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Penglai Pavilion - Chinese tourism scenic spots

That's long been known as the Penglai fairyland, Penglai legend, Yeongju, is the abbot of the three gods of the sea, in order to live a god, is that since ancient times, Qin Huang Qiu Xian Han's visit to medicine. The most widely circulated "Eight Immortals crossing the sea," China's legend, it originated here, according to legend Lu, Tieguai Li, Zhang Guo old, Han Zhongli, Cao Guojiu, He Xiangu Lan Tsai, Han Xiang-eight immortals, Penglai Pavilion in the drink, by virtue of their Po, Ta Lang Ling Po, crossing the ocean floating away, leaving behind the "Eight Immortals crossing the sea, it can significantly" beautiful legend.

The world-renowned, is located in the northern coastal city of Penglai Danya Mountain Penglai Pavilion, built in the Northern Song Dynasty 6-year-woo (Year 1061). Penglai Pavilion stands at Danya Mountain, surrounded by a sea of clouds and waves Hill light up, one after another beauty seamounts. The entire large-scale ancient buildings by the Penglai Pavilion, the Tien Hou Temple, the Five Dragon Palace, the Temple Lvzu, San Qingdian, six single Amitabha temple architecture and its subsidiary, covers an area of 18,900 Square kilometers. Penglai Pavilion because of the magical scenes and the grand scale, and the Yellow Crane Tower, Yueyang Tower, and Tengwang Ge referred to as "China's four House members." Genei literary calligraphy, stone couplets, and many others. Penglai Pavilion is now the state's key protection units.

Legend of Emperor many times, your visit to Hill Peninsula, into the Bohai Sea on board the Danya Hill, the search for the "Penglai fairyland," he later referred the Hill Danya Penglai. Danya like Wonderland Hill in the legislation the seashore, the sea is a steep cliffs, rock texture is dark red, so there is such a name.

Penglai Pavilion was built in the Peak. From afar, Louting Diange In a pair of young trees, high above the cliff, like the myth of Sin Temple.

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