Monday, January 5, 2009

Wang Hailou immortal - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Hailou immortal at Waterfront Park on the south side of the central, south of the North to sit designed for the national classical style. For the construction of the main two-story structure of wood and stone pavilion, wooden lattice windows, MI Ming 20 each on both sides of the north-south corridors, one for the middle of the hall, two-story home Buddha, Lao, the statue of Confucius an all-oriented Into the sea. East, Southern walls on three sides, as a white marble wall texture, degrade Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism portrait reliefs 309. Han Bai Yulian middle of the park to the stage surrounded by white marble stone Guanyin, 8 meters high, the North and the South East were surrounded by water Kuan Yin, Yin Ping, Yin well, Songzai Guanyin. Mid Hechi for four weeks, Villepin has surrounded the bridge, Road, Mid-may. Planting trees around the park, the owner and flowers of different colors, between the small sculptures, beautiful scenery, the elegant atmosphere of quiet.

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