Monday, January 5, 2009

Ding's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ding Huang's former home is located in Longkou City, North Street, Lane 55, is set to the city museum. With a total area of 14,800 square meters, construction area of 4327.18 square meters. A national key cultural unit.

Ding Yi Zhou Guangzu origin Shandong Rizhao County House Drafting nanshahe Masan, Ming The early years of famine as a result of Longkou Xi Ju (formerly Huangxian), the latter in order to open a pawn shop, fortune banks is Jiaodong wealthy in the Qing Dynasty, known as "Ding million."

  Ding family from the rich to the decline experienced before and after the 500-year history, the existing Ding Guzhai Yongzhengnianjian Dynasty, was built in Daoguangnianjian, at its peak Up to more than 2,700 houses, magnificent so far, more than two hundred years.

  Ding Guzhai existing housing 55 243 for the small clan lines, "West Panda" Guzhai part, covers an area of 15,000 square meters, construction area of 4800 square meters, the hard-Hill, Poding, wood structure of the framework. By Guzhai West of the two areas around the compound, "Fuk Tong Love" and "Lu-Tang" and "Su Tong Bao", "Chong Jian Tong", each compound has five Jinyuan Luo, Guzhai there was room, main hall , Hua Ting, study, bedroom, accountant and so on, around the base to close the car or the wall Villa, and in the north of China have the characteristics of a typical residential areas. Orderly layout Sequence, unification is now; excellent research work, the south-pointing carriage. The entire building to form a "D", Ding Guzhai the existing set of 20 exhibition halls displaying rehabilitation, research into residential areas in the north of the kind of information and visited the resort.

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