Friday, December 12, 2008

Swan hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Swan hole is located in scenic areas Ninghua 28 km east, because of the shape of Swan Hill and inside the cave, stalactite-like white swans, as so named. Swan Swan-Containing base hole, the wind tunnel of God, Shi Ping-dong, Shuijing Dong, Yi Xiantian streams, such as 6 different style of the cave is the largest in Fujian Province, the largest number of the most dense distribution of the solution Group. Development is now available for the tour is inside the vertical development of the landscape style, stalactite shapes of the United States, for the distribution of secret cave in Fujian ranks first in the Swan hole. Swan deep hole total Wa Lane 5, the level of the Department of corridor-layered shaft with a combination of strange cave. Hole at the middle and lower layer 3, before and after 7 and Hall 4 A big downturn, the Office of Small King innumerable small. Layers of phase, the Office of the connected. Stalactite cave many, many stalagmites, which rise amid overlap, Tam Lake reflection. From a height of 40 meters down plunge by the magnificent stone waterfall, there are also delicate carved exquisite detail, such as plastic from the coral stone, steep peaks towering Shi, Yushu-reflection The Swan Lake ... .... It is one place, dizzying, away. Like a fairyland on nine days. Swan hole there is direct access to the highway before the hole.

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