Friday, December 12, 2008

Shek Pik - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the 23 km west Ninghua, Wo Hau for a rural administrative villages, is from ancient times to Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong's traffic. Early Tang Yu-Ping said, the middle of the Tang Dynasty replaced by Dan Bi, to the Five Dynasties "bi" as "the wall" and then into a stone-bi homonym. Here the open flat, fertile soil, lush forest. In the history of Migration of family members, most of the south of the Hakka people have lived here, and then gradually move out. Up, lived here more than 100 Hakka family name, which is called "the cradle of the Hakka," and "transit point for Hakka" and "to the Hakka." Hakka is the "guest house and behavior" means. Hakka original Central Plains Han, in order to avoid war, since the Eastern Jin Dynasty "five wild-hua," when for the first time across the border. Huang Chao late Tang uprising, from Anhui, Henan, Hubei, Jiangxi south of the first leg, moved to south-east Jiangxi Province, western Fujian and Guangdong, north-east of the border. Most of them after Jiangxi, and Fujian are at the junction of Lai, in the vicinity of all, first of all to Rutanen, and Ting Jiang basin and will move to Meixian, Guangdong and other places. In the 1990s after a number of big movement, the largest concentration of settlements is also a fossil Bi-ling. 50,000,000 at home and abroad are the descendants of the Hakka clan, there are seven or eight of the ten ancestors in Nanjing, "Shek Pik" lived in the records. According to statistics, major Hakka family name, family name more than 109 Rather from the (mainly Shek Pik) Yan to broadcast both at home and abroad. Meizhou in Guangdong Meizhou Hakka Association and Local Records Office for the "name of Hakka origin" (first one) included 34 family name, of which 29 are from the last name of the ancestors to move out of the ling. "Voice" is reported that Taiwan at least 60 common family name in the 6 More than 0 million people with stone-Bi, of which more than 300 million Hakka people, more than 200 million people is the stone came from Bristol, from the southern Nanjing, in a calm, Zhaoan, Zhangzhou and other places to move to Taiwan. Here to retain a lot of Hakka heritage, but also to preserve the Hakka language and traditional customs. In recent years, to receive visitors at home and abroad Clan, scholars awarded more than 1300, more than 10 million. Have direct access to the highway entrance to the village.

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