Monday, January 5, 2009

Aquarium - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Aquarium is located in the ancient city of the southern section of the eastern side of the street, the main entrance of the small face of the sea, using antique-style buildings, set up the aquarium, aquatic animals and showroom samples of the subsidiary attractions Sin Temple-three parts, it is popular to aquatic and marine science A good place for knowledge. Aquarium is at the door on the north side, there are two single building, the To view corridors, designed to be horizontal water corridors box, about three-dimensional viewing effect, with lighting, oxygen, air-conditioning, water temperature, changing the water systems, freshwater fish and marine animals exhibit total of more than 60 kinds of the end of nearly 1,000. Viewing gallery at the north end of a large panoramic water box, artificial tide, the tide, ocean back to the special exhibition Fish. Aquatic specimens on display showroom area of 56 square meters, the topic at 6, a total of 241 specimens on display, more than 80 pieces of photographs, systematically and in the world to show our country's rivers and lakes in the rare and valuable animals, interesting and informative High.

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