Monday, January 5, 2009

St. Paul Qishi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

There are two Qishi of St. Paul, the temple is located on the south side of Qi Jiguang, about 100 meters east of St. Paul Street, where the two ends of the East "section of mother and son filial" Square, the West as "the Governor and his son," Square. Ming Jiajing 44 (1565) for the imperial court and flags table Qishi family built. Place the two 143 m distance, were three four-post canopy more clouds on the fifth floor ridge Rock Eagle Square Kong, 9.5 meters high, 8.3 meters wide and 2.7 meters deep into. Inter are third from top to bottom Square, Loudiao "Danfengchaoyang", "Erlongxizhu," "Gun Xiuqiu Lions" and "changes in the lung fish," and "unicorn with the Phoenix" and other patterns between the two each side of the Square, respectively Flowers and birds, such as carving patterns. "Mother and Child section of filial piety Central Square, the amount of "special gifts Jingbiao Rong Lu doctor right into the captaincy general goods Qining a wife Mrs. Yan Shi chastity" and "Letters special gifts into the doctor Rong Lu captaincy general in the army command captaincy general right to make pre-prepared Japanese Governor of Shandong Qi Jing", "Guarding the Zhejiang Jiang Guang Fu Gui Zongbing captaincy general to know the country before the Japanese prepared captaincy general Qi. " St. Paul tall and straight, two towering, majestic momentum Full composition, Zhou Lou Fine, a high historical value and artistic value, is the rare large-scale Ming Dynasty stone treasures.

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