Monday, January 5, 2009

Feng Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long Island town of Zhigao Dian, Qi Ming Dynasty's Kangwo for maritime anti-Japanese invasion, beacon towers built in Shandong, and therefore its name. Now visitors to the island of Yingshan used to call it, as a sculpture Eagle Peak, looked in the distance, life, Zhanchiyufei. Feng Shan peak times has a bird exhibition hall, the Long Island Museum displays a variety of birds More than 200 specimens in recent years, the museum also keeping an eagle, swan and so on, there are more than 300 poisonous snakes for visitors to watch. Feng Shan in China's north-south movement of migratory birds natural "trip" to which the national primary and secondary protection of more than 40 kinds of birds, China and Japan Agreement on the protection of migratory birds of 227 species of birds, Long Island, that is, 56. Feng Park, Lin Park Pass: 50

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