Monday, January 5, 2009

Kunyu Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kunyu Mountain Forest Farm is located at the eastern end of Shandong Peninsula, along the Muping, Wendeng, Rushan three areas (cities) with a total area of 71,000 mu, in 1992 the former Ministry of Forestry approved for state-level forest park in 1998, as approved by the provincial government Provincial-level scenic spots. Kunyu Mountain is a famous Taoist, which rise amid Pinnacle, towering old trees Beautiful, quiet environment, natural landscape and scenic variety, is a beautiful scenic spots. Kunyu Mountain due to the special terrain of the terrain to form a number of wonders of the Sky, the famous "fill-tai sunrise" and "City House, a mirage," "Kwu Tung Haze" and "Yu-kun Pinnacle." There are many Kunyu Mountain Monuments and Sites, historical celebrities, such as the stone stele human landscape, such as the birthplace of Taoism Quan-Zhen Religion in the haze-dong, Jiaodong ancient temples in the first dye-free Temple, famous throughout the country regardless Yue Dian, Jiulong Chi, Dragon Temple, and no salt Qi Wangfen Queen Tombs, the Queen Mother Xijiao Pen, the anti-Japanese heroes in a water tunnel. Inside there is haze yuan, the Ming Dynasty Designed the monument, "bronze monument," Qiu Department machine stone hand-written, non-Tang Zhaozong the temple into a four-year non-photochemical pollution Monument Hospital, Qing Emperor Guangxu years without repair the monument into a Buddhist Temple, and so on. These cultural and natural landscape into one, and further reflects the "show" and "old" and "qi" and "vulgar" and "quiet" characteristics, but also reflects the Kunyu Mountain death The history and culture.

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