Monday, January 5, 2009

Dan Liuyuan mu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dan Liuyuan yi mu city, located in the Yi west of the mountains more than 10 years of Yang, 30, from east to west, north-south width of 4 years on the hillside, covering an area of ten hectares. Pomegranate tree in the park more than 35 strains of 43 species, as is currently China's largest Shiliu Yuan, and therefore known as "the best in the world Liu Park." Liu Hua season in full bloom, the garden outside, Sea mountains, the flowers were. Danxia such as a fire red, white as snow cloud after another. Qi Jue's vigorous pomegranate tree trunks, branches Qiu simplicity, are thousands, such as the Pan Wo Hu. Liu Shu-deep, winding streets, the deep mountain, the sound of the moving landscape. Autumn night, science, and indeed it away for a tour of the resort. Park Tatarinowii Temple, a Wangting, garden park, Princess of the right tomb, the last three College, and other attractions.

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