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Exposition - Chinese tourism scenic spots

World Horticulture Exposition Garden in Kunming, a northern suburb of East Grand Scenic Spot, Ju Kunming in the urban area of about 4 km. Exposition Garden covers an area of about 218 hectares, accounting for 10% of the surface to 15%, the vegetation coverage rate reached 76.7 percent, of which 120 hectares of dense bush gentle slope. A total of 9 countries and international organizations were Here set up their own theme park show (Taiwan), many provinces have also built to reflect the region's landscape art show place. It can be said that here is a collection of landscape gardening in the world of super-large venues Expo. Exposition Garden of the main exhibition hall 5, 6 thematic exhibition park, 34 domestic Park and the 33 components of the international exhibition park.

To the World Horticulture Exposition Garden is very convenient traffic, urban Dongnanxibei the bus lanes have cars. Road 69, Road 71, you can live longer by 10 bus routes, or take the bus.

  World Horticulture Exposition Garden entrance : The main entrance to the entrance of the North and The Mirage, the exposition of the cable mouth. Exposition Garden in the area: China Museum of the total construction area of 19,927 square meters, covers an area of 33,000 square meters, the ceremony area of 3600 square meters of Taiwan, roads and pavement area of 4340 square meters site.

  Chinese Museum Expo 99's largest indoor exhibition hall, with man and nature museum, the main greenhouse Square (Century Place) constitute the main World Expo venues district. Chinese Museum Square in the higher terrain to the north, the floor elevation 1937 meters higher than the central square of 9 meters high, are on the central square, there for the opening, closing and duration of activity Taiwan used the ceremony. Chinese Museum layout of the building using the traditional Chinese garden approach to form a courtyard-style building groups, will traverse the organic function hall together. The whole building is divided into 2 layers, 18 meters high at the top of the building. Plane for the basic unit of 24 � 24 meters, a total of 7. Museum of Chinese architectural style combined with the Han Dynasty Court building and residential construction in the South, Lvwa white, green represents life, gardening is a symbol of white represents peace and harmony in the central courtyard garden is divided into southern, northern and marble courtyard garden, not only focus on the performance of the Chinese landscape gardening style And a sight-seeing, an ideal place to rest.

  International Museum Construction area of 11,000 square meters, covers an area of 13,250 square meters, the road area of 4300 square meters square, green area of 3050 square meters, Floor indoor 1953 meters elevation. International Exposition Garden Museum is located at the eastern end of the main travel route end, away from the main entrance of Exposition Garden, about 2 km. The main building To the green and luxuriant forests for the background and beautiful environment. Building from a circular shape of the main and more than 100 meters long curved wall, so as to the whole amount of exhibition space to show in front of the audience. Construction through a number of concentric cylindrical structure of the network to form a complete several mobile space. Countries around the world in galleries around the court layout, and sufficient Equality embodies the harmony of relationship between the family of nations; the context of an oblique arc-shaped building up the forward movement and momentum, a symbol of man and nature co-determination toward the twenty-first century. International Center for most of the two-story, 8.5 meters high, divided into three to four local, 19.2 meters high, flat overall size of about 6 M � 78 m, the circular atrium roof, 18 meters in diameter, circular central part of the network used Steel glass ceiling lighting. International Museum square in front of the terrain combined with garden settings, water front landscape, flowers and green grass, green outdoor and indoor green backed each other so that the layout of the exhibition hall soluble in nature.

  And Hall ran a total construction area of 4953 square meters, covers an area of 19,148 square meters, the site area of 1800 square meters pavement, green area of 6290 square meters, landscape pool area of 6100 square meters. Man and Nature Hall is the theme of the exposition hall, exhibition hall building Yamagata combination of the landscape, the use of high - 2.4 m platform and two surface demonstrated a mountain, forest, water, building one into the mood. Man and Nature Museum was the layout of the plane ancient ecological clover plant after the regular deformation of the triangular fight for the basic unit of synthesis of the three hexagon, the use of stainless steel structural grid, strong laws, the space division By, with a roof decoration features the use of aluminum compound, 15 meters high at the top of the building. Man and Nature Museum at the entrance to the main distribution of the rest close to the main plaza and landscape routes swim pool, large areas of grass into the water slowly, in order to give people the feeling close to nature. Sub-surface the size of two parts, the front of the larger waters, mainly on natural Based mainly on the back of waters artificial landscape dominated by falls in front of and connected waters.

  Science and Technology Museum of the total construction area of 3064 square meters, covers an area of 6650 square meters, the site area of 1080 square meters pavement, green area of 2800 square meters, floor Cheng 1938.95 meters. International Science and Technology Museum is located in the middle of the outdoor exhibition area, the slopes of the north, south and 12 meters wide main road travel, with things on both sides of the tea garden and an outdoor pavilion adjacent to the international. Combination of land status, Science and Technology Museum in general and the Central Hall is divided into two parts screen cinema, exhibition halls along the main road travel back 40 meters was A square layout, designed for small square in front of the square surrounded by green, short, the atmosphere of the environment as a foil to the flagpole; screen theater designed to be spherical, is located right in front of Hall, a fruit metaphor. Science and Technology Museum "and horticultural science and technology" as its theme, showing mainly divided into the preamble, a gift of nature, history Review Wisdom to create an oasis of life of the five parts of the wings. The main exhibition hall for the reinforced concrete frame structure, 7.5 m high layer, large-scale exhibition hall Whitening using ground glass doors and windows, set up at the top with a diameter of 12 meters of glass cone-top lighting, sunlight penetration into the interior to meet the central Green Zone Lighting; theater screen is divided into Layer bottom for the coffee shop and rest, two-story movie screen for the hall, movie screen outside the Central-profile use of steel grid, the silver-gray aluminum composite surface, the Office of Film spherical diameter of 24 meters and a capacity audience 230.

  Large greenhouse with a total construction area of 3630 square meters, covers an area of 2400 Meters, the floor elevation 1932 meters. Large greenhouse is the main axis to the entrance of the exposition, with the door Exposition, Garden Road, Grand Century Place, even as first-line, an important landmark and landscape of. Large greenhouse design reflects the distinctive flavor of the times. It is divided into four galleries, tropical plants are the area, temperate-sik Area, alpine plant area (elevation 3,000 meters above the plant) and picture exhibition hall. Three plants from small to big pavilion, followed by a high degree of increase in roof slope in turn increases the formation of a spiral of the situation, implied that a harmonious coexistence between man and nature of the dialectical law. Facade used to deal with changes in elevation, sub - Home, cold area 8 ? 12-meter-high, temperate area 10 ? 16-meter-high, tropical area 10 ? 20 meters high, breaking the monotony of a sense of architectural shapes. According to the three climatic zones and ecological environment of plant growth requirements of the area and changes in the level of internal space, setting the roof ramp, plants suitable for rational distribution and State space. Visitors can tour the glass separated from the outside, but also into the indoor environment and demonstrate the full integration from different perspectives ingenuity to enjoy the natural scenery for Qiao.

Vegetables and fruits Park covers an area 4200 square meters. The theme of "vegetables and fruits to support human life is important food source The main show China's agricultural development, the development of China's rich and varied types of vegetables and fruits, not to promote the wild side, not chemical fertilizers, pesticides in vegetables and fruits do not have to. With the science and technology in particular, the development of bio-engineering, vegetables and fruits in addition to the traditional value of the food, and add a function -- Tours of. Fruits and vegetables into the garden you think this statement is not false. Garden vegetables and fruits show the way to take in order to live outside the main culture, both in-kind product samples and models and so on. Treasure house of resources - live show garden cultivation. Specific types of display are: vegetables (85 varieties), the type of fruit trees (about 99 varieties) Melons (about 20 varieties). Thrive - on display to display. Fruits and vegetables through in-kind products, models and photographs as samples of materials such as text and display of publicity to let people better understand the human and fruit and vegetable gardening culture history, to promote green food and pollution-free food products, as well as the promotion of Ming Teyou Fat. The wisdom of the oasis - specialization, intensive rudimentary production. Dwarf apple and celery to the intensive production "model" the main focus of China's display of fruit and vegetables produced in the level of science and technology.

Chuk Yuen Tong Yan Exposition at the reservoir on the south side of the East, covers an area of 17,000 square meters, the terrain was Long strip, with mountains and water. Chuk Yuen collected a total of 28 bamboo plants are more than 222 kinds of 4000 Cong. There is strong view of the bamboo species of bamboo, golden bamboo between Bjork, the Big Buddha belly bamboo, Yunnan bamboo, bamboo, bamboo chairs, and so on more than 30 species, rare and endangered iron bamboo, bamboo needle, Gongshan bamboo, bamboo Li Teng, gill-long Bamboo, bamboo, such as Zhongdian 5 More than form a "sunshine there is Yin-ching, ching, as there is video, there are voiceless wind, rain to have Yun-ching," the environmental atmosphere. Yuen also arranged: bamboo, soongorica Dan Deng, the induction of giant pandas, bamboo lanterns and Hu Diequan.

Bonsai Garden Exposition Park is located on the south side of Main Road, covers an area of 5880 square meters Park construction to the three main exhibition hall and a group of Corridor to form the background, shiting combination of beauty and calm in order to form the image of the bonsai garden facade of the King cast. External image are four trapezoidal slope of the roof of the three Fangting Corridor and the combination of slope for the Magnolia color pottery tile, the walls red, white cornices, is building the image of the Orient with a style.

Tea Expo at the central main road and travel routes between the two slopes, and in the southern cliff across the landscape risers, covers an area of 11,000 square meters. It is located in the main travel routes between the two, combined with higher ground in the display characteristics while tea culture will also become a stop for tea to visitors a good view Department. To open up the northwest side of the "excellent garden" focused on Chinese and foreign tea products. The main building of tea tea culture exhibition hall, show tea room, tea, and so part of the museum. Tea culture exhibition hall. Display will include the origin and development of tea, tea culture and tea and national unity, and tea in human health, utilization of tea. Tea Speech, the tea museum. Specially trained team can perform tea for visitors to the rich and vivid performances tea, also scheduled for several easy to master, unique way of brewing, so that visitors and performers together side view of learning, doing, while goods. Or select several different types of tea-like tea sets or to "self-service tea" in the form, so that travel According to self-select their own favorite products of brewing tea, it will be the introduction of a Yasugongshang of tea in the world. Museum tea with TV recording and sound system, in tea, with tea can be shown the video. Or run a number of high taste and elegant music, such as classical music, light music or play zheng, in order to fully Tea culture unique cultural atmosphere.

  Herb garden covers an area of 8700 square meters. Park, the design reflects the traditional Chinese style garden south of the Yangtze River, to show three-dimensional model of landscape painting to rare and valuable, growing mainly used traditional Chinese medicine. In the layout of the natural-based, with Then type. To reflect the "Keke is the herb that can cure Zhu Zhu month there are flowers, the landscape is step by step," the purpose of the park built.

Arboretum area of 25,400 square meters, located in the central Exposition. There are primary and secondary species of rare, about 4 million lines. Yunnan is China and the world at large tree germplasm of the most Fu was one of the regions, through the Arboretum, on the rare display of our country, the effective protection of endangered plants, as well as the world's Yunnan Province in the magnolia plants in the study of the important status and role. Arboretum transplanting a variety of cultivated plants of about 83 species of Section 300, for a total of more than 20,000 trees, rare and endangered plants 5 Species of trees more than 1,000 trees. It is divided into four zones, namely, magnolia-growing areas, cultivation of rare and endangered plants in areas of economic forest, the forest area of plant germplasm resources. Yunnan is a magnolia tree species distribution centers, a total of 15 in the world are more than 150 kinds of Yunnan, 11 are over 120 kinds. Arboretum collection planted The main canopy of magnolia trees more than 50 kinds of plants, trees and more, it is rare. Arboretum collection of more than 50 species of cultivated more than 14,000 trees of rare, endangered plants, including plant protection at the national level Davidia, Yunnan yew, tree horses, bald fir, more than 10 cycads, more than 30 kinds of plant protection II A nearly 300-year-old, diameter at breast height 1.1 meters, 13.8 meters high, the crown 8 � 8 meters from the huge Calocedrus 70 km outside the entrance transplant, a world record Cupressaceae transplanting plants. It survived the transplanting trees, so that visitors and look amazing.

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