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Wei Baoshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weishan is the counties of Yunnan Province set up the first one, is the birthplace of Nanzhao, Yunnan Province in the Qing Dynasty is the state of one of the four documents. There are provincial, state, county-level text of the protection of a number of 30 units, the Ming and Qing style than the preservation of the integrity of the ancient city, the country has 14, one of the famous Taoist Wei Baoshan, to show the wonders of bird migration of migratory birds Xiong Guan, a different style of the Hui Mosque, the Green Peacock Nature Reserve in Yunnan Province. Traditional festival of the Yi people in the nation, "February 8", the Hui and the Torch Festival of Christmas, Eid al-Fitr most warmly. Weishan its long history and splendid culture, beautiful scenery, rich ethnic customs constitute Wei Profound culture and rich tourism resources.

Wei Baoshan referred to as Weishan, Weishan Yi Hui Autonomous County is located 11 km south of. 2509 meters above sea level, the rise amid ups and downs, dozens of continuous years. Tree-lined mountains, and Qing Xia Yong, put colorful flowers, that our predecessors have Bao gas, so named Before the Weishan Mountain and can be divided into two mountain area, there were 30 multiple spots. In addition to more than 10 Taoist temple, the heart has to wash, Su Yin-Quan, seven stars of the new landscape, such as wells, and ancient beauty of the match looking cloud, Longchi Yan Liu, Crane House, and so on Mounded Eight, the landscape is often associated with the fairy tale, So that the natural scenery and the Humanities View blend with each other to form a distinctive feature of Weishan. In addition, Wei Baoshan Nanzhao or birthplace of famous Taoist, and now restored by the music-playing music and songs of the Yi people will make this even more famous bright.

  Wei Baoshan is a state-level scenic spot in Dali an important part of one of the at-Wei South-east of the town about 10 kilometers, covering an area of 19? 4 square kilometers, the main peak 2569 meters above sea level. Nam Tai Chi Wei Baoshan according to the top, west de Yang Jiang, and even the East River 5, North Point and Dali Cangshan look into the distance, peaks and downs Love, where dozens of stretches. Ting-jun as a result of the mountain, verdant mountain is covered with old trees, mountains and Qing Xia Yong, put different flowers , As the old saying that the mountains there are gas Po, named Wei Baoshan, referred to as Weishan. Wei Baoshan in 1992 were classified as state-level forest park. Have been identified more than 300 kinds of higher wild plants, flying squirrels, flower lei, and other rare animals face more than 20, Japan Green, yellow gold, and other eyebrow more than 40 kinds of rare birds. And other tall mountains , Wei Baoshan is by no means high. "Hill is not high, while Sin-ling." Wei Baoshan China is one of 14 famous Taoist and a prominent moment in the history of Nanzhao the birthplace of the country, compatriots of the Yi people here are still circulating and Nanzhao the legend - "small Dianhua Laojun slave logic" ( This "Nanzhao-map" " Dian Hua Yin fine slave logic "is the same kind of" divine monarchical "will be attached to the legend), so that adds Wei Baoshan mysterious atmosphere of religious, Yunnan has become the center of Taoism and the well-known scenic tourist destination.

  More than 1200 years ago, 260 people had Nanzhao large hard dance music, Bashansheshui, Chang Tangshan to offer North Korea "Nan Zhao Feng Sheng Yue," music and dance, Yunnan Province, Chengdu in the history of music feat. Esperanto, as recommended by the National Institute of Arts, Wei-dong by the ancient band also embarked on a can of this ancient "Silk Road Music" to Beijing as the nation's new literary and artistic achievements, glorious, attended the August 10, 1998 to 6 held in Beijing the "Second International Esperanto Conference on Science and Technology", the age-old Wei-dong by the dedication to the ancient music of the 28 participating countries and regions and foreign experts and friends, performed by Chinese and foreign guests spoke highly of and Well, and the General Assembly awarded the "Green Star" second-class award. Wei-dong by the ancient music, too "Wenchang cents by the big hole." It is rooted in the value of the local folk, and inspired by "special good countries", "Le Qiuci" influence, Shen You become bright and clean, secretion through a special kind of ancient music of the soul. Folk-based musical instruments to play, with a variety of musical instruments appropriate harmony, financial blow, hit, the bombs, and Latin America, to sing together. The use of Explorer: Spencer, Zheng, the guqin, pipa, sheng, xiao, flute, Green gong, chime, cymbals and so on dozens of national musical instruments. Affected by the history of ancient music by Wei-dong, drawing not only the Central Plains culture and ancient court music of charm, as well as the integration when the national characteristics and styles of folk music, forming a solemn, elegant Deep ancient style, different from any other region of the hole through music, by people of all ethnic groups enjoy. When you listen to the ups and downs this circumflex, the sprightly rhythm, melody and smooth flavor, fresh and beautiful as Wei-dong ancient music, as if you walked into the prosperous Tang Dynasty palace, to see the ancient Chang'an The joy of the people live and work in the scene; as if they saw the emperor, "Le Qiuci" large-scale music and dance, and other compensation to the "Nanzhao" the oldest in the world; Nanzhao Wang Tang presented to the large-scale music and dance, "Nan Zhao Feng Sheng Yue" warm scenes of jubilation . And as if you stay in the picturesque mountains Bao Wei, Zhao Na pursue "Wei Bao Xian Zong" United would like to fly fast, then when they are hidden ancient music, like bursts of Greenfield, The Sound of Music, is intoxicated. 10 years, as the ancient cave Wei Yan band in addition to the rich cultural life of the masses festivals, but also has Weishan to shun the "historical and cultural city in Yunnan Province meeting", "Fifth Five-Year Plan to Yunnan City County government, I Association meeting horizontal linkages "and" Welcome Qing County Cultural Show "and other meetings show. CCTV broadcast the tape recording of the live, one after another presented to the United States, Japan and Weishan friends outside of Hong Kong and Taiwan compatriots, as well as overseas Chinese come to study Weishan, tourism, information on the presentation and Weishan two civilizations have made Xian. In the party's literature and art under the guidance of the principle, carry forward the national culture, ancient music by Wei-dong will be able to develop, more brilliant shine brilliant glory!

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