Monday, January 5, 2009

Teng Old City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tengzhou located in the urban south-west, about 5 km away from the urban area. According to historical records, "around the Old City, there are two sub-city." Old City wall is faintly visible. "City" slightly square, lying East and West. West along the outside wall to the south, there is a trench, known as the "West Lake" as the old moat, the city outside the south-east at either end depression A, Ze into water, over the past planting lotus root, "lotus pond, a Hibiscus Town". "Sub-city" outside the central city, a square slightly, Yu Hua circumference of 10 years. Local residents in the past 100 years of the original city-building on land Wai Chai, Binghuo to resist flooding, is the "son of the city," 3-4 meters above the ground, on top of walls full-sik Tree, exuberantly, overflowing flower. There are between urban and rural areas in the city Teng, a village surrounded by green fields and orchards, full of vitality. Dongbei Yu city with a high-profile, "Wen Gong Taiwan," also known as "Ling-tai," Taiwan for the next pool, Chuan as "Chi-ling." "Mencius. Lianghui Wang," it reads: "Emperor Wen to the public for Taiwan, as de The joy of the people, which claims Taiwan as Lingtai, amounting to de-ling marsh. "Build Tengwen Gong follow the example of King Wen Ling-tai, Ling-de-de-sac, check with the joy of the people intended. Wanli out on the stage of the construction of Zhenwu Miao, the temple has left Yemen on both sides of the Qing Dynasty scholar Zhu Wei check list Zhuanke couplets: "Jing near historic flow to the high-profile pregnant prince; left of the original closure Embroidery, Mo will fly error Teng Wang Ge "evidence. On the eastern side of the high-profile paintings of" Wen House, "" Lvzu Pavilion, "" Temple of the story rather than "and" Temple of rest. "Stone of the story rather than another, there is a magic moment moving Story. Table with a stone, engraved on Li Bai's hand-written "spectacular". Guhuai stage there are two, bold simplicity, about Shi, Climb. Chuan Tang Zhenguan for years by planting, more than 1,000 years ago, local people respect the "tree of God." In 1992, Tengzhou Municipal People's Government of Taiwan, Wen Gong was rebuilt, temples and corridors on the stage, Diaolianghuadong, green glazed tile brick, the temple stands, regain its past glory. A display hall, "Wen Gong Political "figure, Wen Gong Mencius for managing state affairs, and the Friends of the natural, vivid characters, such as completion of war, life. Taiwan on the eastern side of the new Forest of Stone Tablets, over the years to display a collection of the stele, Epitaph, Tang Quan statues of the royal family monument, Tang Xingguo Temple Monument Tang Ye Liang Shan mother monument, the Taiping Hospital Monument, the monument Dading, Songtai Zu Sheng Yu Zhao Kuangyin Yuan Qing Shi-kui, such as China and the monument's stone art of calligraphy, and so on, visitors can watch the visit. Teng has a long history and splendid culture, beautiful scenery Teng's Old City, people are longing for the culture from generation to generation Zhuihuai resort.

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