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Historical and cultural civilization Street block - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Historic District is a living historical and cultural treasure-house, and widely distributed large number of historical relics, together, constitute the city's memory.

Civilization Street Historic District is referring to Kunming Panlong Qu Hua Shan South Road, south of the road just west of King Street to the north star, 51 Road to the east of an area of about 21 hectares of area. Street-chip There are civilized Street, King Street stars, Guanghua Street, connected Street, City Street, Temple St. 6, the main street, East Lane-volume, roll-West Lane, auspicious Lane, Silver Lane counter, a small silver cabinet Lane , The well-being of Lane, Lane-Town, straight Lane, filial Square Lane, Lane QIU, Guo Lane, Lane dawn, four-lane know, justice Lane, Lane Haitian Court 1 Article roadway. Accounting for 3% of the Old City area.

Street civilized history and culture district in the city of Kunming is the only remaining area Street, historical and cultural city of Kunming is the most important one of the signs. Blocks of the history of civilization, beginning in the era of Dali country, the Yuan, Ming and Qing, the Republic of China, since the founding of New China, nearly 90 Years. 900-year history, so that in a civilized Street Area has accumulated a wealth of history and culture, contains a wealth of information in the past years. Its traditional residential-based multi-cultural construction in order to spread Confucianism, the Anti-Japanese cultural communication, culture, celebrity-oriented culture, the spirit to destruction of the feudal dynasty, the Republican freshmen, Victory in the war, the liberation of Kunming and other major historical events reflected the cultural system and the commercial marketplace for the typical non-unique folk culture, rich and colorful.

Now the pattern of civilization Street Area, from the Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty during the Yunnan-Guizhou Governor in this building and the Department of the evolving start. Kangxi 20 (1 83), the Governor Cai Yurong the old House of Yunnan into the Department of the Governor (now the victory of the People's Church). Yamen Governor is the highest organ of the Yunnan-Guizhou provinces, on behalf of the Governor experienced constant repair the building, bearing out of the ordinary. Governor of the establishment of government offices, has laid a civilized Street Area is the basis of the pattern.

The Governor is set up government offices, Wai road in place. First, the doors are "connected." "Connected" in the Qing Dynasty officials in ceremonial functions, and out of government office of the Governor's official channel. The low status of the identity of officials and civilians, can only take the side of the narrow alleys, which was formed on both sides of the bridges connected "L" shaped vol-East and the West Lane Volume Lane (Volume holes, that means a small bend).

At that time, the Governor, such as government offices and ask Chong called "House." Therefore, the Governor from the eastern side of the door to government offices Yuanmen mouth, leading to the east of the road is called Fan Tai Yamen Eastern Hospital Street; from the west gate of the Governor's Office training to the North, leading to the governor of the Yamen road called West Street house. Food Department, the Department of Road salt, the Department of Road Patrol in the region connected to the south, to connect several government offices in this east-west road called St. grain.

In this way, to the Governor as the central government offices were connected to the four major government offices for two Yishu Wang "work" type of roads, form the backbone of civilization Street Area. Kunming city On behalf of the government offices in several locations to maintain the relative stability of the two hundred years of little change. These streets will be kept down.

Kunming Chongjiu uprising following the Wuchang Uprising was launched after an earlier, the most intense fighting, at the expense of larger, also have a great impact on the country's armed uprising. Hai Chongjiu uprising, the then head of the rule of feudal authority of the Governor Yunnan-Guizhou government offices will become an armed uprising of one of the main battlefield.

With the demise of the feudal dynasty, the Yunnan-Guizhou Governor Yamen ended the historic mission. Chongjiu to celebrate the victory of the intifada, several streets around them have only changed the name. School Street, I Yuan Men "the recovery of China" was renamed the Guanghua Street. King stars, it is considered a symbol of good fortune, Thistle Street food on the stars named King Street. South Main Street into a street justice. Justice, Guanghua, the birth of King Street stars, marking the beginning of a new era, recorded the Kunming section of glorious history, reflecting the Jian Dynasty and the Republican establishment.

Construction of the monuments of human civilization. This is because it concentrates on the human ability to master the material, the political precipitation of social culture, a more condensed the wisdom of an artist. From a historical and social development of a comprehensive point of view, Kunming is a A historical period, all kinds of reasons to form the "city of immigrants", mainly by the architectural style of Han culture, at the same time, Kunming is located in the border areas inhabited by minority ethnic, architectural style marked by the influence of architectural culture of ethnic minorities. Dianyuetielu due to the construction of the commercial port and the opening of the Western architectural style is also infiltrating the meantime, so that Ming Street become a multi-cultural neighborhood under the witness of history.

From north to south, civilization Street block can be divided into three regions. As the history of different functions, and its construction is also very different style.

Confucian Temple: Temple side streets (now the people of the road) to the north and south of Hua Shan South Road, the main building Is the Confucian Temple. Kunming Confucian Temple was built in the Yuan Dynasty, the Confucian Temple was built in 29 years of Emperor Kangxi (1690), has been 300 years of history.

Is the Confucian Temple to commemorate Confucius, the Confucius carry forward the Holy Land. The facts show that history, the history of Confucianism in Yunnan in the development process, in storage, spread-the-art And building a society of feudal Yunnan ethics, of all ethnic groups in Yunnan to promote the culture of psychological identity of the Chinese nation and culture, identity and so on, all have had a huge role. Confucian Temple was a classic, perfect Chinese landscape architecture, urban city is larger, more elaborate construction of one of the buildings. But For various reasons, the old building was demolished in the gradual conversion, with the exception of stars lattice door, the wall of water Ikegami Pan Bridge in 1978 and about the reconstruction of cinnamon already completed, the other building, including tablets, couplets, the board did not keep.

After the Revolution, the Confucian Temple in Kunming people into the public park, with the public tea , Chess room, library, opera lantern room and open-air stadium lights. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, relevant departments have been repaired several times, once named "public entertainment park" and "Kunming City Museum of Art and the masses." In recent years, through training, the environment here has managed to maintain the quiet, verdant forests of the characteristics, and set up Many of the elegant and cultural activities, life is full of rich taste, flavor and street culture flavor.

Victory Church: side streets south of the Confucian Temple, Guanghua Street to the north of the main building is the victory of the Church.

Victory Church was built in the original site of the Yunnan-Guizhou Government House, in 1944 started the construction of the most "Zhi Gong", later renamed the "Zhongshan Memorial Hall", when completed in 1946 called "the victory of the Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall." In addition to the Office of the audience in the form of construction for the arc-shaped wall Hill, the traditional gray-Xieshan Banwa roof of the tube, money-brackets. Fang Dynasty plane, Whitehead hook column, is rich in ethnic style. Victory Church of cloth around Have also done a transformation of a bird's eye view as a whole was a chalice shape, momentum is quite spectacular. Victory Church of the arc on both sides of the road and East Rui Yun-yun is Beibi jussy Road, North Road on the north side of the cloud Swiss Cup for the population. Governor of the Yunnan-Guizhou in the Qing Dynasty Department Zhaobi into the seat of the oval-shaped cloud Swiss Park as a base. Victory Church is building near Kunming Building a model.

In December 1950, the first from all walks of life in Kunming People's Congress victory in front of the Central Plaza, planted a "Monument to the People's Heroes," the foundation stone, on February 24, 1995 completion. 27 m-high monument, a square, two-story base, and the use of underground space base Yunnan Province set up the People's Heroes Memorial Room, Beishen embedded at the bottom of the walls reflect the history of the struggle of the people of Yunnan relief, solemn memorial, and expressed the Yunnan people and respect the memory of revolutionary martyrs.

Guanghua Street to the south are mainly residential and commercial activities in public places, folk culture is the most concentrated By.

Construction of the Kunming area, most of them by a profound impact on Chinese culture. Kunming history of the building layout is based on the Han-style courtyard housing mainly absorbed Bai, Yi and other ethnic characteristics, so as to the general inter-unit, composed of three buildings in a single building ( "Square"), and then Wai The formation of co-generation Kunming characteristics of the region, "an Indian" courtyard-style houses. At the same time, residential construction of the Kunming area have come from Yunnan Dali Bai's "one single font Square", "Three Zhaobi Square," "Five Tetraena courtyard", "six-chun of the contract" and so on; from southeastern Yunnan Jian Water, stone screen area "under the ears of the three six-Hua Ting", "Four Cart ". Dianyuetielu and-repair, along with Western colonialism and invasion of Western culture's yearning for building, brick appeared in the" foreign "Villa. Civilizations in which the construction of multi-Street Area There are retained, and some may be fine.

According to an investigation, civilization Street Area Better preservation of the former, a high level of house building are still many parts of the twentieth, particularly in small silver cabinet Lane Hospital No. 7, 8, 10, 11 Jyuren Lane, West Lane on the 1st hole volume, the auspicious Lane 18 , On the 11th Street and civilized compared with exquisite. Most of these residential layout of the regular, well-structured, sophisticated production, Diaolianghuadong, on behalf of the Kunming that time the level of residential construction, reflecting the Central Plains culture and the culture of Yunnan blend of high artistic value and enjoyment. It can be said that civilization Street Area is the construction of residential areas in Kunming Museum.

Street Area civilized street shops fixed for a unique style of two of the three walls House, most of the upper deck for human habitation, Tingchu slightly outward, and a different style Chuizhu, is lower shops, a little indentation. The family shop, there are firewall between the wind. This Danyan Chuizhu re-paved floor, the main street, linking into the neighborhood, is a feature of Kunming.

Kunming due to the large-scale Construction, large blocks of history gone. Kunming city trees flowers and trees, bending the quiet lanes have been rare, and the civilized Street Area of the lanes are basically well-preserved. These lanes not only embodies the Kunming residents of a particular period and the survival mode, and a record of interesting Story.

With economic and social development and changes in the evolution of civilization trace Street Area business history, we see a common phenomenon is that all shops operating on the streets of another failure Hing this project, off the wave of high tide, for different periods and different The demand for people left an unforgettable memory. Qing Degree of prosperity in this shop lanterns, candle shops, such as cable line has long been out of people's lives, even during the War of Resistance Against Japan into a rare piece also Bookstore, the sight of him, and even nation-building civilization in the early New Year's street markets, china shop, the Confucian Temple St. The line of clothing and headgear are also older now become a childhood dream.

Today, in many Business projects, we can see that there are a number of projects with the old shop filled with the same mark on history. That is, medical dispensaries Museum, restaurants and traditional handicraft market.

Yunnan, rich in herbal medicine, the type of ranking first in Kunming in Yunnan Province is an important medicinal herbs processing and distribution center for Chinese medicine trade and Processing has a long history, had a distinguished group of well-known pharmaceutical and Chinese medicine practitioners. In time, herbalist shops in the pharmacy area, with the exception of the Qing Dynasty forint together An Tang Yang, Wang Yun-cream pharmacies, Huang Liangchen old herbalist shops, and so on, the number of new pharmacies, clinics have also opened for business, such as female Zheng Guanghua Street Saver, US-Clinic, a new civilization HUANG Nong Street Hill Medical Center, hospital prescribed method, and so on. So far, Flynn Hall, Wang Yun-cream, and other pharmacies are still operating, the forint Hall also developed into a huge company.

The restaurant industry, the history of civilization Street Area has been focused on the restaurant industry. Republic of China, not only The old name, such as the Republican-chun, Huafeng, and other high-end restaurants, tea houses in this operation, there are many flavors of the food gathered here, such as King Star Street, a small duck fat, Renhe Park revive steamed broken, and so is the bridge Vermicelli Well-known and representative. Today, civilization Street Area restaurants, as the pace of reform and opening-up, still maintained in order to Commission-based Dian Wei, Chinese and Western North-South Fair picture.

Of course, here are the world famous bird market.

Flower Market is located in Kunming City Center Street bridges connected. Although the market in the early 1980s, it operated most of the merchandise is in Kunming Traditional products, whether it is flowers, birds or insects antiques, jade carvings, ceramics, calculus Root, copper products, tie-dye and batik, embroidery Cross, national jewelry, Yunnan Go (cloud), and all kinds of crafts, embodies the Kunming succession process as well as the distribution of the characteristics of the craft.

In the text Area street life have been the work of national and the world-famous historical figures are: people musician Nie Er, a great proletarian revolutionary and Zhu De, Lin national hero Ho Chi Minh and international friends.

Although we believe that protection of the Historic District is not just for the sake of tourism, but the calendar Blocks is no doubt become an important tourism resources, tourism has a great feature. It is also the rise of tourism, many people began to understand the history of the protection of the value of the block style. With the protection of the rectification work, the history of civilization Street neighborhood in our city will become an important "historical and cultural tourism focus area" and "Biography Merchandise, catering trade. "

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