuixiu Fukuyama, has a long history, rich products, "Bank of Fushan." Wang Yirong patriotic scholar was born here. Wang Yirong, the word is Ru, Yantai Fushan City, officials from literary family, in the post-examination, had three Jijiu Imperial College, in charge of national education. In 1899, he first discovered Oracle, and the first In its research for the ancient text. In 1900, the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded Beijing, the city broke defeat, Wang Yirong issued a "non-Gou Wu Yi-sheng," the oath, the rate of the whole family heroic martyred. Wang Yirong Memorial Hall is located in the Fushan City Street in the city center, flavor Architecture, Fushan City is the place to watch the Naozhongqujing, Provincial excellent base for social education and patriotic education bases. The scenic spots in the urban areas, food, shelter, transportation, travel, purchase, the six elements supporting full range of entertainment, can visit the four seasons.

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Yuanheng Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuanheng Park is located in Yantai High-tech Zone in the eastern waterfront, an area of 1,200,000 square meters, is made by the Hong Kong-ho 300,000,000 yuan investment to build large-scale integrated tourism resort park. Planning the park there are five-star hotels, shopping malls, entertainment centers, health centers, as well as the European style into one of the twelve categories in the 100 seat house. Former tourism projects under construction are Waterfront Park, yachts, docks, marine parks, and so on. All completed, will be set, as well as commercial and recreational meetings in one integrated function.

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Long Island Maritime Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long Island Maritime Museum is China's first comprehensive maritime-related museums, the temple premises in the island should be a significant intra-uterine, maritime museum, there are eight galleries, opened a Chinese maritime history, the history of Chinese maritime technology, marine origin, Zheng Memorial Hall, Tianfei historical topics, such as the five showroom and a pre-exhibition halls with a total exhibition area About 500 square meters, and collections on display on the navigation aspects of cultural relics, books, models, more than 1,000 pictures, including whales, boat-shaped pottery, stone culture of the island during the pottery, bronze mirrors and ancient ship model, and other precious artifacts.

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Long Island County Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long Island County Museum is located on the eastern side of town, is a flavor of antique garden construction. Museum display of material surplus 10,000, during the Paleolithic stone tools to fight the system, the New Stone Age pottery, the Longshan Culture period, the eggshell pottery, bronzes of the Shang and Zhou, of lacquerware in the Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty three-color, the Song Dynasty And the Ming and Qing porcelain relics, of which Bird-in-regulation, the mother of the clan society chronological Tao Liu, without regulation, the belly side of the Western Zhou Dynasty bronze tripod, the Warring States period Kam bronze and copper, are rare treasures.

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Technology famous sculpture garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Technology famous sculpture park located in the Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, south-west. Road north and south of the Jinsha Road, covers an area of 57,000 square meters, opened to visitors in 1994. According to the order of age, science and technology categories were erected during the Eastern Han Dynasty of China's Zhang Heng astronomer, mathematician of the Northern and Southern Dynasties period Zu Chongzhi, Jia Sixie of Jurists, the textile expert Huang Daopo the Yuan Dynasty, Ming Li family medicine, agronomist Xu Yan Polish astronomer Copernicus, as well as the British evolutionist Charles Darwin, Newton, physicist, the U.S. inventor Thomas Edison, a physicist as a result of love Stein, Poland physicist Marie Curie, and other human society Zhuo 13 scientists contributed to the huge relief.

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With the Shenxian Dong Han Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Han Shan Shen Xiandong belong to the same Taoist grotto, located in the southeast city. Zaocheng by the artificial cave, for the cutting of the Yuan Dynasty, a total of 6 Cave, inside the cave from Sin Taoist worship stone statue 36. Holes up and down two floors at the upper four more holes, the lower of the two smaller holes, the 36 stone statue of the ingredients are snow white marble, Round-shaped, an air of dignified silence, as the provincial key cultural unit. Quan-Zhen Religion Liu Changsheng one of seven live in this self-Hill, from the Yuan Dynasty to the Republic of China Taoist priest Wang has been living for generations in the mountains to practice, down the mountain to return to secular life after the liberation, in recent years, Wang is still the original Taoist priest in the management of the mountain. Shen Xiandong the mountains down to a few hundred meters Growth of a maple, the late autumn season, from afar, like a red fire, Shen Xiandong tour, visits to historical sites, can also watch the autumn leaves. Three from the city along the Blue Road, traveling south about 13 kilometers left to the Seven Mile Road, to the foot of the mountain with the cold, Shi Jing-de-sac from the mountains along the lines of about 20 minutes to reach the Cave. The King Four Seasons Tour can be the best time for spring, summer, autumn festival.

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Kunyu Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kunyu Mountain Forest Farm is located at the eastern end of Shandong Peninsula, along the Muping, Wendeng, Rushan three areas (cities) with a total area of 71,000 mu, in 1992 the former Ministry of Forestry approved for state-level forest park in 1998, as approved by the provincial government Provincial-level scenic spots. Kunyu Mountain is a famous Taoist, which rise amid Pinnacle, towering old trees Beautiful, quiet environment, natural landscape and scenic variety, is a beautiful scenic spots. Kunyu Mountain due to the special terrain of the terrain to form a number of wonders of the Sky, the famous "fill-tai sunrise" and "City House, a mirage," "Kwu Tung Haze" and "Yu-kun Pinnacle." There are many Kunyu Mountain Monuments and Sites, historical celebrities, such as the stone stele human landscape, such as the birthplace of Taoism Quan-Zhen Religion in the haze-dong, Jiaodong ancient temples in the first dye-free Temple, famous throughout the country regardless Yue Dian, Jiulong Chi, Dragon Temple, and no salt Qi Wangfen Queen Tombs, the Queen Mother Xijiao Pen, the anti-Japanese heroes in a water tunnel. Inside there is haze yuan, the Ming Dynasty Designed the monument, "bronze monument," Qiu Department machine stone hand-written, non-Tang Zhaozong the temple into a four-year non-photochemical pollution Monument Hospital, Qing Emperor Guangxu years without repair the monument into a Buddhist Temple, and so on. These cultural and natural landscape into one, and further reflects the "show" and "old" and "qi" and "vulgar" and "quiet" characteristics, but also reflects the Kunyu Mountain death The history and culture.

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Qi femo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qi femo located 10 km northwest of Longkou, is a far stretch like the sea alone and Lantau Link strange land on the peninsula, the South Island, north, west and the sea on three sides, East and West as long as 10 km, 1 km wide, with sand connected to the land , A short vertical cross-shaped island wide, the North South High Low. Since 1992, development has a total investment of more than 2,000 million Formed to eat, shelter, transportation, travel, purchase, and entertainment in one network. This quiet environment, clean air, clean water, fine white sand flat is a good place for leisure, are the main attractions of General Shi, Diaoyutai, HU Square, al Qi Beach, water park and so on the upper reaches.

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Moushizhuangyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qixia Moushizhuangyuan only the first year of Yongzheng Dynasty (1723), the largest in northern China for the preservation of the integrity of the feudal landlord of the manor. Shandong is with a set of characteristics of residential house-building groups, divided into three groups six homes, doors, living room, floor, sleep, workshops, etc. Fencang more Jinyuan Luo, known as "folk Jiaodong Museum. "

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Yang Madao tourist resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Muping City at 9 km north of the Yellow Sea, Long Beach and the sea are connected to land. Legend has it that in 219 BC, Qin Shi Huang Tour through the East here, see lush aquatic plants on the island, as a treasure, they deliver an imperial order in the rearing horses, and called "Royal Yang Madao." The island has beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate, four seasons Is now into the provincial tourism resort. In addition to the blue sky, blue sea, sandy beaches and other natural landscape, there are a capacity of 10,000 spectators race track. Every Saturday, a prize-winning race to be held on the day, using automatic horse race starting gate, the camera tracking and monitoring of the end of the magistrate to determine machine, large screen color images and other international figures Into the facility. In addition, you can participate in horse riding, antique cars Mara, archery, shooting, and other entertainment projects. Transport: Bus ride from Yantai to Muping, and change to go to Pakistan.

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Yu Huangding Park ( "Penglai") - Chinese tourism scenic spots

ZHIFU located in the south of a hill, so named because of Yuhuang Miao Qing Qing Yu Huangmiao rehabilitation of years, scholars from Yashi Ti Yu Huangding changed its name to you. Red paint on the door engraved with the "do not like to Zhong Ling Yuk Sau Po, Huang Chung-Shan jade from traditional costumes and" couplet, meaning that nature's inspiring area of natural gas in this together, give birth to all Jade on a wide range of precious stones. Yu Huangmiao built in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties after the renovation and expansion, the formation of the layout of the complex co-ordination. Yu Huangding pine and cypress shade, as if Diange, delicate and pretty like an elegant ink, the main building a small Penglai Square, and Yuhuang Miao Yu Huangge. Yuhuang Ding and his grace Juesu can look down Sea, which is like outside into the Penglai fairyland, and it is "Penglai" said the tourists can enjoy nature and enjoy the magnificent scenery and beautiful Yantai Feng Zi. Traffic: 3,7,41 by car up the road.

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Shifan reef - Chinese tourism scenic spots

204 m above sea level, the temple is the island's highest point is, as huge, c. drilled from the sea, into the sky, circling Ouniao the top of the hill, the stone buildings, the island around the hole, reef, around the stones, and stands tied for the Feng Wei-ran and sisters are not action, the winds and waves in contrast, looked much like Liu Yong Jin of sailing. Tickets 8

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Pagoda reef - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple is located northwest of the island, "Penglai Geography," describes the reef, "standing edema, like Buddha." Reef 21 meters high, stands as the pagoda, like sailing up, it seems natural landscapes, three-dimensional picture. Tickets: 5 yuan

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Feng Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long Island town of Zhigao Dian, Qi Ming Dynasty's Kangwo for maritime anti-Japanese invasion, beacon towers built in Shandong, and therefore its name. Now visitors to the island of Yingshan used to call it, as a sculpture Eagle Peak, looked in the distance, life, Zhanchiyufei. Feng Shan peak times has a bird exhibition hall, the Long Island Museum displays a variety of birds More than 200 specimens in recent years, the museum also keeping an eagle, swan and so on, there are more than 300 poisonous snakes for visitors to watch. Feng Shan in China's north-south movement of migratory birds natural "trip" to which the national primary and secondary protection of more than 40 kinds of birds, China and Japan Agreement on the protection of migratory birds of 227 species of birds, Long Island, that is, 56. Feng Park, Lin Park Pass: 50

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Gushan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gushan is located in Penglai City in the north Hasan 7 km, 38 km away from the urban areas of Penglai, is Penglai, Longkou, the Qixia Chiang, tall and straight because of the steep, craggy rocks, "Hua Shan Jiaodong small" reputation. Gushan and peaks, high into the sky, South Gushan 510 meters above sea level, there is Longxing Temple Mountain, the remaining payments on behalf of a number of stone North Gushan 542 meters above sea level, there are two climbing routes, one of the huge Yan Xi Shun, and on the winding, narrow roads and Podou, known as the "ladder I"; for the second cut of the artificial rock road, straight side of the road stop The first, very dangerous. Flat Mountain, the top flags, Yin Ma Wan, West Field School, Long Pier, the pier, such as embroidery and ancient sites troops Trace.

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Wang Hailou immortal - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Hailou immortal at Waterfront Park on the south side of the central, south of the North to sit designed for the national classical style. For the construction of the main two-story structure of wood and stone pavilion, wooden lattice windows, MI Ming 20 each on both sides of the north-south corridors, one for the middle of the hall, two-story home Buddha, Lao, the statue of Confucius an all-oriented Into the sea. East, Southern walls on three sides, as a white marble wall texture, degrade Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism portrait reliefs 309. Han Bai Yulian middle of the park to the stage surrounded by white marble stone Guanyin, 8 meters high, the North and the South East were surrounded by water Kuan Yin, Yin Ping, Yin well, Songzai Guanyin. Mid Hechi for four weeks, Villepin has surrounded the bridge, Road, Mid-may. Planting trees around the park, the owner and flowers of different colors, between the small sculptures, beautiful scenery, the elegant atmosphere of quiet.

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Qi Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qi Zhen Yang at the memorial on the north side of the door, for the binary symmetry axis antique-style buildings, sitting south. The door to the south, is on the door Yang Zhen, things were built on both sides of the four-post brackets Beiting cornices, the kiosks were Lizhong word monument, opposite the word, 3 meters high monument, 1 meter wide, were engraved monument back Qi Jiguang's life Qi Jing and Tong (following the Father) life. House navy for binary-type compound, each of the main hall into a room and the one thing, and the corridors are linked. Main hall, rooms are Dan Yan, glazed tile cladding, Ridge home six animals, there are not even in the gallery before the next gallery. Mountains in the main hall roof, the roof Xieshan rooms. The entire contents of the Memorial Hall in order to show national hero Qi AXA people, army horse life as the main line.

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Yokoyama field - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yokoyama Danya field at the west side, 2.5 km from the city of Penglai, which is located in the Bohai Strait side of the College, also known as "Cape Dengzhou"; and at its very northern end of Shandong Peninsula, it is also known as the northern old. Built a lighthouse there in the mountains, with Tieshan Lushunkou old lighthouse is to connect the yellow line Bohai Sea II, it has a "sub-mountain Sea, "the unique geographical status. Yokoyama field 72 meters above sea level, south-east and Hill Dan Ya associate, was also red rocks red, Sinian an iron quartzite. Too have the same" water Bishan red "Danya characteristics of the landscape. East, North, west of the steep cliff, drawing thousands of Ren Hai, the situation is really difficult. Sanin because of the waves washed, stone-breaking rock , The scale rocks Xun, uncanny workmanship, and different patterns, Stone Waterworld, Wo Niu Shi Shi, and so on, then put on the Mountain Haikuo Tian Lan Sheng, the vast sea and sky, the days of mighty wind, collected mountains of victory. Standing still lean on a railing and watch the sea Kikunami, this Sigu ask, do not have some fun. Tian Qin did not Yokoyama for the King of Qi as depicted Tianheng troops, as a result of the name to. And Qing dynasties with Fort, the Eighth Route Army during the War of Resistance Against Japan has been hit by Tubao with this ship date, there are relics. In 1987, Yokoyama fields into tourist park, a zoo in 1989, after the construction of the sea one after another tourist passenger ropeway, a hundred Shrine, live ammunition shooting range, laser shooting City, thrilling entertainment city, Zhou theater, and other attractions.

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St. Paul Qishi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

There are two Qishi of St. Paul, the temple is located on the south side of Qi Jiguang, about 100 meters east of St. Paul Street, where the two ends of the East "section of mother and son filial" Square, the West as "the Governor and his son," Square. Ming Jiajing 44 (1565) for the imperial court and flags table Qishi family built. Place the two 143 m distance, were three four-post canopy more clouds on the fifth floor ridge Rock Eagle Square Kong, 9.5 meters high, 8.3 meters wide and 2.7 meters deep into. Inter are third from top to bottom Square, Loudiao "Danfengchaoyang", "Erlongxizhu," "Gun Xiuqiu Lions" and "changes in the lung fish," and "unicorn with the Phoenix" and other patterns between the two each side of the Square, respectively Flowers and birds, such as carving patterns. "Mother and Child section of filial piety Central Square, the amount of "special gifts Jingbiao Rong Lu doctor right into the captaincy general goods Qining a wife Mrs. Yan Shi chastity" and "Letters special gifts into the doctor Rong Lu captaincy general in the army command captaincy general right to make pre-prepared Japanese Governor of Shandong Qi Jing", "Guarding the Zhejiang Jiang Guang Fu Gui Zongbing captaincy general to know the country before the Japanese prepared captaincy general Qi. " St. Paul tall and straight, two towering, majestic momentum Full composition, Zhou Lou Fine, a high historical value and artistic value, is the rare large-scale Ming Dynasty stone treasures.

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Aquarium - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Aquarium is located in the ancient city of the southern section of the eastern side of the street, the main entrance of the small face of the sea, using antique-style buildings, set up the aquarium, aquatic animals and showroom samples of the subsidiary attractions Sin Temple-three parts, it is popular to aquatic and marine science A good place for knowledge. Aquarium is at the door on the north side, there are two single building, the To view corridors, designed to be horizontal water corridors box, about three-dimensional viewing effect, with lighting, oxygen, air-conditioning, water temperature, changing the water systems, freshwater fish and marine animals exhibit total of more than 60 kinds of the end of nearly 1,000. Viewing gallery at the north end of a large panoramic water box, artificial tide, the tide, ocean back to the special exhibition Fish. Aquatic specimens on display showroom area of 56 square meters, the topic at 6, a total of 241 specimens on display, more than 80 pieces of photographs, systematically and in the world to show our country's rivers and lakes in the rare and valuable animals, interesting and informative High.

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Ancient Dengzhou City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shuicheng old as the ancient Dengzhou in Hong Kong, and merchants gathered in history, prosperous market. In 1984, only a small construction along the eastern ancient Dengzhou City street, road blocks for the granite paving stone, something 6 meters wide, 500 meters long from north to south, the southern tip of St. Paul antique legislation, the amount of Place "ancient Dengzhou City," Wu Zuoren Calligraphy Book , Place column couplets "for Chau islands ten passengers, who welcomed around the world. "Road on the eastern side of 18,504 square meters of landscape architecture style of the ancients were Dengzhou banks often Inn of Health, Shuicheng fish line, the ancient city of hotels, shopping centers, such as the ancient city of antique shops and trade. In 1989 after a year of a Penglai session of the economic and trade forum in 1991 and the World Tourism Day Deng Ancient City in celebration of this event, the 1990s, the city of the ancient ocean side of the street into tourism souvenirs market

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Penglai of the 10 scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Penglai of the 10 scenic spots, famous through the ages, the enchanting magic, world famous. Xiange the air: Penglai Pavilion squat space Danya very top, under its steep cliff, hanging upside down on top of the blue. Every time line for a sail around the clouds, Yuan Wang Rulin of high-altitude, Huangruo fairy palace; visitors stay on the Court, at the foot of Danjue Yunyan floating, not days, a Vacant, the excellent scenery. Mirage: the spring and summer, the sea was calm, Penglai in the North Sea can be seen occasionally surface ship or Toyama city of reflect direct or reflected pavilion space, Piaomiao unreal, unpredictable, this phenomenon referred to as a mirage, can be called wonders. Yu Liang fishing song: Shun Penglai Pavilion after the West to the beach, a Reef rocks, such as Alice Yue, Yu Liang fine-sounding name. Deep and calm waters, here is a good place for fishing. March 5 when his old man fishing, a fish and cooking Jushui, Zuojiu peace of mind, music and a song, one Tiandanqingyun, Yu Liang Song for fishing. Sunrise Publishing: refers to the sun from the east. Penglai Pavilion Junqiao terrain, in this Sunrise unique style view, the ancients said: "The beginning of the day, the deep red color, such as cinnabar, Yi Er, the red flame," and "for a long time, the round red poured out" and "fillip from the sea and Shuchi, the big If the mirror, its color, say, carry on. "Crescent evening tide: The weather was fine and calm night, Gordon House to watch the rising moon, the sea Lin Lin Jin Bo, the group made off with gull , Magic wonderful mood. Cheng Bo Miles: The current wave of the sea of static, wind and day-Li, Yuan Wang Teng-ko, wave-like mirror. It praised Yang Shuo home microwave fixed, a sea of 10,000 ares Pitt: "Human organs can be all washed clean of." Hoh million Abas: Court after the screen, such as cliff, do under the rubble, as the waves The attack The long sleek, smooth and lovely color differences, such as the shape Abas, the name Abas Stone, volume, so as to describe the hoh million. Sushi has poetic sequence said: "The tide down every time, Abas shop shore, according to a brighter, until winding things, not the end. Jinbo Tong Jing: East Pavilion San Shili missed days off rocks, a natural Ishii, testing the waters to go down, If the sound of a bronze bell, the fine-sounding name Tong Jing (Tsing Yi Yun as a result of well-head if the copper color named). Only when the tide is down, the salty taste of sea water, well water and this alone Gan, got its name because "with Tong Jing Ling." Every night next month, reflect the moonlight well, especially scenery, it is also known as "Jin Bo Tong Jing." Lions smoke hole: Penglai Pavilion after the cliff, a natural Tung, Fairy Cave fine-sounding name. As a result of a huge hole, crouch like a lion, the lion, also known as holes. Rain will be days when there is fog escape hole, Zhuangruoqingsha, Danya wind around the mountain, it is referred to as "smoke-lion." Run-day drops of leakage: East Pavilion San Shili Youlou days seaside rock, rock flying under review, pore over, such as water droplets 4:00 leakage Sight.

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Yokoyama Tien Cultural Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yokoyama Tien Cultural Park, bounded by the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, East and the famous Penglai Pavilion closely linked. Beautiful natural scenery of the entire park to the rich culture of small-scale sculpture so that the tourists visit the park, recreation, participation, the spirit of sublimation. Here the natural growth of lush vegetation, which shade pavilions. South of the main entrance There totem pole carved stone and tour map, the main entrance to the square, opposite Tianheng 500 with Monty murals, wall sculptures of a pre-Tian Heng, highlighting the theme of the resort. Relief after watching the wall along the winding paths to the right while on tour, after climbing Veranda, Veranda framework for the structure, and plant Tengluo coiled on top of Veranda, climbing along the verandah And, there is a view of the sea pavilion, visitors can watch the side open to the sea side of the scenery. Park is located in the location of water sources axis Department Kyushu have a large ding, it represents the vast land of China's thriving Italian, meaning the 5,000 years of Chinese culture broad. Left up to visit, after "The Art of War" Han Dynasty sculpture, Jane Han With large pieces of granite, inscribed on The Art of War, like the layout of the maze of small, the shuttle visitors, an increase of not only entertaining, can savor the essence of The Art of War.

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Penglai Pavilion - Chinese tourism scenic spots

That's long been known as the Penglai fairyland, Penglai legend, Yeongju, is the abbot of the three gods of the sea, in order to live a god, is that since ancient times, Qin Huang Qiu Xian Han's visit to medicine. The most widely circulated "Eight Immortals crossing the sea," China's legend, it originated here, according to legend Lu, Tieguai Li, Zhang Guo old, Han Zhongli, Cao Guojiu, He Xiangu Lan Tsai, Han Xiang-eight immortals, Penglai Pavilion in the drink, by virtue of their Po, Ta Lang Ling Po, crossing the ocean floating away, leaving behind the "Eight Immortals crossing the sea, it can significantly" beautiful legend.

The world-renowned, is located in the northern coastal city of Penglai Danya Mountain Penglai Pavilion, built in the Northern Song Dynasty 6-year-woo (Year 1061). Penglai Pavilion stands at Danya Mountain, surrounded by a sea of clouds and waves Hill light up, one after another beauty seamounts. The entire large-scale ancient buildings by the Penglai Pavilion, the Tien Hou Temple, the Five Dragon Palace, the Temple Lvzu, San Qingdian, six single Amitabha temple architecture and its subsidiary, covers an area of 18,900 Square kilometers. Penglai Pavilion because of the magical scenes and the grand scale, and the Yellow Crane Tower, Yueyang Tower, and Tengwang Ge referred to as "China's four House members." Genei literary calligraphy, stone couplets, and many others. Penglai Pavilion is now the state's key protection units.

Legend of Emperor many times, your visit to Hill Peninsula, into the Bohai Sea on board the Danya Hill, the search for the "Penglai fairyland," he later referred the Hill Danya Penglai. Danya like Wonderland Hill in the legislation the seashore, the sea is a steep cliffs, rock texture is dark red, so there is such a name.

Penglai Pavilion was built in the Peak. From afar, Louting Diange In a pair of young trees, high above the cliff, like the myth of Sin Temple.

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