Friday, December 12, 2008

Xishui Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi in the water sub-tropical evergreen broad-leaved forest National Nature Reserve in Guizhou Province is located in the territory of Xishui Xian, with an area of 48,666 hectares, in 1992 by the People's Government approved the establishment of Xishui Xian, Guizhou Province in 1994 by the People's Government for approval of the provincial nature conservation Area in 1995 for the approval of the State Council announced at the national level since Protected areas.

Xi subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest in the water-level nature reserves to protect is in subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest ecosystems and rare plant and animal resources of the protected areas. Xishui Xian is located in northwest Guizhou in the west, north and Jiangjin in Sichuan Province, which borders Hejiang County, west of the Chishui City linked with the West Gulin Xian and the junction of Sichuan. Protected areas located in the Sichuan Basin, Guizhou Plateau transition zone to the north, is a hot sub-humid monsoon climate. As the terrain in the region severely cut, rise steeply sloping valley, inaccessible, and thus to preserve the large area of subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, and the well-preserved forests, native strong, and the forest coverage rate reached 89 6%. The region is rich in resources of Wild Fauna and Flora, Fauna more complex components, has identified more than 1500 kinds of biological species, plant seeds of Section 128, 411 genera and 805 kinds; fern Section 37, a 81, 163; large-scale Section 35 of fungi, a 45, 77; of veterinary Head 8 Section 24, 72; 15 orders of birds and 35 branches, 142 species; reptiles head 3, Section 10, 34; amphibians head 2, Section 9, 31; fish head 5, Section 11, 57; Insect head 9, Section 49, 175 kinds. Belonging to the state protection of wild plants have Davidia, Cyatheaceae, Fujian Hong more than 10 kinds of fruit trees and so on.

Protected areas mild climate, abundant rainfall, humid air, undulating terrain, vertical obvious differences, the animals and plants is very rich in resources. Identified at the national level to protect plants Davidia, silver
Apricot, and the protection of the secondary plant has Cyatheaceae, Liriodendron, Du , M. safflower, hosiei, Pinus southern China, Min-nan, Magnolia, Parkinson's Fujian Province, Hong Kong, and other fruit trees.

Protected areas is also very rich in animal resources, has identified more than 400 animal species, 71 kinds of mammals, the province accounted for 48% of the number of species, 138 kinds of birds, accounting for about 34 species of the province , 21 kinds of amphibians, the province accounted for 35% of the number of species, 32 kinds of reptiles, the province accounted for 32% of the number of species, 32 kinds of fish, the province accounted for 30% of the number of species, 144 kinds of insects. Among countries included in the protection of animals, 35 species are at the national level to protect the South China Tiger has, clouded leopards, monkeys have to protect the secondary, UAE monkey, black bear, Su Ling, Lin musk deer, pangolin, the White Syrmaticus, giant salamander, indica, indica small, white Swinhoe, the Golden Pheasant, White-bellied golden pheasant, and so on. There are many in the region to protect the unique talents of a single community and the Chinese new record high value of the protection.

Xi subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest in the water Nature Valley Alpine-class family, the landscape is so extraordinary that Conglong trees, shade Hongyan, Higurashi birds, beautiful mountains and rivers. With the habitat in which Sally, a long trench inlay, Wang Shan, Taiwan, Wang Township, Wuzhishan, Swan Pool is a good place to carry out tourism.

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