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Kunming Heilongtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longtan and "the first Guci central Yunnan." At the same time, also to the "four no" famous. The so-called "four no", that is, TANG Mei, Song Bo, Cha-Ming, Ming Tombs.

Heilongtan located on the northern outskirts of Kunming city at the foot of Longquan Wulao Feng Shan. "Han Geography" records, county benefits Dianchi Lake County, northwest Blackwater temple there. Yunnan-Guizhou Governor Ruan Yuan on behalf of the research: "Blackwater Dianchi Lake County Hall, also covered here, or between TANG Mei Song Bo Gu Zhi, Dragon Temple is a move to the next." That is to say the Han Dynasty temple that is now the Blackwater and the Longtan View Road, which is the first scenic spots in Yunnan. Yunnan legend as the Dragon King Black Dragon on the Dragon King's palace here, here Water throughout the year and will not dry up, so that after the "black Longtan." Since the Tang and Song dynasties, people in Kunming on to the black religious Longtan Qiu Yu. Early Ming, Qian Mu's public and the country in this large-scale construction will be renamed the Long shrines and Dragon King's palace, the whole concept of Longquan begun to take shape. Since then, the Ming and Qing dynasties, the inspector general of Yunnan on many occasions to carry out repairs on the concept of Longquan Constantly improve the regulatory system. In the Republic of China, said here Longquan Park.

Manchu Qing Qing Shuo poet wrote a couplet such: "a body of water that the two plum trees, 4:00 misty rain clouds in the Mid-Levels." Ten short on words accurately summed up the main Heilongtan landscape and natural scenery.

As And the construction of the Longtan is divided into two up and down a Taoist temple. Under the concept of "Black Dragon King's palace", according to legend was built in 1454, into a building with two open courtyards. Buy a house outside the incense burner, and its pros and cons of the Eight Diagrams are engraved with the map, two sides of the map is the Big Dipper, which are used to ward off the evil of Taoism. In the hospital courtyard, the pool in a Black Dragon realistic state of the water sculpture. It is the legend of Yunnan Yun-hing, in charge of the broadcast of all the rain Dragon King. Dragon Temple also can be seen coiled in the column of black, yellow-lung, and is enshrined on the altar of the Dragon King and the mother of Raytheon electricity, Yu Bo, and so some of the wind division in charge of the rain gods. By the end of 2003, and the resumption of Longtan Park Kanke Lin was a couplet hung on the black column Ying Dragon King's palace, the Temple of the Dragon with the language and the atmosphere of worship is appropriate for the Longtan Park and the addition of cultural and historical connotations: Friends for Long-ling, streaming Sanikidze; Stephen deified Gas, Yurun Spring Hill.

Black Dragon King's palace in front of "a body of water that the two plum trees," in which Tam . Both before and after the same pool of water, stone bridge in the middle for the community. On the left is a muddy pool, it's an area of 2600 square meters, 50 cm deep water. Qing is the right side of the pool, 600 square meters and an average water depth of 7 meters, the depth of 11 meters, 4400 cubic meters storage capacity. It is black Longtan. The two connected water, and Different colors, clear, as is half of the Taoist yin and yang, "Tai Chi map." This is mainly because of the depth of pool-ching, spring water poured from Tandi, the clear water color; water and shallow water, combined with a rain water tanks into the hillside Shun, the muddy water. Standing on the bridge, you can find a wonderful scene: "with the two Chi Not to fish, water color is a cross bridge. "

Not far away from the bridge, is one of the four no's "Ming Tomb." It is the people's loyalty and South Ming Wang and Xue Seoul He Zangmu the whole family. Shelby late Ming and early Qing Wang is a student at the time of Kunming. According to the "History of Ming" records, Junji Xin (South Ming Yongli 15 years, the Year 1661 , Led by Wu Sangui pursuit of South Ming Qing Emperor Yongli, Emperor Yongli from Kunming, Myanmar defeated. Shelby lost hope to see South Ming, said with a sigh: "The city can not fight back, with Jun-dead state, Gu Yu go to state quite Gouhuo, shame can be re-ye!" "I do not hesitate to Qichi the world body for righteousness." On Daughter-in-law Xie Qi Sun Tan maid for martyrdom , Called the loyalty of people with disabilities, for its Memorial Li Tombs. Ji Nianting next to the tomb of the existing one, "since brought into sharper focus." Pavilion has been linked to the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the years between Yunnan Ancha Shi Xu Hongxun written by a pair of couplets: "while you're Han Tan Jie, Yu Hong pile of bones." Late Qing Dynasty, Yunnan economic Zitko champion Gu Yuan Jia has also written a joint, praised the quality of its "Gang Chang Fu generation, the true scholar in the world of service; to come from Zu beans, water in the central Iraqi Wan." Now, in conjunction Yuan suspended Black Dragon Palace, is a book by later generations. Shelby family of origin Kunming Wang Xiaodong Xue outside Lane (now the location of the primary school in Taoyuan). Gu Yuan Jia has been here the title of "loyalty and Xue Ming Wang Seoul native place," the monument, is Cibei Longtan in the black monument in Museum.

Hill muddy pool at the foot of the north side of a stone arch. Place the amount of positive words, "Tigers & Dragons" words, engraved on the back, "Shuitianyise" 4. Square in front of the two stone lions, after the Square as there are two stone. Buddhism, "Royal Qingshitan, Ching Cheung white elephant." Therefore, only The Shihfang and "Ming Tomb," we can see that many of our temple construction are Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism "three-in-one to teach" character.

Shihfang is the concept behind the "concept of Longquan." Mountain Gate as the "Purple is very mysterious," St. Paul. According to the Taoist view, "Purple is very mysterious," meaning that the Arctic large Ziwei Many gods and a place to live.

Entering the Mountain Gate, we see "Chinese temple Blackwater", describe the Qing Dynasty, is said to be written in the Yunnan-Guizhou Governor Ruan Yuan. Is the next Hall of the Ancestors, the hospital in Bagua Tongding cast in the 25 years of Qing dynasty (1845), there are 28 places Zhuanshu, 1.58 m high tripod, re - .5 Tons. Yunnan is said that the Kingdom of non-ferrous metals, can be seen here.

Dianqian founder of the central stone, inlaid with a huge stone, carved above a tease of the two legendary luminous pearl black Yunlong. It is said that the long tease of the legendary luminous pearl from the ancient Chinese Xuanyuan evolved from the mirror is a symbol of the Chinese. Lung-chu show, "Dragon said in defending the land of China.

On both sides of the hall in front of two paintings on the wall. To the east of the Dragon is a spit of water, the west side of the Moon is a white tiger. Blue Dragon, White Tiger is the Taoist god of the Quartet, "four images" as the two (the other two as the South and the North basaltic Suzaku). In the view of some of the Road Inside, they are often plastic 2 for the mighty will of God, who is responsible for guarding the Taoist Mountain Gate, like Shan Buddhist temple in front of the Hengha II will be the same.

Longtan and well-known "three different wood" in Dianqian founder. TANG Mei Wang branches of the song, according to legend, when Nanzhao for Tang-An Road, Hand-Flocked monk, a bed-li Strain. Therefore, only Shuo Qing wrote, "a body of water that the two plum trees." Unfortunately, they have been dead one after another, and now this is a strain of a former TANG Mei-quarter of the branches. This plum trees belonging to the Hongmei, though it has Laotailongzhong, during the Spring Festival eve of the number of its first flowering, pink double flowers, light fragrance. Ruan Yuan 2 TANG Mei Chan wrote the poem:

Plum Chitose Qian Chi Tam, first spring color in Yunnan.

Feng Meng Xiang became Qiuci flute, with Tian Ying Shi shrines.

Ax-maps, have been designated, Lizhu often in the water to explore.

Du Li only handed out the sentence without title, and does not owe quarter of Sin To talk about.

Song House opened a heart of stone, jade plum ice ancient soul.

Since the bad side of Gong Xian in hand, Sally was the Nanzhao family tree.

Today, more peaceful and rain, when every other wan haze.

Long see as the three old sea from the test and more Hong Lin Hua-year-old. Both the poem inscribed in the monument museum in view of the stone. TANG Mei-author after years of vicissitudes, recalling the history of Yunnan, full of magic on the land frontier of the motherland and national dignity.

Now, after Black Longtan Park in the mountain wide-sik plum, red, white, green, and so on May 90 varieties 6000 Strain, constitute a new landscape, named "Mei Longquan exploration", Kunming is one of the new King 16. During the gathering of the Longtan and covers an area of 427 acres, is one of China's largest plum.

TANG Mei is near the Song Bo, 28 meters high, cloud-line form, dense branches and leaves, ancient root knot plate is in view of the existing Zuixiong Furuki's tall and straight, have elapsed since the Bajiubainian history. Gu Yuan Jia has been given the "Song Bo," a poem: "The wind contains 800 full access, Parkinson old who say do not change color. Do not ask Bai Heyuan old change in sexual adhere to the roots." Praise poem is still weather-beaten Song Bo Vitality and expression of the author's lofty aspirations, philosophy lyric For one, has a profound meaning.

Ming Dynasty camellia trees are planted in the hospitals. Late winter early spring, the other Camellia Moon yet, it has Sihuo bonuses, such as peach-yan. Early varieties known as the pink. "Yunnan Camellia Jia Tianxia." Indeed, the central Yunnan flowers and trees, camellias second to none in terms of the eight major of Yunnan First, Kunming is the city flower. Ming Dynasty have played poet to write such a poem praising the Camellia: "Lengyanzhengchun rotten hi-ran, according to the Camellia a spectroscopy in Yunnan. Qi 10,000 for the first tree swallow fire, the red-hot half-day Winter." Poem vividly portrayed A beautiful Camellia and take Shuangxue Tu Yan, send in the cold passion, such as Chan Asaka rich Gas, the other is not anywhere else in the trees.

TANG Mei, Song Bo, Ming and tea known as "Blackwater in three different wooden temple." Guo Tour in 1961 and had Longtan Chan Yung-poem: "a camellia tree as early as pink, 100 in Tongyunxiaoao. TANG Mei awoke tired eyes open, Song Bo-fold contrast with position-hung. Cui Wei Li-pen For the paper, mild red lying in vomit. Blackwater Temple in three different wood, the Millennium million on behalf of Chung Dong-feng. "Poem is inscribed in the monument concept of an" Ming Tea "before the flower bed.

Dian-zhong display a real person since the Ming Dynasty on the black tablets of the Longtan twenties side, so this hall, also known as "Beiting" or "Monument Museum." One of the monument Juan Like Li. TANG Mei, Song Bo on the Stone Tablets, TANG Mei can enjoy the year-long position of the steel frame and Song Bo-iron stem of the Peak. Yong-Mei Shi Bei its content is introduced in front of the 2 Yong-Mei Ruan Yuan's Poems Seven. In addition, there are ancient irrigation and the Longtan tablets and so on a large number of precious stele. Poetry, calligraphy, painting, carving A Celebration of the Arts Pavilion is not only a precious cultural relics, but also art. The most notable is the monument at Monument Road, also known as Braille monument. In fact, this is a concave Kebei. Inscription for the "Health is everything", describe. That means the sum of all things on the Taoist Road, was born in the creation, said: "Health First, Second life, the three-sheng, Samsun Matter. "Piece of the monument engraved with fine work by the light, the light changes, as is often the sense of illusion, the actual characters incised Au-Yang is that the wrong moment to the projections. Therefore, people generally call it Braille Monument . This monument is based on the famous Ming Dynasty Taoist priest ran down the Liu Yuan Fu etched in the memo. Ran Liu Yuan (1351 ~ 432), a Taoist priest in the Ming Dynasty, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, Changchun is a faction of the founder of Taoism. He was really full of door-to-door Long-human transmission, Fu familiar with the memo and alchemy. Zhu Di Zhu Yuanzhang and have a knowledge of the pet closure thanks to command the world of Taoism. After the power and disobedient, the disgrace to Yunnan. To Kunming, the UN Mission and Longtan, the creation of camp Conservancy. As the Fu taught a memo parties are collectively referred to, the likelihood is that the Liu Yuan Quan-Zhen Religion and Education is one of the two-monks. He Kunming, Kunming to the development of Taoism great impact.

Longquan Mountain View of the north tower there, eye-catching. "Scheduled to wind tower", 13 meters high seven solid Miyan 1.80 for the rock Leiqi No test was built during the Qing Xianfeng 2002 (1852) have been rebuilt. Couplet inscribed a number of vice-tower, one says: Tai Chi Southern rotation dual-mirror, the wind will be a pot of North Zhi days. Longquan also known as Tai Chi Shan Shan. Tai Shan together to write on the south-ching, both muddy water like a mirror of the two Chinese Restaurant; Xia Lian said the tower would seem to north wind long term Sheng-day wind of a pot.

In addition to the Longtan Park and Plum Garden, there Gui Garden, Rhododendron Valley, red maple trees, as well as Chuk Yuen, Tsung, the fall garden nurseries and garden, and so on. Longtan and is located in the east slope of pines and a half Calocedrus in the cemetery of the martyrs, buried a three-Wang, Wu Cheng, Madden goes three martyrs As well as Wang Fu-sheng, Zhang Fang and Liu Pingkai martyrs, and so on. For the cemetery in Yunnan Province and the provincial-level key protection units of patriotism education bases.

It is worth mentioning is that during the War of Resistance Against Japan, China and a number of units along the coast to move to Kunming. North of Biology calm and organized Office of Education in Yunnan Province, "farmers in Yunnan Institute of Botany, "and selected black Longtan Park Longquan Temple premises and all of the site as a park, Kunming has also commissioned a research fellow at the Institute for CAI Tao Longquan park manager. Yunnan Institute of Botany, agriculture, forestry, the new Chinese Academy of Sciences in Kunming The predecessor of the Institute of Botany. In the near future, the National Institute of Beijing Institute of Physical and Chemical Also moved to the park Longquan, the Physics Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences that was the predecessor. Yan, director of the famous physicist. Today, the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Kunming Institute of Botany of the showroom, also hung a park Longquan Anti-Japanese War of the Dragon King's palace and the old photos. Black Dragon Gongmen post photos hanging on, "farmers in Yunnan Institute of Botany, "the bar brand. Southwest of the General Assembly at that time young teacher Wu Zhengyi often with the UN General Assembly to the Department of Biology students visit the internship. Wu Zhengyi in 1958 from Kunming to return to Beijing as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of the Kunming Institute of Botany, into a Section House, a senior academician.

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