Monday, January 5, 2009

Ancient Dengzhou City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shuicheng old as the ancient Dengzhou in Hong Kong, and merchants gathered in history, prosperous market. In 1984, only a small construction along the eastern ancient Dengzhou City street, road blocks for the granite paving stone, something 6 meters wide, 500 meters long from north to south, the southern tip of St. Paul antique legislation, the amount of Place "ancient Dengzhou City," Wu Zuoren Calligraphy Book , Place column couplets "for Chau islands ten passengers, who welcomed around the world. "Road on the eastern side of 18,504 square meters of landscape architecture style of the ancients were Dengzhou banks often Inn of Health, Shuicheng fish line, the ancient city of hotels, shopping centers, such as the ancient city of antique shops and trade. In 1989 after a year of a Penglai session of the economic and trade forum in 1991 and the World Tourism Day Deng Ancient City in celebration of this event, the 1990s, the city of the ancient ocean side of the street into tourism souvenirs market

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