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Yunnan Nationalities Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yunnan Nationalities Village, located south of Kunming Dianchi Sea, 7 km away from urban areas throughout the Dianchi Lake in Kunming toured an area of 12 square kilometers within the framework of 485 hectares, with a well-known Western Hills Forest Park, Grand View Park, Zheng He Park, and other scenic spots across the risers, traditional costumes and reflect each other. 1992 28, as the third China Art Festival was formally opened the main exhibition area. After continuously improved in recent years, has ushered in numerous Chinese and foreign guests, left a deep and good impression.
  Yunnan's major-Yi, Bai, Dai, Miao, Jingpo, Wa, Hani, Naxi, Lisu, Dulong, and so on a small number of 25 The ethnic villages, ethnic song and dance halls, the nation Fountain Square, as well as laser and water-screen movies, such as tourism facilities. Ethnic villages to recover the use of Yunnan exhibits the way to display the national conditions and customs. Entering the village can only see different styles of ethnic villages during the distribution, Cuolayouzhi, show grace, the minority rich and colorful cottage construction Production and daily life, religious practices are faithfully show up, Yunnan is a microcosm of the national culture.
  Yunnan Nationalities Village is the main door of a group of rich and elegant style, the magnificent architecture of the steel frame, hanging doors for the first "national Yunnan village" of the five forceful efforts against the hot characters, is the middle of a golden peacock wings and take off -Shaped logo, a symbol of ethnic village in Yunnan auspicious happiness, prosperity and bright future. Is in front of the big wide formation and distribution of passenger Square, the following are a group of lawn in shape realistic. The lovely and lively group of white elephant sculpture, called "white guests."
  The nation in scenic spots in Yunnan village land and water staggered, fresh and elegant The village. Spots are caused located. There are different styles welcome shade trails, corridors Pavilion, the stone arch bridge back-to-back phase, and Dianchi Lake Avenue through both, the tour route, the road back to the water, turn for the better and attractive. Surrounding natural landscape and a large independent natural thick-conditioning, making the nation the village continue to flowers Evergreen the four seasons, every minute, every quarter, moving has its own beauty.
Tourists in the villages, in addition to understanding of the various ethnic groups in Yunnan style, ethnic costumes, ethnic customs, the laser can also watch the fountain, water-screen movies, ethnic song and dance, performing elephants; taste ethnic flavor snack, take out Ethnic handicrafts. The tour guides dressed in national costume Miss guided tours for visitors. On the customs of ethnic minorities. The combination of minority festival, held in the village of Bai's "March Street", Dai's "Songkran", the Yi's "Torch Festival" of the Lisu ethnic minority, "Arbor Day", Jingpo "brain head vertical "Naxi" section 3 "and other unique national characteristics of the activities of the national holiday to allow people to enjoy viewing, immersed in the sea of all ethnic groups, Yunnan Tourism is a major tourist areas.
  Bai has always been residential construction industry at home and abroad for the attention of the "three Zhaobi Square," "Five Tetraena courtyard" thorough, and the layout is , Fenqiangdaiwa both the courtyard of the wood, Shi Cai, stone, no rude Nigong southern and northern part of the country house gardens. Market passes the smell of roasted Rushan Diansi the tie-dye cloth, walking in stone on the road, as far as I can on the head, are a kind of culture shock.

  Yi village in the same day with the mysterious Sun Place column, and phase in the red palm room, showing the nation's ancient civilization and open-minded; nationality top of large housing bamboo grass, to tell you the news of changes in social patterns; Lahu gourd creation myth so what you see is "The Great Pumpkin mystery of the course of events"; and colorful magic Naxi Dongba culture, to hear from you Come clear in front of the ancient footsteps.
  Yunnan Nationalities Village as the Dianchi Lake in Kunming National Tourism Resort is an important component of the renowned of all ethnic groups in Yunnan excellent human and natural scenic spots, and the show is a reflection of all ethnic groups in border areas of social life window for the beautiful Spring City has added another Unforgettable Tour attractions.

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