Friday, December 12, 2008

Dali Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture of Dali Museum is located in the city of Shimonoseki the eastern section of the South Lake, Lake next to the shipping terminal. Covers an area of 50 mu, building area of 8800 square meters, is a Dali Bai ancient architecture and combination of residential construction, there are strong local national park-style museum. The library is based on bronze artifacts, Nanzhao, Justifications for the country's history and cultural relics on display as the basic Bai folk museum. The existing "Dali profile", "bronze cultural relics exhibition hall," "Nanzhao and Dali painting art exhibition", "Bai Hall" Hall 12. Exhibits will include rich cultural connotations, many of them rare treasures. Through the visit, the whole Systematic understanding of the Dali Bai and a long history and splendid culture; to be looking past 4000 years of human footprints. State Dali museum with a beautiful environment, renowned cultural relics. 1991 was designated as: Yunnan foreign tourist site: in 1996 was named the hundreds of "national primary and secondary love Education base ".

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