Monday, January 5, 2009

Mo's Hometown - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Memorial Mo (Mo of the International Research Center) is located in the city of Tengzhou City in the eastern scenic Jinghe Sipan, in front of the towering Longquan Tower, after a solemn according to the plain Wang Xuezhong Museum of Art, south of the former House Road, west pagoda Street, the environment Beautiful, easily accessible, covers an area of 10,200 square meters, construction area of 41 0 square meters. There are galleries of the main building: Mo-tang shrine, the Mexican Church, science and technology together to exchange text together. Eastern Hospital, Mo lectures stone bust, "Mo" stone, the famous inscription tablets, in addition to turret, corridors, head Yi-ting, and other landscape. The entire building all-out angle ridge, to kiss deduction canopies, ding tall, green glazed tile Fenqiang, Colored marble platform, solemnly quaint; the door wide window, with embedded sapphire glass, magnificent spectacle;-Corridor Office, Labyrinth Road, Central, who spent Yi Cao, tree-lined, modern and Minzuxingshi is a combination of landscape Construction group, reflects the academic study, library collection, visited three major functions of both a concept of tourism The human landscape, the city of Tengzhou is an important window to the outside world.

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