Monday, January 5, 2009

Wang Yirong Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanqingshuixiu Fukuyama, has a long history, rich products, "Bank of Fushan." Wang Yirong patriotic scholar was born here. Wang Yirong, the word is Ru, Yantai Fushan City, officials from literary family, in the post-examination, had three Jijiu Imperial College, in charge of national education. In 1899, he first discovered Oracle, and the first In its research for the ancient text. In 1900, the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded Beijing, the city broke defeat, Wang Yirong issued a "non-Gou Wu Yi-sheng," the oath, the rate of the whole family heroic martyred. Wang Yirong Memorial Hall is located in the Fushan City Street in the city center, flavor Architecture, Fushan City is the place to watch the Naozhongqujing, Provincial excellent base for social education and patriotic education bases. The scenic spots in the urban areas, food, shelter, transportation, travel, purchase, the six elements supporting full range of entertainment, can visit the four seasons.

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