Monday, January 5, 2009

Qi femo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qi femo located 10 km northwest of Longkou, is a far stretch like the sea alone and Lantau Link strange land on the peninsula, the South Island, north, west and the sea on three sides, East and West as long as 10 km, 1 km wide, with sand connected to the land , A short vertical cross-shaped island wide, the North South High Low. Since 1992, development has a total investment of more than 2,000 million Formed to eat, shelter, transportation, travel, purchase, and entertainment in one network. This quiet environment, clean air, clean water, fine white sand flat is a good place for leisure, are the main attractions of General Shi, Diaoyutai, HU Square, al Qi Beach, water park and so on the upper reaches.

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