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Nanxi College - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Youxi County in the south of the mountain foot of the public, was Zheng Yi Ren Chai premises. Announced that the Northern Song Dynasty and the five-year (1123), the father of Zhu Xi Zhu Ren Wei Youxi County, resident Quguan after this. Southern Song Dynasty built a four-year-yan (1130), Zhu Xi was born here. After the death of Zhu Xi, the county magistrate Li Jiaxi repair in the first year (1237) donation In the construction of the text Ancestral Hall, Temple Chai Wei, and respect Banmufangtang Church Road, and other construction, Zhu and his son worship. Bao ?? the first year (1253), thanks to the amount of Methodism Song "Nanxi College." Million the first year of positive (in 1341), to build the Second Temple, the Ming and Qing dynasties after the expansion of frequent repair. College solemn simplicity, the floor area is 100 M, Temple Chai Wei and watch the first book, Square Yuk, Yuk Ting, and other construction. Tong Li is among the plaster statue of Zhu Xi, Zhu is a hand-written on both sides of the plate in conjunction Four: "The school started this Heshun Qijia of this thrifty Zhijia of this Xun Li Bao's family in this." Its walls hung back on behalf of the eight portraits of ancestors. College in Fang Tang, Zhu Xi an early age to study for the Department. Zhu Xi's "View of the book felt" poem read: "Banmufangtang Kam-open sky clouds were hovering; Drainage asked so clear that many, as to source." The "Banmufangtang" here refers to. Koji next 11 years (1498), Fang Pu county magistrate presided over the expansion of Banmufangtang Deep and Tong Jian in the pavilion, in order to pass the stone bridge, named the "live water pavilion", to repair all this. College are on the left side of Guzhang 2, the towering branches, more than 30 meters high, Wai trees were 10.8 m and 7.8 m, according to legend for the childhood-sik Chu, said, "Shen Zhang Lang" (Zhu Xi Shen Lang for the nicknames). In 1987, Governments to be turned into parks, covering an area of more than 1600 square meters. Zhu Xi's still near the main road in Song 2007 (1171) back at Youxi hand-written, the early years of the Republic carved up the "Chai Wei Zhi-old" stone, the tablet is about 2 meters, 0.7 meters wide, the strongest force pen, pen Fei Yi potential. Ming and Qing dynasties have all repair Nanxi Chi College. "

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Gushan large drift - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ping River, originated in Fujian, one of the major scenic spots Gushan, as are the upper reaches of the river, where dozens of stretches. Yanxi drift to the next pier, five kilometers in length, on his way not only to enjoy the quiet mountain stream, the deep tan, Seto of the song risk of weird stone, steep-walled, Lin fragrance, unusual tree, and be able to view the mountains The Bang Bo Qian ; In particular, can be different from the position of looking up "of Huangshan wonderful, the Hua Shan Jun Qiao, the pretty stone forest, grassland charm of" the great scenery of Gushan. Drifting line named "Gushan drift."

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Shek Pik - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the 23 km west Ninghua, Wo Hau for a rural administrative villages, is from ancient times to Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong's traffic. Early Tang Yu-Ping said, the middle of the Tang Dynasty replaced by Dan Bi, to the Five Dynasties "bi" as "the wall" and then into a stone-bi homonym. Here the open flat, fertile soil, lush forest. In the history of Migration of family members, most of the south of the Hakka people have lived here, and then gradually move out. Up, lived here more than 100 Hakka family name, which is called "the cradle of the Hakka," and "transit point for Hakka" and "to the Hakka." Hakka is the "guest house and behavior" means. Hakka original Central Plains Han, in order to avoid war, since the Eastern Jin Dynasty "five wild-hua," when for the first time across the border. Huang Chao late Tang uprising, from Anhui, Henan, Hubei, Jiangxi south of the first leg, moved to south-east Jiangxi Province, western Fujian and Guangdong, north-east of the border. Most of them after Jiangxi, and Fujian are at the junction of Lai, in the vicinity of all, first of all to Rutanen, and Ting Jiang basin and will move to Meixian, Guangdong and other places. In the 1990s after a number of big movement, the largest concentration of settlements is also a fossil Bi-ling. 50,000,000 at home and abroad are the descendants of the Hakka clan, there are seven or eight of the ten ancestors in Nanjing, "Shek Pik" lived in the records. According to statistics, major Hakka family name, family name more than 109 Rather from the (mainly Shek Pik) Yan to broadcast both at home and abroad. Meizhou in Guangdong Meizhou Hakka Association and Local Records Office for the "name of Hakka origin" (first one) included 34 family name, of which 29 are from the last name of the ancestors to move out of the ling. "Voice" is reported that Taiwan at least 60 common family name in the 6 More than 0 million people with stone-Bi, of which more than 300 million Hakka people, more than 200 million people is the stone came from Bristol, from the southern Nanjing, in a calm, Zhaoan, Zhangzhou and other places to move to Taiwan. Here to retain a lot of Hakka heritage, but also to preserve the Hakka language and traditional customs. In recent years, to receive visitors at home and abroad Clan, scholars awarded more than 1300, more than 10 million. Have direct access to the highway entrance to the village.

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Jiao Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as Dragon King Lake in Nanjing 32 km east of the Zhangjiawan Village, a legendary ancient monks see the lake named after White recline. Jiao Lake is located in the limestone cave area was formed by limestone dissolution of the funnel, after the underground karst as a result of the continuous supply of water to form lakes. They have oval-shaped lake, covering an area of only 18 acres, has reached the depths of 103 meters. Qingbi the lake like a mirror, the big fish can be seen floating, one-li lake, soil subsidence For a sense of action. Lakes and low hills on three sides co-Wai, low-lying to the north there is more than 1 meter wide, small mouth, the outflow is always flooded with water all year round. The lake water, the lake overflow level, the drought is not clear for a long time, not Jiuyu floods, long cited irrigation Tian. Surrounded by water problems, old trees tall and straight, released in the tablets. Jia Tai years, the Southern Song Dynasty (1201 ~ 1204), the Dragon Temple has been built on the lake, has been spent. Jiao side of the Lake of the original Lake Cottage, for the well-known painter of the Qing Dynasty, one of the Yangzhoubaguai Huang Shen (gall ladle) built. He studied painting here, the Set Yiming, "Jiao Shi Chao Lake."

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Swan hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Swan hole is located in scenic areas Ninghua 28 km east, because of the shape of Swan Hill and inside the cave, stalactite-like white swans, as so named. Swan Swan-Containing base hole, the wind tunnel of God, Shi Ping-dong, Shuijing Dong, Yi Xiantian streams, such as 6 different style of the cave is the largest in Fujian Province, the largest number of the most dense distribution of the solution Group. Development is now available for the tour is inside the vertical development of the landscape style, stalactite shapes of the United States, for the distribution of secret cave in Fujian ranks first in the Swan hole. Swan deep hole total Wa Lane 5, the level of the Department of corridor-layered shaft with a combination of strange cave. Hole at the middle and lower layer 3, before and after 7 and Hall 4 A big downturn, the Office of Small King innumerable small. Layers of phase, the Office of the connected. Stalactite cave many, many stalagmites, which rise amid overlap, Tam Lake reflection. From a height of 40 meters down plunge by the magnificent stone waterfall, there are also delicate carved exquisite detail, such as plastic from the coral stone, steep peaks towering Shi, Yushu-reflection The Swan Lake ... .... It is one place, dizzying, away. Like a fairyland on nine days. Swan hole there is direct access to the highway before the hole.

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Ling-tai shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ling-tai Shan Min-northwest at school in the town on the eastern side of a clean long, covers an area of 7.5 square kilometers. Hakka people are living in the birthplace - said the world "the cradle of Hakka" Ning, Lin Shing, the central hub of Changting. Guanzhi Shan Lin Shing south, near the north-ling of the ancestral hall and Hakka Tung Swan, Changting Mother River to the west. The mountains are built in the late Yuan Dynasty Temple Fuyuan, the creation of the next eight years Xianzong Cueifong Temple, as well as Yuantong Si, drunk-Feng Temple. Min is the Northwest's largest Si Miaoqun. Beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural attract people at home and abroad come to pay homage to the network station can not, of letters of visitors have come to tourism. Shan Yin Ling-tai like sitting on a lotus flower, more than 20 Changtan he's around her, the two sides cliffs along the river, Tsui Chuk Ching Chung, the blend of landscape, beautiful, so you feel good. Yuan Tongsi flavor, like a loving mother statue of the Goddess of Mercy; solemn spectacle of Sambo as Nyorai; more than 70 meters long ... ... Dragon King's palace, scenic spots around your head then do not ya. Xu centenarians St. Lay in their own blood in the chest copy of the scriptures, and Lin Yan of Hong Kong Buddhist exquisite calligraphy of the "Universal Door Chapter" Temple worship. Wonders of the most sea of clouds in the morning, look Toyama, Isshiki the sea and sky, boundless sea. Occasionally raised peaks such as the rock in the sea, the endless sea of clouds changes, such as when Tiannvsanhua; the shore when the waves such as; when Thousands of snow piled up; nirvana when a landscape, let your eyes seem to stay in Wonderland, I am not up throughout the community. Terauchi Cueifong Xialing's 200-year-old camellia Zhenyi, two-ton stone turtles as well as the ancient legend let you away.

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When Yang's Hometown - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mingxi in the county, 10 km east of the Dragon Lake. Yang is a famous Northern Song Dynasty Neo-Confucianism, its Kameyama, who have been in the industry-Hao, Cheng Yi brothers, the first two-way into Fujian Science, Science to create a "Department of Road South." When Yang, there are from the Luo Yan, Li Dong, Zhu Xi-phase succession. Zhu Xi to, and for the development of the "Lian Xue" Luo Xue "and" related study "and said" Min school. "As a result, when the title of Yang," Xue Min originator. "Kameyama home was built in the Song and destroyed after the fire, only Chong-year period (1628 ~ 1644) satellite built by the lattice door of St. Paul Pillar, the Qing Emperor Kangxi period (1662 ~ 1722) to build the Place de Star Stone "Yang's Hometown Mountain," "Heaven and Earth Germany allocation", "with the topic of South East Road" and the stone plaque. Kameyama in the vicinity of the so-called cap Brunei Hill, in order to form its name. There are caves in the mountains turtles, Walled Whitehead, Phoenix rock, waterfall process, such as Stephen King. Kameyama, thousands of stalactite cave, dripping Perennial Dong Ding, still cool summer; Walled Whitehead for the limestone, Stone named White, Gufeng out, have Walled top stone temple, the temple is the Western Hills 000; Phoenix Rock, halfway up the mountain in the shade of pine trees, a stone shaped like Phoenix got its name. Yang is often less when reading this.

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Ruiyun drift - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ruiyun drifting at the city of Sanming Huanglong Mountain Forest Park, adjacent to the provincial Swiss Mountain Scenic Area. 12 km from the urban area, 25 sq km park has yet to residents in the urban areas is far from the most recent piece of "pure land." Park unique natural landscape, Weng Yu old trees, green grass and Huaxiangniaoyu. There are green mountains and blue waters of the Leave the original look of it many beautiful fairy tale and legend, leaving behind a lot of seekers can explore the footprints. Ruiyun drifting into scenic, leisure, tourism orchards, bamboo and ornamental breeding rare birds such as the five major regions. Ruiyun famous drifting, tourists have been called "the first Murano Fujian drift", is the provincial tourism In 1999 the introduction of floating point units in the province. Up and down terminal facilities, convenient transportation, services of the huts, and antique primeval forest is located in, in quiet and interesting life. Park barbecue to people getting back to basics provides a good place. Drifting away from the terminal on the 200-meter butterflies Hill, Free housing, green restaurants, fishing Pinghu, amusement parks and other projects have been built for people leisure, Conference reception. Construction plans are a hundred gardens and cultural promenade, forestry, and so on the history of the exhibition hall.

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CAO Yuan at the end of - Chinese tourism scenic spots

CAO Yuan at the end of the earth fort, the Department of the oval-shaped building. Nearly 200 years ago, as the castle built on land gentle slope of the lot, with the roof up layers of terrain, so much looking outside outline of the whole soil Fort clear-cut, full of changes in the art of great beauty. Baonei buildings, as Lin's descendants still live in Baonei, so All have to keep the original appearance. Zhong Shan Folk Village, there are boat-shaped Ming Dynasty stone bridge, road centipede, John Hall, the Tang Wing-hing Um, Mongolian-style granite tombs, three-Chu Young's Ancestral Hall and many other attractions.

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Formation tourist areas on the river - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Formation tourist areas on the river is a beautiful display of Sanming city, along the promenade Jade, three from the Chengguan District Bridge down to the hydropower station owner, the existing large cruise 3, 18 motor boats, 55 Jiaota Chuan, a small sampan 9, dedicated Terminal 2. Visitors can take the boat, the "upstream water Sanming", "Night Xianyou, "enjoy" such as the Bi Yuzan Hill, water for Lo Green Zone, the city never sleeps is a "mountain city of style, realized that" the mountains of the clean water middle reaches of the painting, Sanming beauty tours day and night "satisfactory.

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Daisuke Hill eco-tourism zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanming is located in the urban area 15 kilometers north-west, covering an area of 12 square kilometers, the main peak of 1276.3 meters above sea level Daisuke Hill. Volcanic scenic spot for the typical landscape, a terrestrial volcanic sedimentary - volcanic structure, as shown in Gu Feng Yun, the most outstanding peaks of the landscape, a sculpture Feibao Artesian Bore Baths, secluded cliff gorge, the pictographic Ling The image of tourism. Climate in the region, vertical differentiation apparent in the summer heat, winter cold, cool autumn Nuan, King into the four seasons. Mount blessed with a long history, scenery, the beautiful legend. That "Fujian Annals", money, "Sand County", in "Annals of Fujian" Daisuke has a considerable length about the scenic spots, Yan Zuo Feng, Rock stars, Wang You rock, rock Jiang Mo, Tianwei Stone, possession of cloud dock, goes to the hole ... ... all records. Daisuke Shan Yi Ren has to be an auspicious holy places, the mountain has Puzhao Si, incense very wang, since the Song Dynasty poet scholars have come to Daisuke Yinshizuofu Hill, Song Scholars, had abnormal Bingbushangshu Luo Fu Shi's praise. Whenever the Chinese on the 15th Five At considerable Sun Mountain with two things as the "Sun Tong-hui" strange phenomena - a symbol of Sanming.

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Teng Temple Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Teng Temple Street, the state-Dali Town, Jianchuan County, south of the sand for Tea Horse Road hub, called Tea Horse Road is the only survivor of the market. By the end of October 2001, and the Great Wall of China, Shanxi Datong-Qinhuangdao pagodas and monasteries, on Haiou Hale, snow Richer tied synagogue "in 2002 to commemorate the World Heritage List of construction . Far away from the Neolithic Age to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, as the flooding of Lake water resistance, the Lancang River, Nu River Canyon mountains of evil, here once the Sichuan-Tibet into the North, South and Central Plains into the Southeast Asian, South Asian, West Asian countries and friendly exchanges between the trade hub . Ganma the man from Tibet to transport medicine and fur Here the exchange of scarce goods into Tibetan salt and tea, some of them to the marble and other places to do business. Teng Temple Street is the busy market at that time. Nanlaibeiwang the Tibetan, Han, Ma Gang Naxi businessmen in the rest here, while others are brought about by the exchange of goods. Gordon set foot on Temple Street, is the eye of the Qing Dynasty Home and wood shop, at the foot of the stroke is left of the Ming Dynasty stone horseshoe and Western, is sucked into the heart of the Millennium Guhuai and the aroma of Magnolia at the corner of the erhu, a la old man was inadvertently stir up the "Lang Taosha "Inter-trance tunes ... ... feel as if they returned to the long river of history, if it was missing when the streets The downtown, it cast doubt on whether the time has been stagnant. Today, Temple Street, Gordon, Bai well-preserved houses shops, hotels and a stone paved road Qingshi, still reminiscent of Dingdingdangdang horse around the ring and the merchants of noise.

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Nanzhao Taihe Town site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanzhao Taihe Town at 7.5 kilometers south Dali, the top foot of Cangshan Buddha, Tai Wo village in the vicinity. Taihe city was "River Man" cities, the city also had to build a Small Town - King Kong and the City Nanzhao summer palace. Tang Kaiyuan 25 years (737 Park), Chao Meng homes Shapiro Pavilion of the Tang Dynasty in support of the reunification of the six Chao, the establishment of Nanzhao, 39-year capital Taihe Town and 779 in the sheep vary Mou seeking capital Cashmere Tho City, Taihe Town Nanzhao as a pre-political economic and cultural center for 40 years. This "de Nanzhao monument of the" surviving. Yuan Guo Song "Dali line in mind," Taihe Town in mind: "more than a week to ten years." City spent at the beginning of next. In March 1961, the Council of State Released for the first batch of national key cultural unit. Germany Nanzhao monument of an 15-year-po bell that is too Tang calendar year (766 AD), is Nanzhao Luo Ge Wang Feng Tang was forced to vote in Tibetan revolt, as that "of the denial by, Xi Rong restricted means "Disaffection against the others can not stand the Tang Dynasty. Inscription rich, Nanzhao described in great detail the history of the early focus on the Nanzhao the original Tang Dynasty and the close ties and hostility between the two sides after the two sides went to war three times, the last Nanzhao Tibet. Nanzhao to study the formation of the social system, the relationship between the various ethnic groups in Yunnan, with the South Tang Dynasty and spit out the good relationship between the provision of an extremely heavy The literature. 41 title Beiyin trip is to study the initial stage Nanzhao class structure of the Official System of the important information on March 4, 1961 by the State Council for the first batch of national key cultural unit.

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Dali Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture of Dali Museum is located in the city of Shimonoseki the eastern section of the South Lake, Lake next to the shipping terminal. Covers an area of 50 mu, building area of 8800 square meters, is a Dali Bai ancient architecture and combination of residential construction, there are strong local national park-style museum. The library is based on bronze artifacts, Nanzhao, Justifications for the country's history and cultural relics on display as the basic Bai folk museum. The existing "Dali profile", "bronze cultural relics exhibition hall," "Nanzhao and Dali painting art exhibition", "Bai Hall" Hall 12. Exhibits will include rich cultural connotations, many of them rare treasures. Through the visit, the whole Systematic understanding of the Dali Bai and a long history and splendid culture; to be looking past 4000 years of human footprints. State Dali museum with a beautiful environment, renowned cultural relics. 1991 was designated as: Yunnan foreign tourist site: in 1996 was named the hundreds of "national primary and secondary love Education base ".

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Wei Baoshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weishan is the counties of Yunnan Province set up the first one, is the birthplace of Nanzhao, Yunnan Province in the Qing Dynasty is the state of one of the four documents. There are provincial, state, county-level text of the protection of a number of 30 units, the Ming and Qing style than the preservation of the integrity of the ancient city, the country has 14, one of the famous Taoist Wei Baoshan, to show the wonders of bird migration of migratory birds Xiong Guan, a different style of the Hui Mosque, the Green Peacock Nature Reserve in Yunnan Province. Traditional festival of the Yi people in the nation, "February 8", the Hui and the Torch Festival of Christmas, Eid al-Fitr most warmly. Weishan its long history and splendid culture, beautiful scenery, rich ethnic customs constitute Wei Profound culture and rich tourism resources.

Wei Baoshan referred to as Weishan, Weishan Yi Hui Autonomous County is located 11 km south of. 2509 meters above sea level, the rise amid ups and downs, dozens of continuous years. Tree-lined mountains, and Qing Xia Yong, put colorful flowers, that our predecessors have Bao gas, so named Before the Weishan Mountain and can be divided into two mountain area, there were 30 multiple spots. In addition to more than 10 Taoist temple, the heart has to wash, Su Yin-Quan, seven stars of the new landscape, such as wells, and ancient beauty of the match looking cloud, Longchi Yan Liu, Crane House, and so on Mounded Eight, the landscape is often associated with the fairy tale, So that the natural scenery and the Humanities View blend with each other to form a distinctive feature of Weishan. In addition, Wei Baoshan Nanzhao or birthplace of famous Taoist, and now restored by the music-playing music and songs of the Yi people will make this even more famous bright.

  Wei Baoshan is a state-level scenic spot in Dali an important part of one of the at-Wei South-east of the town about 10 kilometers, covering an area of 19? 4 square kilometers, the main peak 2569 meters above sea level. Nam Tai Chi Wei Baoshan according to the top, west de Yang Jiang, and even the East River 5, North Point and Dali Cangshan look into the distance, peaks and downs Love, where dozens of stretches. Ting-jun as a result of the mountain, verdant mountain is covered with old trees, mountains and Qing Xia Yong, put different flowers , As the old saying that the mountains there are gas Po, named Wei Baoshan, referred to as Weishan. Wei Baoshan in 1992 were classified as state-level forest park. Have been identified more than 300 kinds of higher wild plants, flying squirrels, flower lei, and other rare animals face more than 20, Japan Green, yellow gold, and other eyebrow more than 40 kinds of rare birds. And other tall mountains , Wei Baoshan is by no means high. "Hill is not high, while Sin-ling." Wei Baoshan China is one of 14 famous Taoist and a prominent moment in the history of Nanzhao the birthplace of the country, compatriots of the Yi people here are still circulating and Nanzhao the legend - "small Dianhua Laojun slave logic" ( This "Nanzhao-map" " Dian Hua Yin fine slave logic "is the same kind of" divine monarchical "will be attached to the legend), so that adds Wei Baoshan mysterious atmosphere of religious, Yunnan has become the center of Taoism and the well-known scenic tourist destination.

  More than 1200 years ago, 260 people had Nanzhao large hard dance music, Bashansheshui, Chang Tangshan to offer North Korea "Nan Zhao Feng Sheng Yue," music and dance, Yunnan Province, Chengdu in the history of music feat. Esperanto, as recommended by the National Institute of Arts, Wei-dong by the ancient band also embarked on a can of this ancient "Silk Road Music" to Beijing as the nation's new literary and artistic achievements, glorious, attended the August 10, 1998 to 6 held in Beijing the "Second International Esperanto Conference on Science and Technology", the age-old Wei-dong by the dedication to the ancient music of the 28 participating countries and regions and foreign experts and friends, performed by Chinese and foreign guests spoke highly of and Well, and the General Assembly awarded the "Green Star" second-class award. Wei-dong by the ancient music, too "Wenchang cents by the big hole." It is rooted in the value of the local folk, and inspired by "special good countries", "Le Qiuci" influence, Shen You become bright and clean, secretion through a special kind of ancient music of the soul. Folk-based musical instruments to play, with a variety of musical instruments appropriate harmony, financial blow, hit, the bombs, and Latin America, to sing together. The use of Explorer: Spencer, Zheng, the guqin, pipa, sheng, xiao, flute, Green gong, chime, cymbals and so on dozens of national musical instruments. Affected by the history of ancient music by Wei-dong, drawing not only the Central Plains culture and ancient court music of charm, as well as the integration when the national characteristics and styles of folk music, forming a solemn, elegant Deep ancient style, different from any other region of the hole through music, by people of all ethnic groups enjoy. When you listen to the ups and downs this circumflex, the sprightly rhythm, melody and smooth flavor, fresh and beautiful as Wei-dong ancient music, as if you walked into the prosperous Tang Dynasty palace, to see the ancient Chang'an The joy of the people live and work in the scene; as if they saw the emperor, "Le Qiuci" large-scale music and dance, and other compensation to the "Nanzhao" the oldest in the world; Nanzhao Wang Tang presented to the large-scale music and dance, "Nan Zhao Feng Sheng Yue" warm scenes of jubilation . And as if you stay in the picturesque mountains Bao Wei, Zhao Na pursue "Wei Bao Xian Zong" United would like to fly fast, then when they are hidden ancient music, like bursts of Greenfield, The Sound of Music, is intoxicated. 10 years, as the ancient cave Wei Yan band in addition to the rich cultural life of the masses festivals, but also has Weishan to shun the "historical and cultural city in Yunnan Province meeting", "Fifth Five-Year Plan to Yunnan City County government, I Association meeting horizontal linkages "and" Welcome Qing County Cultural Show "and other meetings show. CCTV broadcast the tape recording of the live, one after another presented to the United States, Japan and Weishan friends outside of Hong Kong and Taiwan compatriots, as well as overseas Chinese come to study Weishan, tourism, information on the presentation and Weishan two civilizations have made Xian. In the party's literature and art under the guidance of the principle, carry forward the national culture, ancient music by Wei-dong will be able to develop, more brilliant shine brilliant glory!

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Germany monument of Nanzhao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dali City, west of the village of Tai Wo Nanzhao city in ruins, stands a black piece of Bricks - Germany Nanzhao of the monument, known as "Yunnan's largest monument." Monument 3.02 meters high, 2.27 meters wide and 0.58 meters thick. 40-line inscription carved positive, about 3800 more than words. Beiyin 41 books engraved lines set out in detail Qing Nanzhao Officer, General Cao six long title and name, but after thousands of years of ups and downs, only eight-character inscription. Legend has it that inscription for the Nanzhao official Zheng Qingping Suozhuan back to the Tang Liu Yu-ray Nanzhao Royal Court to write. The main inscription extolling the Court of Fung Logica Wenzhiwugong and described the Nanzhao, of the Tang Dynasty and the relationship between the Tubo to The causes of wars and after that the disaffection of the Tang Dynasty as a last resort, and with the hope and good wishes of the Tang Dynasty. Monument to the study of the Yunnan ethnic history, the history of Tibet are the kind of valuable information.

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Hi Chau - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hi Island is located 18 km north of the ancient city of Dali, Lake to the east, west Cangshan pillow, hi Island is inhabited by the Bai important cities and towns, most here have preserved the best Bai residential buildings. From the point of view layout is typical of the "three Zhaobi Square" and "Five Tetraena courtyard," Bai courtyard pattern. These residential Diaolianghuadong Overlapping brackets, cornices Qiaojiao, Gate Tower, Zhaobi, painting decorative gable of the wonderful art, fully reflects the construction of the Bai people of talent and artistic creativity. Zhou Zhen-hi in the history of Nanzhao is the center of the military, culture more developed, countries have exporting a lot of well-known figures from various sectors of the community. In the past hi Chau Business is also more developed, was one of the busiest trading centers in Yunnan. There are relatively well-known products with Yang House, Grand Courtyard of martial law, such as the Grand Courtyard Hou, has managed to maintain the traditional houses of Bai characteristics, and a combination of Chinese and Western architectural practices.

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Hu Diequan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hu Diequan Yun Diancang get at the peak, 25 km from the city, 40 km away from Shimonoseki, the distance of 25 km to the north of Dali. Bai in the hearts of the people, Hu Diequan is a symbol of the loyalty of love Stephen, the butterflies will be a year, from all sides of the Bai young men and women have come here, "throwing a stone water depth examination", The sound to find their loved one. Hu Diequan concerned, in Guo's a "Hu Diequan" Long Poem, described here a long time been a legend, the story is another interpretation of the Butterfly Lovers tragic love tragedy. Legend has it that, no matter orphans Wen-xia hunter and Lang both love, love, but the Regardless of the coveted Pa-man girl, Lang Xia took the opportunity to persecution, they want to break up, love the people would not be separated, both were forced to jump into the final Hudie Quan, into a pair of butterflies, year after year, tirelessly Stephen in on the fly, sing the praises of Man and Xia Lang Regardless of steadfast love.

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Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lake of the most well-known plateau lakes in Yunnan Province, 1972 meters above sea level, from the north end of the Heung River Eryuan County, south beyond the city of Shimonoseki Dali, an area of 248 square kilometers. Down from the air, like a Crescent Lake, lying quietly in the Cangshan between Bazi and Dali.

Erhai a total of 3, 4 continents, Lake 5, 9, as the less polluted, the water is clear, transparent, has long been known as the "mountains between the time Mei-yu."

Lake is a beautiful highland freshwater lake in the ancient literature has been referred to as "Ye Yu Chak," "Kun Mi ""-Er of the West River. "Surface at about 1972 meters above sea level, from the north end of the Heung River Eryuan County, south beyond the city of Dali under the Town, such as Yi Wan crescent-shaped, 41.5 kilometers long from north to south, west width 3 - 9 km , The circumference of 116 kilometers, covering an area of 251 square kilometers. Lancang River Lake is in the north have indemnity Tho Mainz indemnity and into the river, south-east LUO Jiang Jiang Bo, 18 Messina Cangshan stream, the water rich catchment area of 2565 square kilometers, with an average capacity of water to 2,820,000,000 cubic meters, with an average water depth of 10.5 meters and 20.5 meters reached the deepest. From the lake Er of the West River, and Yang into the convergence of the Lancang River. Lake scenic spot in Dali is the main scenic resources, Bai is also the birthplace of the most important ancestors. To date, in the Lake and its surrounding hillside Taiwan on the ground by the New Stone Age ruins found in many parts of a total of 30. Hai Dong Jin Suo Island is a well-known Neolithic sites. Recently found that two-Gallery Island a few Neolithic and Bronze Age is also an important site, in addition to a large number of unearthed stone tools used in the production and life, and Pottery are still outside the grid-shaped bronze sword Hill, copper iron handle edge sword, as well as the casting of these weapons Tao Fan. It can be inferred that it might still rule the ancient ancestors Bai Lian bronze casting until the Iron Age Production base. Here are the times of each of the legacy of history, we seem to hear from the ancestors of the Bai Meng flavor of the times step by step towards Civilizations foot of the sound. As a result, it can be said: The Lake is the cradle of the Bai.

Small Putuo
  In the Lake, Putuo small can be described as "pocket-sized island." Island However, small, but very well-known in Dali, introduced in the book has its place. Putuo only a small perimeter more than 200 meters, constituted by limestone. It's much like the shape of a circular seal, it is also called the Haiyin. Legend Lake dragon inside a lot and often wind up Elang, this is the Goddess of Mercy used to rock the town Dragon seal. Probably in the Ming Dynasty Chongzhen years, fishermen in the vicinity of the damage on the island in the funding the construction of a two-story pavilion of Xieshan Ding, enshrined inside a statue of the Goddess of Mercy, so people would call it Guanyinge.

Putuo the east shore of Lake Small called natural fishing port of song Whitehead, Have gathered in a fishing village called Village of Haiyin Village. Haiyin Village by-case flag Drum Mountain Peak, west Lake. The whole village population of nearly 400 people in 2000, all Bai. Here, only 60 hectares of arable land, the villagers mainly engaged in shipping, the sale of construction sand and fishing industries. They are retaining their Bai EC customs. Haiyin Putuo small village with only 130 meters away from the villagers water-based, from the village on the island to the effort does not cost a few minutes can travel in the past. In the absence of the use of motor boats, Lake fishermen are driving the big boats are sailing, small pulp is designated a "mule boat." At that time, Haiyin Village is a typical er Fishing village, although the village of Bai Qing Wa white walls put up residential areas, but the former village of parking bays, large and small ships, boats, chairs, beds cookstoves basin bowl full range of everything, even the pig and chicken feed is also on board. Few people have time to live in the bright and spacious courtyard, their year-round navigation at sea, the boat is their adult mobile home Every traditional festival, Putuo has become small who worship the gods, a good place for leisure.

Without speaking Putuo Mountain Lake, as if in the middle of the first white man hold up the galactic disk, particularly open-minded. Why is it called Putuo here? Putuo is the Sanskrit Putuo Shan Jia Luo's initials, Italy Huashan is white or Me-Hill, is a legend in the Guanyin Buddhist India. As a result, all legends of Guanyin Mountain as the most significant holy places, such as China's four famous Buddhist Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang Province is one of the.
Dali in the original Buddhism and common characteristics of the Buddha is very close too close to Buddha. Tuo was referring to the founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni, Kwun Yam also with men with women, the small Lake Putuo, is for women with Yin. This is a hard and believe in the vicinity of Xishuangbanna, Dehong, and the Theravada Buddhist obvious differences.

Nanzhao Island style
Lake and other islands, island style Nanzhao By the Carboniferous rocks pose. Around the island or islet-ching white sand or standing on a cliff. Cong Cong Feng Zhong cliff covered with a green cactus, as well as shade umbrella of a century old banyan trees. Many cave under the cliff, can accommodate the small wooden boat, known as "Island in the Sea", one of the largest cave called Bianfu Dong, an area of more than 60 Meters. Qunniao live in the cave or old trees on top. During the day, dressed in beautiful Bai Regardless of fishing boats in the shadows between the waves. This is the most beautiful scenery of Lake.

In recent years, the marble-do tourism companies on the island to develop a comprehensive, Nanzhao Island style is based on cultural development Let's name. At present, the island discovered Neolithic sites and ancient tombs, knives, stone axes, stone cutting, stone net sinkers, as well as copper handle edge, copper and iron blade knife handles, shoe-shaped Yue, Tao Fan, and other pieces of unearthed cultural relics.

If the yacht from the south near the island, visitors first see the last rock on the island "Lake's daughter," bronze sculpture. This is a legislature of a fish lying on the two women bathing the image of powerful and elegant, with natural rock on the island, "Drunken Eight Immortals" echoes.

There are two piers on the island, the eastern part of the main terminal Dayun Terminal, is to assist the northern part of the terminal. Dayun terminal can be a By four large cruise ships, the terminal area of 6 600 square meters. Place on a "one mother of sand," bronze, is backed by 10 stone pillars, representing the mother of one of the 10 sand in height, the human symbol of the 10 original way of work. This is based on the "Book of the Later Han Xinan Yi Biography"> "Long Nine" as a myth The wood carving. Ailaoshan legend in western Yunnan, a Saudi named one of the women, fishing and the sense of touch wood pregnancy, gave birth to 10 sons, the youngest son with that piece of wood into a dragon's very close, long known as nine, This was the language of "people sitting in the back". 9 along with his brother, he pushed for Wang. Later Ten brothers and became the ancestor of all ethnic groups. Kau Lung myth in a very well-known area of Yunnan, has become almost creation myth.

To the west that is the second square, "Yunnan lucky star" Square, the center has vertical white marble statue of Guanyin. This is in accordance with the Dali Nanzhao hold down the country's lofty Arab-Yin Ye ( Yin said the slender waist) Diaocheng statues, 17.56 meters high, is the world's tallest white marble statue of Guanyin. "" Lucky star in Yunnan Province, "Helen scholars in the United States in its" audio-visual concept of Yunnan, "a book of the absolutely exquisite marble statues of Kuan Yin praise. West of the statue is blocking the two 21 meters long, 4.6 meters high Wall reliefs, carved a positive Dali Yin mythology of the legend of eighteen, the back of the line were engraved gold "award in mind Yin Li-Lo fine Merino map" ( "ZTE Nanzhao picture"> local) and "Man Wang ceremony map" ( "Wen Zhang Dali picture) local).

Further Is the island's main palace building Nanzhao, with a total construction area of more than 8 000 square meters. Architectural style of the Tang Dynasty to the tone for the construction, financial Nanzhao, Fan earth style as one that reflects the efforts of Nanzhao period of the multi-cultural integration of the characteristics of the times. This is a multi-functional building, in addition to room and board for the visitors, the construction of its wind And exhibits on display, sound and so on are displayed with a high level, is to watch, leisure, entertainment and a good place.

This Week is the island's western end of the square, the walls on both sides of the wall 4 to place the bronze statue of the Week, in the middle is the "central Week" Duantong statue, he is known as King This Week 500 King of God in the first paragraph in the standings. Square-Bai culture, so that visitors experience the culture of Master Bai presence.

From the island in the north west of the pier can reach Hudie Quan, born to reach the camp to the north or the two-gallery Bai fishing village.

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Dali Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province is located in the northwest with a total area of 28356.0 square kilometers, the seat of the capital city of Dali in Yunnan Province is located in the western region, China is one of the historical and cultural city.

Dali is located in Cangshan, Sea Lake, known as the "Oriental Geneva." It is necessary and sufficient sunshine , The average annual sunshine hours up to 2473 hours, the average annual rainfall of 1100 mm. The average annual temperature is 15.1 ?, mild climate, year-round spring. East Lake and there, there are Mountain West, the beautiful scenery, rich ethnic customs, and has a long history of the State Council was announced by the state-level historical and cultural city, the scene of Areas, nature reserves.

  Dali since ancient times, "the wind, flowers, snow, on the" four well-known King. Shimonoseki is the so-called wind as a result of Shimonoseki Project is located in the mouth, the typhoon season when Whistling winds sweep Chuanjie Lane, a Shimonoseki, Feng Yan little, but Shakes The Barley; which the Dali Prefecture, according to Guan Hua Zhi record: "Hill high tea Liu Zhang Gui like the quality of its gray, 12 per duo should be December, the duo will have a leap month, the popular species to their ancestors left behind in the Dali Prefecture and the foot of hills, the names of its natives. "

  Cangshan majestic mountains, 42 kilometers long from north to south, there are Shijiu Feng, 18 River, the Peak is not year-round snow, snow Cuicanduomu wrap, which is King Cangshan three Dali snow; Erhai clear as a mirror, should be roaming boating whenever Haoyuedangkong, Cangshan peak sparkling silver flashing, silver moonlight add radiance to each other, Bai Regardless of fish in the waves come and go between the shadows This is the Dali Lake View four months.

You have Dali History, splendid culture, known as "literature of the state." Tang and Song period, the Nanzhao and Dali in this country are founded. The establishment of People's Republic of China, state the cause of the rapid development achievements are encouraging prospects. Jeonju magnificent mountains, beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, the simple folk customs. Dali, the State Council Released by the batch of 24 national historical and cultural cities and 44 state-level scenic spots, Mountain Lake has been approved by the State Council for National Nature Reserve. "Laurel 3" Dali famous, renowned Chinese and foreign.

  Dali in Yunnan region is the birthplace of one of the earliest culture, according to archaeological De-sac, widely distributed in the New Stone Age site in Lake Plateau as the center of the lake around the base. Bai, the ancestors of the Yi ethnic minority in this beautiful, fertile land in rice cultivation, livestock raising, engaged in collecting, hunting and fishing, Dali created a region of ancient civilizations. Dali Prefecture is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou source of high mountains and cross-sectional Co-location, terrain in the northwest, southeast low. Complexity and diversity of the landscape, point to the west of Cangshan Mountain Valley area. Cangshan point to the east, cloud to the west of Zhongshan for the steep terrain. The territory is a major mountain range Yunling Nu Shan mountain range and mountains, located in Cangshan points throughout the central states, such as the arch may screen, towering tall and straight.

  You Dali created the history of the many historical and cultural monuments, Chong Three Holy Mosques, SHI Bao-shan Grottoes, the Buddhist holy Gyejoksan, Germany Nanzhao of the monument, a sense of Temple-roaming ... ... Dali, as if reading an ancient book.

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Long Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long Lake, the one who is making the plateau lake eye slander, lying quietly in the embrace of the mountains, the lake's slender like a beautiful girl, Chuchudongren. Long Lake is located 18 km southeast of Shilin County, about 120 km in the urban areas Ju Kunming, the lake is about 3 kilometers, 300 meters Kuan Jin, Cheng Chang-shaped lake, lying Zhuangruo silkworm You Si Crescent, named after the long lake, mountains because of their deep forests, also known as the "Tibet lake." Long Lake Ashi is the folklore of the code home, but also in the movie "Ashima" there are a lot of long shots in the Lake of the shooting. As a result, the local people to God as long Lake Lake.

  Long Lake for the karst lakes, as a result of geological The role of the crack generation. Long Lake is also very wide, the lake in the central four islands, the island is covered with wild flowers of fruit Hill, a habitat for waterfowl groups into the team. Lake in the Island, said the second island of Penglai, the lake covered with rock, rock, stalagmites, and so on, the dry season, shallow, reef, exposed stone, stepping stone on the island. South Bank into the rocks , Was shaped peninsula on the island and a lake for the Lake Island, Lake on the island. Lake ten weeks and several small lakes, scattered and embedded in the mountains, the lake is in the Island, outside Lake Lake, Lake characteristics are long.

  Clear, calm lake, from the bamboo can clearly see the groups of fish in the water from time to time refrain from being Yu, trees reflected on the shore of Castle Peak In the meantime, the scene is as gorgeous any words to express all the feeble. Long Lake came to you not do some fresh air, will be a major regret. When you breathe deeply, feel the length of the lake so the air is fresh and moist, relaxed and happy people. The spring Lake Qishuang-day high, backed by the blue sky in a little more fresh and charming, so that visitors here can not avoid her heart Du Yi-sheng. Lake Dangzhou tourists across the lake in the center island, from time to time to alarm the birds on the island, and some will then depart for the birds flew up into the sky to Jiji called a non-stop, and some birds will flutter of wings in the lake leng Light a few small dip water rushed into the ring after the blue sky, you feel what is the harmony between man and nature. Under the setting sun and the long lake is also very beautiful, the whole surface of the lake by sunset afterglow of a smear Kim Guang Cancan, the little bit of Yin-hua, one of 32 free bamboo, the afterglow of the sunset at this time is also urged by gently sliding The shore. Torch Festival to every night, the Yi people together in the Lake, playing piano, singing Tap dance, bonfire Ying Wu, music reviews, is the most pleasant.

  In addition to the boating lake, or fishing or mountain climbing, mining or wild flowers, wild ... ... Similarly, you constantly Wild, memorable.

  Long lake near independence and Hill, Zoran old, delicate and pretty tall and straight. The late Qing Guang Yi, Zhao made to mobilize people to Catch a Fire, Rock Hill alone, according to resist the rule of the Qing Dynasty, more than a decade's struggle. So far there is still a hill Yi-Jun Ishii of the cut that year, Fort residue, such as roller slot. In 1938, the well-known historian Wu Han Tours one point, the poem read: "Rock on single vertical Qi, General Xionglue women and children to know. I have come to the calendar robbing the sea, setting sun Pong still looking for Bricks. "

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Jincheng town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dianchi Lake is located in the south bank of the East Jin Jinning County town, surrounded on three sides by mountains, a lake is hilly plains. Plain hills, criss-cross paths vertical and horizontal, staggered Tianchou, West town about five kilometers, is the famous state-level key protection units Danzhai Hill. Shan Dian Wang Danzhai is a generation or several generations of his family Dian Wang, Chen Pu's grave The Shinzo Jinningian County now cities and towns along the country is Gudian Du Yi, Yunnan is the cultural center and the birthplace.

Opening the historical records along the page down, in the following two thousand years of successive dynasties, the Han Dynasty, the Dianchi Lake County of Jincheng has been beneficial for the county, Jinning County, the county Ning, Jianning County's legacy. ( Song Nanzhao and Dali State Department time to cook, Yang Castle). No wonder Yuanjia in modern times in the Valley "Sounds of Yunnan," said: "The city, also the hub of politics. Yunnan hub since the Warring States Period in the Tang Dynasty Jinning", which is now the Jincheng.

Jincheng in the Sui Wendi as Ning-gun legacy has been totally by the provincial governor Liang Zhou Cheng Billiton Qili, to build 12 9 Qu ", can be seen at the time of the grand scale. Chenghua 22 years of the Ming Dynasty (1486) has been built brick city, Dongnanxibei Jian Weng Cheng Lung and Southern smoked, Zhu Feng, arch Shing Mun Town four, after hundreds of years, or destroy or repair, on-site investigation in 1954, the dilapidated walls of the original perimeter 4100 meters, 4 meters high. Until 1958 before completely removed.

Fortunately, although the wall is removed, but in the ancient city of the Ming and Qing Dynasties era of residential and public buildings are now largely intact, so that we can still remember that when the city's thriving scene. According to a recent (May 2003 Japan 0), "Kunming Daily" reported that the city has a long history, unique ancient residential courtyards, streets and alleys and elegant architectural pattern carving art has given rise to the city of Zurich, Switzerland, heritage experts Board of great concern. They and his 20 three times to visit the ancient town, Du Yi Gu Dian country scenes so that the fall of civilization Were very surprised.

Jincheng town in the history of architecture, urban history than a special status. Retains the urban layout of the Ming and Qing dynasties, covering about 10,000 square meters, more than 60. From the Old City on West Street, under West Street, Crown Street, and so well composed of eight street-shaped field is attached to the pattern of scores of lanes, is said to be self - Wanli reservations so far. Inter retained alleys of the residential compound, as a "dry-column", "an Indian" structure, "the three four-ear" and "two ears" courtyard design. Liang Chuan Dou-lift roof trusses, Chongyanxieshan-style combination of lattice-carved doors and windows, decorated with carved dragon phoenix, flowers and trees relief, which is rich in fine, Chinese and foreign experts to evaluate high. On residential areas more or less wiped off once the dust is bound to show dazzling brilliance.

  Ancient China's rural cities and towns, rivers and streams are in addition to Jin Bang, most of the wells are drilled, but many ancient Jincheng, was a big surprise. In response, local people have Many legends and anecdotes, whether credible or not these legends, left us today, but "every family has a well, the best intentions clear spring there," the wonders of folk wells. Almost all of the ancient town houses, ancient wells have a local person, "private wells." This is not a well dug in the courtyard patio, but in the kitchen stove , It is easy to access to water. Xiangyingchengqu private wells and the street outside the house is also spread by a number of wells, known as the "official Well," Wells Street official be named. Furui, without exception, these have different characteristics and the field. First, the well-head small, only about 20 cm; Second, Tseng Lan has a symmetrical on both sides of the hole. As far as Explanation for the elderly, small well-head to prevent suicide Toujing, Tseng Lan on both sides of the hole in order to increase preparedness covers thieves locked the wrong poisoning! How thoughtful precautions, it let us enjoy the town's creation of life, our unlimited reverie. As the old, in with that purple sand or stone Qingshi the Zaocheng Column, twice daily on other wells to water down the left deep marks true, is the mark of time, from generation to generation is the desire min and left traces of the joys and sorrows.

Jincheng around the ancient town of the natural landscape is very beautiful, well-known ancient poetry Wu Yan "to Feb. 3, the village of smoke 45, 67 Rendezvous, 90 Flowers "is the description of this party scene. Jinning, according to local scholars, Mr. Li Fengji local records in 1989 in the" Cultural and Historical Data Jinning portfolio, "the text on research, is a poem Junji Qing Yi Chou (1625 AD) Juren By Wang Shouzuo. Jinning Wang is the Jinsha, described in the poem is outside the east gate of Jincheng Pan Temple Country Road in the spring of scenery. You see: Chinese New Year day, the author and his friends out of the city picnic. Outside the east gate of the road on both sides of the pink Liulv, Chunyiangran. And his party on February 3, a street known as "smoke food village" (now the village is still, still called the name) of the 45 other people, Zhu Li vegetable bed, the smoke curl upwards, so the United States and one in the spring of pastoral ! Again a few years, it has been known to film up the house's hidden, who spent the Hang dragon temple.

Temple dragon on the main peak 2174 meters above sea level sunshine mountain, look around, you might see Lintao off in the past bird's-eye view of the Western Han Dynasty shan Danzhai cemetery Dian Wang, Jin-ling, on behalf of the father of heroine Lee led the troops in counter-insurgency by the building City woman, like the King of rock carving in the Song Dynasty general, the Yuan Dynasty Palestinian stabbed turn, Valdis close to the Mai Gu Liang Shan; Yanbo through the vast Dianchi Lake, China views too, Bristol chicken, which Zhu Feng Yu, Chen Xia evening light, through the ages , Road not far and near the ancient town of the rise and fall of personnel!

Recorded in the biographies of historical figures, events, inscriptions Epitaph of the many stele, is another feature of the ancient town. "Canbei of the Jin Dynasty," "Han Yi Gu Zhi-gun Dianchi Lake County Monument", "General Kwan Temple Monument", "Lie Ming Zhong Hui wife (Li) temple monument in mind," and "Elephant sequence College Monument", "State Jinning Xue Gong Monument "," Master Jue Bowen Taming the monument "and" Kangxi-Royal St Confucius Chan-division Monument "," cold tablet Yangchun, "" Monument home, "and so on, it is difficult to name a few. In their historical and cultural history of the development of Yunnan, Yunnan and religious history, the history of calligraphy art sculpture in areas such as research value, due to limited space , Can not comment on them one by one.

Jincheng has since ancient times Southern Yunnan Tongqu routes to central Yunnan, Kunming to Menghai, Kunyang Jiangchuan to other road at this intersection, Dianchi Lake and water transport facilities, local livestock, food, and local products such as fans and from Kunming, Yunnan Yuxi and Mengzi, Linan (water production), in the vicinity of the old cargo business, both in the distribution of transit. Therefore this a long time ago They form a prosperous trade fair, known as the "State Street" (now still continued every two months, the fair's seven ancient practice). Yunnan is one of the eight major market town. Street has a long history of the state, resulting in a number of well-known brand-name snacks Tute, the fiery sesame seed Mi Huatang pastries, cakes sand crystal sugar, meat Baba Palestinian fire silk, crisp powder stew volume, Dou Hua, and so on.

Today there are cities and towns Kun-yu Jin Expressway, Jinjiang vertical and horizontal cross-border road, the proposed expressway opened to traffic around the Dianchi Lake, Kunming, in a moment of up to the town. Convenient transportation, beautiful village of smoke, the ancient town, together with the ancient temple of the State Street Market, built here in the tourist resort town of Why will not the rise of tobacco farming village of Le Tour temple of the ancient flower set with Exploration and ancient taste, to buy Tu Te snack products Two-Day Tour of the day or so?

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Buddhist Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Buddhist Temple in the Song Dynasty architectural style is with the temple, which is in the early 1940s, architects Liang Yu Temple perception. Monastery hall positive, "Sam West" (Buddha sitting in, Guanyin, the Bodhisattva about the threat of the two Dashi Zhi Shi), after the wall "Kegon Sam" (The Story of the Buddha sitting in, Monju, Fugen threat paternity) as wood In 1956 by the National Buddhist Association, vice president of the identification gal Zhou, is a relic of the Song Dynasty. Which can be found, the temple was built in the Song Dynasty period of Dali country.

About peaceful Buddhist temple, the temple and can not fail to mention the "holy water."

Early Buddhist Temple, no mention of the idea literature Ming Jiajing 12 (1533), five-leaf into a Zen master Road repair Siyu, please stay in the Temple Yang Shen wrote, "Buddhist temple rebuilt in mind" (Houdian existing monument). Young pointed out: Cisi is the sixth patriarch of Zen Buddhism, the Dao Hui, Hui and resident of the Buddhist metaphor of water "flow" in the same strain, and then on to introduce laws Temple Koizumi has (later generations to study the "holy water"), three times a day and a particularly large flow ( "Lai Chao"). Quanxia later in the cutting of pond water. Legend has it that "Lai Chao", "Stephen King yeast God" (toad) also appear in the pool.

Yang Shen Temple described the rise and fall of the former, in particular, the above-mentioned phenomenon known as the "different territory", it appears that No reason. Hui (638 ~ 713 years) is the Early Tang Dynasty monk, inherited the mantle of Zen Legend Hongren, in the Guangdong Buddhist Shao Zhou Baolin Si Chuan-law, with the topic of "the key insight," creating a Zen Nanzong the group, followers of Trinidad and Tobago. South Zen spread wide and far-reaching impact. Is it because of a Buddhist resident sixth patriarch, peace is also Holy water ", believers in order to build a Buddhist temple, or temple following the completion of the sixth patriarch by the resident Buddhist temple as a name? Worthy of further study.

Yang Shen in the works, the Buddhist peak Temple, Temple House, standing, chanting monks and laymen the voice of Peter down, the Temple tube Pianpian linked to the farm with an annual income Tianzu impressive, Zhaifan in the supply, almost a thousand people on the food. Bingxian as a result of damage, destroying the collapse of Siyu, Xing San monks, who lost Stone Tablets. Buddhist Temple by the failure to Sheng, the name was gradually being forgotten, until after the overhaul Road into a Zen master, but also by the failure to Sheng.

"Holy water" not far away from the temple, located in the temple from under , Into the first Shan Qing northbound near a pair of Lin. Longqing 2002 (1568) winter, Dian Chen Fu-pin Wulv written by the "Buddhist Temple Tour" three or four above proverb or "holy water three different wave" saying: "the world's water, are a further influx of day and night, Koizumi has only Cisi , The three-day surge. "Buddhist with one sentence:" Buddhist sixth patriarch, At Lingnan. "At that time, there Description of the" holy water "as an integral part of the Temple. Since then, the" holy water "and" quan "of widespread," Third wave of holy water "has become a tranquil scene.

Buddhist temple there are dark clouds of the Yuan Dynasty by planting trees and plum, summer and fall, the old flowers for the temple hyperchromic. To spend more in the summer, opening night, only an hour or so grateful to that, and not easy to see. Road into a Zen master repair Siyu, Epiphyllum view of the very short flowering period, when Yixiang assail the nostrils open, as a result of the tree in the left and create Baohua Court. 22 Jiajing (1543), Yang Shen Yu Temple again, to see "a flash in the pan" landscape, wrote the ancient color Hong Fu of the body, "Baohua Pavilion", in Kebei Terauchi (Cibei there is erosion, the existing Beilang). This flower is a tribute to the inscription, "Tien minutes", the auspicious 10 minutes, at the same time pay tribute to Buddhist master Cheng Road, to repair Ming Si.

Buddhist Temple "sight lights", attracted many scholars, who read "John referral Monument "(referring to the two above-mentioned monument Yang Shen, according to Young's death, the posthumous title of the academic and private" Zhuang referral "), was to burn incense and Buddhist ceremony. Wanli (1573 ~ 1620) years, was twice homes Tian Jin purchase, for the Temple donation production.

Chongzhen 11 (1638) October, Xu You Buddhist Temple. Yang Shen see at the gate of the two side by side monument, Rusi busy looking for copy paper tablet. Ci Chen, in the name of the party scholar guided down the mountain to find the roots big stone on foot south into the pool of "holy water." Schiff of "Travels" wrote: When he came to "tide over early, before the arrival of afternoon tide. Due to this reduction, and its flow should not." That, when Lai Chao flow may be "large and Chung." Stephen in the banks, Schiff will soon see a new "wave of kiosks asked," Zhang Xun An Yunnan Wanli in the late-he has written tablets. Later, Zhu Shoulin also established a "tide assigned" Square.

After the Ming and Qing Dynasties on the occasion of the war, Buddhist Temple once again decline. Qing Emperor Kangxi II Nine-year (1690) Yunnan-Guizhou Governor Yu Fan Chengxun Temple, was seen cutting the roots Epiphyllum eruption of the new branches will be the Juanjian 3, "Hu Hua Hillside Garden." Yunnan Ancha Shi Shi Yong Tong will launch the province's pension tax officials, Buddhist temple rebuilt. 33 years of Emperor Kangxi (1694), Temple-wide overhaul to be completed, and Yunnan ask Fancheng Xun Wang (Successor to the Governor) has written tablets. In addition to Tong's book title, "Han Bao-day month" hanging in the main hall, and has spent along the floor, reading "flowers along the floor in mind." Wang Jiwen holy water and rehabilitation of three Stephen Chao-ting, the pro title "to cater to the needs Chao-ling."

Zhong Yan Buddhist temple hall, the cutting of a hole of 42 centimeters in diameter. With civil , The annual Chinese New vernal equinox, Seasonal Autumnal Equinox, the moonrise when the moon through the hole into the can as being in front of the Buddha. By the early Qing Dynasty "in the peace-chi," the first "every two or eight Xi Wang (in February before and after the August 15, for the spring equinox, the season Autumnal Equinox), according to the Buddha on the chest, his round as a mirror" Records. By later generations Derived from the landscape, each 60 years before he can see, and Kunming and "Jinbi Jiao Hui" at the same time, said the differences. As the Earth's location in the sky change, not 60-year cycle, after it said that there was no scientific basis.

In 1983, Buddhist temple management Chun Xuan Xu Jun told me that he lived , The number of View "on the Buddha Ying-chest" scene, did not have to see. Once during the spring equinox, but it came across, "Ying-day Buddhist chest." I was the old civil-contact "Takahashi II," Autumnal Equinox that season, with long days and nights, "reflect on" very likely. For writing essays, published in the same year, 4 "window of Science Magazine. Yunnan Observatory Zhang Rongjun Zhuowen see, the measure can be seen the following year, "reflected on" seven times the exact time, in 1984 a "window of science" on disclosure. In 1990, the Yunnan Observatory detected on March 17 to 21, shows that "reflect on the Buddha chest." March 19, the station part of the work And City Construction Committee Office of the files Liu Qing, rushed to the car to watch. On the same day 7:10, the sun mountains. 7:39, the Big Buddha from the sun projection right ear and right angle through the jaw, 7:56 share between 8:02 and moved to the chest. 8:19, "according to the Buddha is chest" visual disappear. Liu later It has been reported. Although not "reflect on", but at least in the early years of "binary" hearsay, certainly not non-existent. The problem, leave it to future generations to study.

1952 Emperor Kangxi (1702), the Yunnan-Guizhou Governor Bassi's son, Yu Shou Crane Temple, the hall after the donor's Court Wan extended to repair after , Also donated a large bronze incense burner. In the same year, Yunnan Provincial Governor Shiwen Sheng Tian allocated mu, Gao administered by the abbot of silence, as a temple of production, supply the whole Temple more than 30 monks and monks travel to the cost of living, as well as the temple Youzhu needs.

  Lai Temple, will visit the "Third wave of holy water." Later, at the top of Pool Purchase mouth opening leading stone, place stone beads in Longkou, Longkou spring water from the pool bet. Potential flow more, stirring pearl ring made.

Kangxi, the Buddhist temple maintenance from time to time. From the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, people are always travel in interest rates, the followers of the ceremony resort. In 1924, the Kunming municipal supervision Zhang Weihan Taiwan, he served successively as deputy to the Control Yuan president) to travel, at the request of local, pro-temple title, has been hoisted. In 1943, the former Ministry of Communications and Technology Agency in the equipment room during the Temple, estimated that the production design of "Buddhist sundial." To 1944, there Siyu old rotten. Tzu Chi Buddhist abbot as a result of donations from outside Temple repair and Kunming, the "Observer" published in the notice, to accept donations. Long Yun traveled to a provincial governor, was informed of this situation, so Kunming, well-being of the two cities and counties to investigate the middle Temple. Richard Kunming has been the collapse of the Temple of the sheep, is a Buddhist Temple in the public domain. So life Kunming Temple of real estate to sell the sheep, as the need to repair the temple. Dragon's repair and expansion of the left temple Zhu Quan, the development of water conservancy and irrigation between the Tian Mu Shan. At the same time repairing the foot of a mountain from the car Zhenzhu Quan Road.

After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, the People's Temple, the whole maintenance. Buddhist Temple announced in 1956 for the provincial key cultural units, the establishment of the Office to strengthen management. To reform and opening-up , A new painting inside. Painting and "Kowloon map", "Journey to the West" group of paintings, decorative doors for the first intramural. Some of the existing tablets, on display in the Bei Lang, for appreciation. One Chongzhen Yubi "Wind Moon Water" is in apart rubbing years to Yunnan province carved up.

Houdian existing "Sam in the South China Sea" to sit in the Kuan Yin, mellow lines, shapes Ciai dignified, very aesthetic appeal. Tang Jiyao hearsay ruling, Xu Yun Huating monks recognize this is like a treasured work of art, plans to move Huating Temple, after local boycott only be maintained.

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Horseshoe River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Horseshoe is none other than the most dangerous river, from Kunming did not expect so close to the case where there is risk of the odd scene.
Yi Liang in the county Geng Township home with a Nanpanjiang tributaries, called Zhangzibahe, on the river there are two sources, and the horseshoe Mingyue River River. All the rivers originate stem Marlon County, south into the territory of Yi Liang, millions of years Yi Liang quietly cutting the northern part of the karst plateau. Due to the deep canyon, very few people look at their profile, especially in the lower reaches of the river for a horseshoe, inaccessible, basically undeveloped virgin land.

River on the way to the moon before he had a horseshoe, a road bridge across the river, There are 20 to 30 meters high. From the look on the bridge continues, the two sides stand like a wall, Tengluo, stones in indomitable old trees grow. A large gap between the river, river rapids, rock beat, issued by the strange sound, it is estimated that there are underground river caves below, water echo sound. Have direct access to the riverside path, the huge rock formation can be camping on the wind Is still not bad.
Car door to the small village of Hill, no features, go to the moon river on foot. I do not know who took this image of a name - the moon, the moon if this night, what kind of scene? Settled where we are top of a cliff, is as deep as 100 meters below the cliffs Semicircle was an extension of several hundred meters, and perhaps this is the name on it! Raging river water from being impacted by the Shek Pik, had to make a U-turn away, surrounded by a forest of verdant peninsula. Xing, according to the description of the scenery is elegant, but it is actually in the atmosphere, can only be described as magnificent.

Down there , Who spent the way the whole way in Shek Pik on out, only like a rat, close to the cliff, walking gingerly. By the river, looking back looked to have a competitive Department falls from heaven, but because of upstream irrigation, water scarcity.
Through the way mice, it is to bridge the sheep, he will be able to challenge the Horseshoe. Village go directly to the sheep here, and Longtan Great Falls, Shunhe down 3 km to be able to interchange. Bridge to leave the sheep, undulating surface is not, Shan Shan attached to form a similar hilly topography, is not he. On the land do not know there are only a few hundred meters deep gorge, climb in Yabian, vertical, as the next, from irrigation The gap can be seen faintly in yellow Shui-Guang. The branches Fu Ye covered trail, I do not know how long there is no one left. The wet moss, mud, everyone can only be sitting on the ground, hands tightly Yezhu shrubs, weeds, walk slowly down bit by bit, but there are still a lot of thorn bushes. Road, close to cliff, only 20 -- 30 cm wide, sometimes in direct Yashang climbing. Is outside the bottomless valley, the slightest mistake, it will turn free-fall. What is terror, the operator now has experience, the head of the Khan, then to Tangxia. Finally come to a standing capacity of the two places, like Xiekou Qi, was found in all of a sudden stop To the left of the roots, or a decrepit trees. Finally down to the bottom and lower leg is trembling, the Liangyanfazhi.

Standing on the river rocks to see through air, waves the shore. There must be no risk of the Kai King, if Shunhe drifting down what would be the stimulation! How happy!
In appropriate There is a beautiful valley can not be left out, and that is Chaishitan Reservoir, along the South River on the site of the dam, 33 km form the canyon, Tang Yang yacht in between the green mountains and blue waters, it must be another Feel it.

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Western Hills Samcheonggak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Three Qing Court, located in the very south of the Han Hua Shan Shan. View from north to south, outside the Yamagata profile similar to Tatu Maitreya, named Han Shan. Rohan Hill cliffs, and the list linked to the southern Shan Ren thousands of waste-lifting connected, that is, under the vast foothills of Dianchi Lake. Samcheonggak 11 nine-storey Tower View Road, buildings, stacked up in the inlay on the brink of a precipice, "suspended "Danger.
Yuan Dynasty, the rule of Yunnan by Rohan foothills of the building Liang, "thousands of cliff-step" Dengkou stone up the hill and opened up the cliff Shannan Ocean's summer palace. That this was the last of the three Qing Yuan Liang Court that the summer palace, summer palace in the actual three-Liang Qing Court, the goal is more lower South Hill provisional list linked to the edge. September 1999 According to Xu I, "Yu Hua Shan in mind too," such as historical records, with the assistance of the Office of the Western Hills, Qi clear who the deep weeds, to find all Palace Um Southern Ocean and Liang summer palace ruins.
Hu of the "unofficial history Nanzhao" contained, positive 27 million (1367) in April, Liang Mu-paste children do not spend , Qunchenchenghe, Ikegami feast in Kunming Liang summer palace. "Liang birthday feast Ikegami Kunming, Xian Poem":
Tim Xianjun count banquet guests, Sincere giant tent Hall of the waterfront.
Miles beautiful sunny open, a fragrant grass-chuan riding unicorn.
Shengge Gold Cup warm send wine, wide-Wai Kai battle Yuh-pei people. Baiguan drunk enough salt Jishou, Wang would like to have longevity Chiharu.
Liang Mu posted positive children 27 years birthday feast, the summer palace has been the "giant tent Sincere Waterfront Hall," This shows that the summer palace built by Liang's, no later than wood paste for the children do not spend Liang Period. On the Qing birthday feast this year, the children do not spend paste wood death of a prince Turn the imperial clan Micronesia ouar following the assassination of Mrs Eliza for, Gaiyuan "Tuyen Quang", said the system, Fengbaiguanshu to restore the imperial examination. Pakistan turn La Val Liang, the last close of Yunnan.
Wu Ming-hong years, the Japanese monk disgrace Yunnan machine first, "Liang Court" poem:
Pitt has been flying chicken future, we are told that this Liang Xi Yu.
Hole Feng-Ying Hua emperor's carriage, the official Liu Yaqian Department of dragon boat.
Castle Peak Henren there are, artesian water merciless sun.
How to know at the time song and dance, Han Yan Qiu shortage lock vast and lonely.
Jiajingnianjian Ming, Yang Shen, "Qu Dian sea," also portrayed Liang Court:
Liang Court, the central pavilion of water, a crow with Double Star Huang.
Hongqiao sea San Shili, Guanghan Gong Temple Night fragrance.
Ming and Qing period, Shi, travel notes, poems are on Liang's summer palace records. The late Ming and Xu, "Yu Hua Shan in mind too," a more detailed inspection records:
"North Korea back under the bridge, Han Ye in the main hall, a hundred high cliffs bring up the rear . Cliff turning point in the South, Stephen stagnant water one foot cliff, is North Korea under the bridge and split seam, said Cold Spring spoon. Stephen over the South, that is, break the southeast, on the cliffs Chong out more, if the suspension of small river Ping ray belt, under the Tui noted Sakamoto cliff collapse, the undersea line. Inter-Fan Yu Ping Sin Temple, the Temple of mine, the permitted three, Fu Shou Hall, the Hall of Guan Di, Zhang Xian Temple, the Temple Zhenwu, sub - Run-on. Zhenwu above the palace, the more cliff-acquire, Liang Xi this summer, the summer also known as Taiwan, South Um do, the stone temple that is also small building. Om South is more to do and not cliffs, the dome wall cloud cover, heavy cliffs and expand more ... ... "
Luo Hansi sites in this three-ching in front of the Court under the cliff. Shi Yu-ming, "Ocean's rehabilitation Hill Temple will be tablets, "records, formerly known as Luo Hansi" Temple will be wonderful. " Also known as the "sea shore temple", was built in the next nine years Koji (1496), "mid-air cliff-hanging stone, such as Rohan, who is based Dian Luo Hansi fine-sounding name." Ming to Ching Tak, Jiajingnianjian (1506 ~ 1566) To form a three-ching North and the South Tower Building Um .
Jiajingnianjian Ming, Luo Hansi South Um cliff, "carved Han Wang Ziyuan (Wang Bao) Kim changed Mabi chicken, Li Han has Falla, al Tai Shi Yang (Yang Shen) moved to engrave."
Wang Bao Yang Shen cut to "transfer payments Mabi Chicken Song", has formed a three-ching Shengjing Buddhist Om North and the South Tower.
Three Um wins from South Tower, Dai Qing Daoguangnianjian Sun Jiong, "Kunming County," there are records. In years to Gu Yuan Jia wrote, "Western Hills tour in mind," the dump have been destroyed: "The three tea-ching Court, Court, Hill's also famous. Wu Shi 'Bi-yun disorder Chickens Taixie, Liang is the old summer palace' Gong is also Ge. Um out at North Chu one of the track. Om Om on the South, the nam Um destroyed this note. "
Samcheonggak Xie Jing Anonymous has a name together:
Banbi from dangerous, such as the Ling-ping, the sea like a mirror, such as the boat leaves, picturesque villages in the city walls, the status of 4:00 Temptress Moon, Yin Chao Mu Qing, how ancient and modern visitors, who enjoy the thousands of weather;
Kowloon-Autumn extremely Pro Hole goes, there are cliff-chuen, Song Tao there, flowers and birds love Lin He, Yi-Star eight or cream, Guan River running, a rare habitat home late to Jinbi Xiao Ao Hushan.
Development of the Western Hills historical sites to be restored Liang Zhu summer palace sites, the formation of Ocean Hill Um up and down two-north-south wall Shengjing dangerous buildings.

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Historical and cultural civilization Street block - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Historic District is a living historical and cultural treasure-house, and widely distributed large number of historical relics, together, constitute the city's memory.

Civilization Street Historic District is referring to Kunming Panlong Qu Hua Shan South Road, south of the road just west of King Street to the north star, 51 Road to the east of an area of about 21 hectares of area. Street-chip There are civilized Street, King Street stars, Guanghua Street, connected Street, City Street, Temple St. 6, the main street, East Lane-volume, roll-West Lane, auspicious Lane, Silver Lane counter, a small silver cabinet Lane , The well-being of Lane, Lane-Town, straight Lane, filial Square Lane, Lane QIU, Guo Lane, Lane dawn, four-lane know, justice Lane, Lane Haitian Court 1 Article roadway. Accounting for 3% of the Old City area.

Street civilized history and culture district in the city of Kunming is the only remaining area Street, historical and cultural city of Kunming is the most important one of the signs. Blocks of the history of civilization, beginning in the era of Dali country, the Yuan, Ming and Qing, the Republic of China, since the founding of New China, nearly 90 Years. 900-year history, so that in a civilized Street Area has accumulated a wealth of history and culture, contains a wealth of information in the past years. Its traditional residential-based multi-cultural construction in order to spread Confucianism, the Anti-Japanese cultural communication, culture, celebrity-oriented culture, the spirit to destruction of the feudal dynasty, the Republican freshmen, Victory in the war, the liberation of Kunming and other major historical events reflected the cultural system and the commercial marketplace for the typical non-unique folk culture, rich and colorful.

Now the pattern of civilization Street Area, from the Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty during the Yunnan-Guizhou Governor in this building and the Department of the evolving start. Kangxi 20 (1 83), the Governor Cai Yurong the old House of Yunnan into the Department of the Governor (now the victory of the People's Church). Yamen Governor is the highest organ of the Yunnan-Guizhou provinces, on behalf of the Governor experienced constant repair the building, bearing out of the ordinary. Governor of the establishment of government offices, has laid a civilized Street Area is the basis of the pattern.

The Governor is set up government offices, Wai road in place. First, the doors are "connected." "Connected" in the Qing Dynasty officials in ceremonial functions, and out of government office of the Governor's official channel. The low status of the identity of officials and civilians, can only take the side of the narrow alleys, which was formed on both sides of the bridges connected "L" shaped vol-East and the West Lane Volume Lane (Volume holes, that means a small bend).

At that time, the Governor, such as government offices and ask Chong called "House." Therefore, the Governor from the eastern side of the door to government offices Yuanmen mouth, leading to the east of the road is called Fan Tai Yamen Eastern Hospital Street; from the west gate of the Governor's Office training to the North, leading to the governor of the Yamen road called West Street house. Food Department, the Department of Road salt, the Department of Road Patrol in the region connected to the south, to connect several government offices in this east-west road called St. grain.

In this way, to the Governor as the central government offices were connected to the four major government offices for two Yishu Wang "work" type of roads, form the backbone of civilization Street Area. Kunming city On behalf of the government offices in several locations to maintain the relative stability of the two hundred years of little change. These streets will be kept down.

Kunming Chongjiu uprising following the Wuchang Uprising was launched after an earlier, the most intense fighting, at the expense of larger, also have a great impact on the country's armed uprising. Hai Chongjiu uprising, the then head of the rule of feudal authority of the Governor Yunnan-Guizhou government offices will become an armed uprising of one of the main battlefield.

With the demise of the feudal dynasty, the Yunnan-Guizhou Governor Yamen ended the historic mission. Chongjiu to celebrate the victory of the intifada, several streets around them have only changed the name. School Street, I Yuan Men "the recovery of China" was renamed the Guanghua Street. King stars, it is considered a symbol of good fortune, Thistle Street food on the stars named King Street. South Main Street into a street justice. Justice, Guanghua, the birth of King Street stars, marking the beginning of a new era, recorded the Kunming section of glorious history, reflecting the Jian Dynasty and the Republican establishment.

Construction of the monuments of human civilization. This is because it concentrates on the human ability to master the material, the political precipitation of social culture, a more condensed the wisdom of an artist. From a historical and social development of a comprehensive point of view, Kunming is a A historical period, all kinds of reasons to form the "city of immigrants", mainly by the architectural style of Han culture, at the same time, Kunming is located in the border areas inhabited by minority ethnic, architectural style marked by the influence of architectural culture of ethnic minorities. Dianyuetielu due to the construction of the commercial port and the opening of the Western architectural style is also infiltrating the meantime, so that Ming Street become a multi-cultural neighborhood under the witness of history.

From north to south, civilization Street block can be divided into three regions. As the history of different functions, and its construction is also very different style.

Confucian Temple: Temple side streets (now the people of the road) to the north and south of Hua Shan South Road, the main building Is the Confucian Temple. Kunming Confucian Temple was built in the Yuan Dynasty, the Confucian Temple was built in 29 years of Emperor Kangxi (1690), has been 300 years of history.

Is the Confucian Temple to commemorate Confucius, the Confucius carry forward the Holy Land. The facts show that history, the history of Confucianism in Yunnan in the development process, in storage, spread-the-art And building a society of feudal Yunnan ethics, of all ethnic groups in Yunnan to promote the culture of psychological identity of the Chinese nation and culture, identity and so on, all have had a huge role. Confucian Temple was a classic, perfect Chinese landscape architecture, urban city is larger, more elaborate construction of one of the buildings. But For various reasons, the old building was demolished in the gradual conversion, with the exception of stars lattice door, the wall of water Ikegami Pan Bridge in 1978 and about the reconstruction of cinnamon already completed, the other building, including tablets, couplets, the board did not keep.

After the Revolution, the Confucian Temple in Kunming people into the public park, with the public tea , Chess room, library, opera lantern room and open-air stadium lights. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, relevant departments have been repaired several times, once named "public entertainment park" and "Kunming City Museum of Art and the masses." In recent years, through training, the environment here has managed to maintain the quiet, verdant forests of the characteristics, and set up Many of the elegant and cultural activities, life is full of rich taste, flavor and street culture flavor.

Victory Church: side streets south of the Confucian Temple, Guanghua Street to the north of the main building is the victory of the Church.

Victory Church was built in the original site of the Yunnan-Guizhou Government House, in 1944 started the construction of the most "Zhi Gong", later renamed the "Zhongshan Memorial Hall", when completed in 1946 called "the victory of the Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall." In addition to the Office of the audience in the form of construction for the arc-shaped wall Hill, the traditional gray-Xieshan Banwa roof of the tube, money-brackets. Fang Dynasty plane, Whitehead hook column, is rich in ethnic style. Victory Church of cloth around Have also done a transformation of a bird's eye view as a whole was a chalice shape, momentum is quite spectacular. Victory Church of the arc on both sides of the road and East Rui Yun-yun is Beibi jussy Road, North Road on the north side of the cloud Swiss Cup for the population. Governor of the Yunnan-Guizhou in the Qing Dynasty Department Zhaobi into the seat of the oval-shaped cloud Swiss Park as a base. Victory Church is building near Kunming Building a model.

In December 1950, the first from all walks of life in Kunming People's Congress victory in front of the Central Plaza, planted a "Monument to the People's Heroes," the foundation stone, on February 24, 1995 completion. 27 m-high monument, a square, two-story base, and the use of underground space base Yunnan Province set up the People's Heroes Memorial Room, Beishen embedded at the bottom of the walls reflect the history of the struggle of the people of Yunnan relief, solemn memorial, and expressed the Yunnan people and respect the memory of revolutionary martyrs.

Guanghua Street to the south are mainly residential and commercial activities in public places, folk culture is the most concentrated By.

Construction of the Kunming area, most of them by a profound impact on Chinese culture. Kunming history of the building layout is based on the Han-style courtyard housing mainly absorbed Bai, Yi and other ethnic characteristics, so as to the general inter-unit, composed of three buildings in a single building ( "Square"), and then Wai The formation of co-generation Kunming characteristics of the region, "an Indian" courtyard-style houses. At the same time, residential construction of the Kunming area have come from Yunnan Dali Bai's "one single font Square", "Three Zhaobi Square," "Five Tetraena courtyard", "six-chun of the contract" and so on; from southeastern Yunnan Jian Water, stone screen area "under the ears of the three six-Hua Ting", "Four Cart ". Dianyuetielu and-repair, along with Western colonialism and invasion of Western culture's yearning for building, brick appeared in the" foreign "Villa. Civilizations in which the construction of multi-Street Area There are retained, and some may be fine.

According to an investigation, civilization Street Area Better preservation of the former, a high level of house building are still many parts of the twentieth, particularly in small silver cabinet Lane Hospital No. 7, 8, 10, 11 Jyuren Lane, West Lane on the 1st hole volume, the auspicious Lane 18 , On the 11th Street and civilized compared with exquisite. Most of these residential layout of the regular, well-structured, sophisticated production, Diaolianghuadong, on behalf of the Kunming that time the level of residential construction, reflecting the Central Plains culture and the culture of Yunnan blend of high artistic value and enjoyment. It can be said that civilization Street Area is the construction of residential areas in Kunming Museum.

Street Area civilized street shops fixed for a unique style of two of the three walls House, most of the upper deck for human habitation, Tingchu slightly outward, and a different style Chuizhu, is lower shops, a little indentation. The family shop, there are firewall between the wind. This Danyan Chuizhu re-paved floor, the main street, linking into the neighborhood, is a feature of Kunming.

Kunming due to the large-scale Construction, large blocks of history gone. Kunming city trees flowers and trees, bending the quiet lanes have been rare, and the civilized Street Area of the lanes are basically well-preserved. These lanes not only embodies the Kunming residents of a particular period and the survival mode, and a record of interesting Story.

With economic and social development and changes in the evolution of civilization trace Street Area business history, we see a common phenomenon is that all shops operating on the streets of another failure Hing this project, off the wave of high tide, for different periods and different The demand for people left an unforgettable memory. Qing Degree of prosperity in this shop lanterns, candle shops, such as cable line has long been out of people's lives, even during the War of Resistance Against Japan into a rare piece also Bookstore, the sight of him, and even nation-building civilization in the early New Year's street markets, china shop, the Confucian Temple St. The line of clothing and headgear are also older now become a childhood dream.

Today, in many Business projects, we can see that there are a number of projects with the old shop filled with the same mark on history. That is, medical dispensaries Museum, restaurants and traditional handicraft market.

Yunnan, rich in herbal medicine, the type of ranking first in Kunming in Yunnan Province is an important medicinal herbs processing and distribution center for Chinese medicine trade and Processing has a long history, had a distinguished group of well-known pharmaceutical and Chinese medicine practitioners. In time, herbalist shops in the pharmacy area, with the exception of the Qing Dynasty forint together An Tang Yang, Wang Yun-cream pharmacies, Huang Liangchen old herbalist shops, and so on, the number of new pharmacies, clinics have also opened for business, such as female Zheng Guanghua Street Saver, US-Clinic, a new civilization HUANG Nong Street Hill Medical Center, hospital prescribed method, and so on. So far, Flynn Hall, Wang Yun-cream, and other pharmacies are still operating, the forint Hall also developed into a huge company.

The restaurant industry, the history of civilization Street Area has been focused on the restaurant industry. Republic of China, not only The old name, such as the Republican-chun, Huafeng, and other high-end restaurants, tea houses in this operation, there are many flavors of the food gathered here, such as King Star Street, a small duck fat, Renhe Park revive steamed broken, and so is the bridge Vermicelli Well-known and representative. Today, civilization Street Area restaurants, as the pace of reform and opening-up, still maintained in order to Commission-based Dian Wei, Chinese and Western North-South Fair picture.

Of course, here are the world famous bird market.

Flower Market is located in Kunming City Center Street bridges connected. Although the market in the early 1980s, it operated most of the merchandise is in Kunming Traditional products, whether it is flowers, birds or insects antiques, jade carvings, ceramics, calculus Root, copper products, tie-dye and batik, embroidery Cross, national jewelry, Yunnan Go (cloud), and all kinds of crafts, embodies the Kunming succession process as well as the distribution of the characteristics of the craft.

In the text Area street life have been the work of national and the world-famous historical figures are: people musician Nie Er, a great proletarian revolutionary and Zhu De, Lin national hero Ho Chi Minh and international friends.

Although we believe that protection of the Historic District is not just for the sake of tourism, but the calendar Blocks is no doubt become an important tourism resources, tourism has a great feature. It is also the rise of tourism, many people began to understand the history of the protection of the value of the block style. With the protection of the rectification work, the history of civilization Street neighborhood in our city will become an important "historical and cultural tourism focus area" and "Biography Merchandise, catering trade. "

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Confucian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yunnan Province in the spread of Confucianism, can be traced back to the Qin and Han period. Yunnan Province during the Western Han Dynasty have Zhang, Sheng access to the mainland at that time with the famous writer Sima Xiangru to learn Chinese culture, teaching Confucianism in their hometowns; Nanzhao young students have the Tang Dynasty Zhang Zhicheng, "Tang to" Wang learning calligraphy, calligraphy, Yunnan and the promotion of Mainland practice examples Since then, Yunnan College set up one after another, Nanzhao, during the State of Dali, Yunnan and the Chinese culture and education have a certain scale. However, the wide dissemination of Confucianism in Yunnan and the emergence of Confucian Temple in the Yuan Dynasty. 11 million Yuan (1274), the largest political event in the Yuan Dynasty Code Red conduct of public affairs office of Yunnan Province Zhang (quite governor) after Chang Confucianism, the construction of the first Confucian Temple, founded the school.

Since the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, Kunming, the current area of counties (cities) have set up Confucian Temple area, according to statistics, during the late Qing Dynasty in Kunming, a total of 14 Temple (including Guandu, peace, the eight Street), mostly destroyed by war and "Great Cultural Revolution" period, to To preserve the only part of the construction in Kunming, peace, Chenggong, Yi Liang, enriching the people, the Stone Forest, Jinning, Luquan the Confucian Temple.

Confucian Temple stars lattice door
  Confucian Temple in Kunming, Yunnan Department of the first Confucian Temple, address in the right foot of Huashan five, the race to build Code Red, is the site of his money to buy. Yuan Yuan completed in 13 years (12 6). Temple has 53 houses. Dacheng Hall is located in the middle, south sitting statue of Confucius. Mencius, the two things veranda of the original four-yin, and accompanied by Zhe Lu, etc.. HS symmetrical hall has 72 disciples of Confucius and the history Mingru. The entire building momentum, perfect inside and outside, was in Yunnan's largest palace school. After the completion of the temple began Admission of students. Tour Code Red set aside the school field, as school funding. The Confucian Temple destroyed by Yuan Mo, Qian Ming Ningwangmuying reconstruction, the war in the late Ming and farmers were destroyed, after moving in the view of Changchun. Now see the text of the Confucian Temple Street, is 29 years Qing Emperor Kangxi (1690), this relocation of the local government of the Qing Dynasty. Since then, through dry , Until the end of the Qing dynasty have Jiaqing repair. When Sheng, a radius of 1.8 square kilometers, the construction area of 5500 square meters. Set up the original East and West 2 door, 2 door book of legislation are "civil and military officials to discontinue this point," the "stone dropped", and then the big official had to dismount point. 2 hours door to the left, middle, third from right frame In the middle of a cell, only the emperor important gift, or some people in the province through the Open champion can usually only be allowed to take anyone side door. Into the door after door to the stars lattice, which is the only existing complete the Confucian temple construction. Star is a lattice door Square, the four-post, three granite building. In the lattice door to door stars. Lattice is a constellation of stars, also known as Tin Tin This means that the hole must be respected zun days. About two doors for the ceremony, Lu Yi. Confucius is the core idea of benevolence, courtesy, so as to promote the country ceremony, the ceremony is called the door; that is, virtue and justice, justice, sacrifice their lives get justice, and so on. Subglottic in order to hold Beaulieu column, the production of sophisticated, lifelike, with a sculpture of considerable artistic value. Star lattice door for the construction of the Qing Dynasty Bi Pan Bridge, the bridge for the Pan-Chi, also known as Xue-Hai. Saying: "Shu-shan Road, there is ground for the track, Xuehaiwuya hard to make a boat." Xuehai This refers to the water. A scholar of the Qing Dynasty to be known as the "Pan-income" has become one Xue-Hai Su.

Was to blow up planes on the Dacheng Hall
  Cross the bridge after the 10 level that is up to the original Temple into position. Dacheng Hall 30 m from east to west, north-south diameter of 30 meters deep. Hall 9 on the beam are important, "Jesus Christ Shibiao" Kangxi Emperor Xian. Chong to bring up the rear Great Hall of the Temple for Confucian rock carvings and shrines like the map more than 30 pieces.


Kunming is the Confucian Temple in the urban areas more complex, Dacheng Hall, Chong Temple, the House cinnamon, Minglun Hall, the statue by the Court, Kuixing such as the composition of the Court. Its large area, construction of the fine, second to none in the temple in the city. In the Qing Dynasty, the Lunar August 27 each year of the birth of Confucius, civil and military officials Jikong very spectacular scenes. Before the founding of New China Center for public education, new After the founding of the country after the repair was converted to public recreation park, but the "cultural revolution" as in "capital letters smuggled goods repair" was completely destroyed, and only a little remains of a few Canbei. Among them, "the post-war restoration of Confucius temple tablets," recorded in the Confucian Temple for a glorious history and bitter memories. In January 1941, Fukui Confucian Temple Tower was a display of China's armed forces shot down a plane on. After hearing the news, the Japanese army, 29 in the fleet were struck, the Dacheng Hall, Tai Shing Mun, Kwai Heung Court, the Court by the statue, Minglun Hall was blown up at the same time; Chong Temple and the Temple bombing of the warehouse to 50. In 1946, when the Yunnan provincial government, "treasury 30,000,000 yuan allocated to" repair; of the Chinese people After the founding of the Republic, has conducted a number of maintenance.

  Kunming is the Confucian Temple of Confucius worship worship, teaching is the place. "House of Yunnan Confucianism" and "Kunming County the Confucian" not in the temple. The creation of the early days of the beginning of school less, since each school to recruit 150 . Han, the ethnic minorities such as Yi, Bai, age, ethnic and so on back to school Qianzi are fully demonstrates the Confucius "egalitarian" ideology. National Unity and teaching materials, such as the Four Books and Five Classics for the major. It seems today that although the contents belong to the feudal nature, but also to preserve China's ancient cultural heritage and rich history - The concept of ethics and morality, then, Yunnan Province to increase the level of national culture, various types of training personnel, to safeguard the motherland's unification and social stability have played a positive role. Confucius "Zhengxintai, self-cultivation, regulating the family, governing the country, across the land" and "You and the school official was" thinking under the influence of the Yuan Dynasty, there are five people in Kunming for the first time Title list, in the examination, into the career; the Ming and Qing Dynasties, is full of talents, Juren Scholars and the emergence of a large number of calligraphy and painting at home. Confucian Temple credit. In short, the Confucian Temple in Kunming, the social process has played a historic role is to reflect the representation of Chinese culture, architecture, historical and cultural city is an integral part of the building In the early resumption of reconstruction on the site.

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