Monday, January 5, 2009

With the Shenxian Dong Han Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Han Shan Shen Xiandong belong to the same Taoist grotto, located in the southeast city. Zaocheng by the artificial cave, for the cutting of the Yuan Dynasty, a total of 6 Cave, inside the cave from Sin Taoist worship stone statue 36. Holes up and down two floors at the upper four more holes, the lower of the two smaller holes, the 36 stone statue of the ingredients are snow white marble, Round-shaped, an air of dignified silence, as the provincial key cultural unit. Quan-Zhen Religion Liu Changsheng one of seven live in this self-Hill, from the Yuan Dynasty to the Republic of China Taoist priest Wang has been living for generations in the mountains to practice, down the mountain to return to secular life after the liberation, in recent years, Wang is still the original Taoist priest in the management of the mountain. Shen Xiandong the mountains down to a few hundred meters Growth of a maple, the late autumn season, from afar, like a red fire, Shen Xiandong tour, visits to historical sites, can also watch the autumn leaves. Three from the city along the Blue Road, traveling south about 13 kilometers left to the Seven Mile Road, to the foot of the mountain with the cold, Shi Jing-de-sac from the mountains along the lines of about 20 minutes to reach the Cave. The King Four Seasons Tour can be the best time for spring, summer, autumn festival.

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