Monday, January 5, 2009

Gushan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gushan is located in Penglai City in the north Hasan 7 km, 38 km away from the urban areas of Penglai, is Penglai, Longkou, the Qixia Chiang, tall and straight because of the steep, craggy rocks, "Hua Shan Jiaodong small" reputation. Gushan and peaks, high into the sky, South Gushan 510 meters above sea level, there is Longxing Temple Mountain, the remaining payments on behalf of a number of stone North Gushan 542 meters above sea level, there are two climbing routes, one of the huge Yan Xi Shun, and on the winding, narrow roads and Podou, known as the "ladder I"; for the second cut of the artificial rock road, straight side of the road stop The first, very dangerous. Flat Mountain, the top flags, Yin Ma Wan, West Field School, Long Pier, the pier, such as embroidery and ancient sites troops Trace.

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