Monday, January 5, 2009

Yokoyama Tien Cultural Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yokoyama Tien Cultural Park, bounded by the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, East and the famous Penglai Pavilion closely linked. Beautiful natural scenery of the entire park to the rich culture of small-scale sculpture so that the tourists visit the park, recreation, participation, the spirit of sublimation. Here the natural growth of lush vegetation, which shade pavilions. South of the main entrance There totem pole carved stone and tour map, the main entrance to the square, opposite Tianheng 500 with Monty murals, wall sculptures of a pre-Tian Heng, highlighting the theme of the resort. Relief after watching the wall along the winding paths to the right while on tour, after climbing Veranda, Veranda framework for the structure, and plant Tengluo coiled on top of Veranda, climbing along the verandah And, there is a view of the sea pavilion, visitors can watch the side open to the sea side of the scenery. Park is located in the location of water sources axis Department Kyushu have a large ding, it represents the vast land of China's thriving Italian, meaning the 5,000 years of Chinese culture broad. Left up to visit, after "The Art of War" Han Dynasty sculpture, Jane Han With large pieces of granite, inscribed on The Art of War, like the layout of the maze of small, the shuttle visitors, an increase of not only entertaining, can savor the essence of The Art of War.

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