Monday, January 5, 2009

Taierzhuang World War museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taierzhuang military has always been vital importance, Taierzhuang famous as a result of the war, as in the indomitable reputation of the Chinese nation. From ancient times, in this less than 600 square kilometers of land has occurred in two dozen well-known campaign, the interpretation of the tragic scenes of the wonders of the war.

  Taierzhuang war In the exhibition hall is located on the north shore of the Grand Canal, Taierzhuang located in the city center, an area of 100 mu, a hero from the square, displaying World War Office, the National Defense Education Park, Armstrong Park and the country composition of the auditorium. Heroes of the Central Square stands a monument to the 31.8 m high, the positive use of hand-written body of Mao Zedong "immortal revolutionary martyr" of the eight Characters engraved on the back of the former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, General Zhang Zhen, written inscriptions, on both sides of the monument built 50 meters long and 6 meters wide, 8-meter water fountain, and colorful flower bed backed the whole square solemn, solemn , Spacious, bright; display World War Office, at the ancient, modern World War, the War of Resistance Against Japan, the liberation of History of struggle and the heroes of the three exhibition halls, with precious historical and realistic sculpture, by means of modern art to show the vivid scenes of war, giving an immersive feel.

  National Defense Education Park, a display used by the army during the war years of modern weapons and advanced weapon models, in the view of tourists Learn the knowledge of the military, national defense education; strong country park built the ancient city gate, a miniature Great Wall scenery, and the moat tombstone sculpture, and so on, with construction to embody the image of the motherland and the great heroism of the Chinese people, style, elegant environment; auditorium, Through valuable player in the field of documentary videos and interviews with officers and men of war , Visitors to the systematic introduction of Taierzhuang war and Taierzhuang today's prosperity. At the same time, the museum has interactive, hands-on allows you to see for themselves how the fighting endless fun.

World War gallery is Taierzhuang called China's World War enrichment, the military's treasure house of knowledge, the renowned war hero Former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, watched the defense minister, wrote the name of the museum not only for its name, also issued a "Taierzhuang is a great place, the land is a hero, a hero of the people" with emotion.

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