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Confucian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yunnan Province in the spread of Confucianism, can be traced back to the Qin and Han period. Yunnan Province during the Western Han Dynasty have Zhang, Sheng access to the mainland at that time with the famous writer Sima Xiangru to learn Chinese culture, teaching Confucianism in their hometowns; Nanzhao young students have the Tang Dynasty Zhang Zhicheng, "Tang to" Wang learning calligraphy, calligraphy, Yunnan and the promotion of Mainland practice examples Since then, Yunnan College set up one after another, Nanzhao, during the State of Dali, Yunnan and the Chinese culture and education have a certain scale. However, the wide dissemination of Confucianism in Yunnan and the emergence of Confucian Temple in the Yuan Dynasty. 11 million Yuan (1274), the largest political event in the Yuan Dynasty Code Red conduct of public affairs office of Yunnan Province Zhang (quite governor) after Chang Confucianism, the construction of the first Confucian Temple, founded the school.

Since the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, Kunming, the current area of counties (cities) have set up Confucian Temple area, according to statistics, during the late Qing Dynasty in Kunming, a total of 14 Temple (including Guandu, peace, the eight Street), mostly destroyed by war and "Great Cultural Revolution" period, to To preserve the only part of the construction in Kunming, peace, Chenggong, Yi Liang, enriching the people, the Stone Forest, Jinning, Luquan the Confucian Temple.

Confucian Temple stars lattice door
  Confucian Temple in Kunming, Yunnan Department of the first Confucian Temple, address in the right foot of Huashan five, the race to build Code Red, is the site of his money to buy. Yuan Yuan completed in 13 years (12 6). Temple has 53 houses. Dacheng Hall is located in the middle, south sitting statue of Confucius. Mencius, the two things veranda of the original four-yin, and accompanied by Zhe Lu, etc.. HS symmetrical hall has 72 disciples of Confucius and the history Mingru. The entire building momentum, perfect inside and outside, was in Yunnan's largest palace school. After the completion of the temple began Admission of students. Tour Code Red set aside the school field, as school funding. The Confucian Temple destroyed by Yuan Mo, Qian Ming Ningwangmuying reconstruction, the war in the late Ming and farmers were destroyed, after moving in the view of Changchun. Now see the text of the Confucian Temple Street, is 29 years Qing Emperor Kangxi (1690), this relocation of the local government of the Qing Dynasty. Since then, through dry , Until the end of the Qing dynasty have Jiaqing repair. When Sheng, a radius of 1.8 square kilometers, the construction area of 5500 square meters. Set up the original East and West 2 door, 2 door book of legislation are "civil and military officials to discontinue this point," the "stone dropped", and then the big official had to dismount point. 2 hours door to the left, middle, third from right frame In the middle of a cell, only the emperor important gift, or some people in the province through the Open champion can usually only be allowed to take anyone side door. Into the door after door to the stars lattice, which is the only existing complete the Confucian temple construction. Star is a lattice door Square, the four-post, three granite building. In the lattice door to door stars. Lattice is a constellation of stars, also known as Tin Tin This means that the hole must be respected zun days. About two doors for the ceremony, Lu Yi. Confucius is the core idea of benevolence, courtesy, so as to promote the country ceremony, the ceremony is called the door; that is, virtue and justice, justice, sacrifice their lives get justice, and so on. Subglottic in order to hold Beaulieu column, the production of sophisticated, lifelike, with a sculpture of considerable artistic value. Star lattice door for the construction of the Qing Dynasty Bi Pan Bridge, the bridge for the Pan-Chi, also known as Xue-Hai. Saying: "Shu-shan Road, there is ground for the track, Xuehaiwuya hard to make a boat." Xuehai This refers to the water. A scholar of the Qing Dynasty to be known as the "Pan-income" has become one Xue-Hai Su.

Was to blow up planes on the Dacheng Hall
  Cross the bridge after the 10 level that is up to the original Temple into position. Dacheng Hall 30 m from east to west, north-south diameter of 30 meters deep. Hall 9 on the beam are important, "Jesus Christ Shibiao" Kangxi Emperor Xian. Chong to bring up the rear Great Hall of the Temple for Confucian rock carvings and shrines like the map more than 30 pieces.


Kunming is the Confucian Temple in the urban areas more complex, Dacheng Hall, Chong Temple, the House cinnamon, Minglun Hall, the statue by the Court, Kuixing such as the composition of the Court. Its large area, construction of the fine, second to none in the temple in the city. In the Qing Dynasty, the Lunar August 27 each year of the birth of Confucius, civil and military officials Jikong very spectacular scenes. Before the founding of New China Center for public education, new After the founding of the country after the repair was converted to public recreation park, but the "cultural revolution" as in "capital letters smuggled goods repair" was completely destroyed, and only a little remains of a few Canbei. Among them, "the post-war restoration of Confucius temple tablets," recorded in the Confucian Temple for a glorious history and bitter memories. In January 1941, Fukui Confucian Temple Tower was a display of China's armed forces shot down a plane on. After hearing the news, the Japanese army, 29 in the fleet were struck, the Dacheng Hall, Tai Shing Mun, Kwai Heung Court, the Court by the statue, Minglun Hall was blown up at the same time; Chong Temple and the Temple bombing of the warehouse to 50. In 1946, when the Yunnan provincial government, "treasury 30,000,000 yuan allocated to" repair; of the Chinese people After the founding of the Republic, has conducted a number of maintenance.

  Kunming is the Confucian Temple of Confucius worship worship, teaching is the place. "House of Yunnan Confucianism" and "Kunming County the Confucian" not in the temple. The creation of the early days of the beginning of school less, since each school to recruit 150 . Han, the ethnic minorities such as Yi, Bai, age, ethnic and so on back to school Qianzi are fully demonstrates the Confucius "egalitarian" ideology. National Unity and teaching materials, such as the Four Books and Five Classics for the major. It seems today that although the contents belong to the feudal nature, but also to preserve China's ancient cultural heritage and rich history - The concept of ethics and morality, then, Yunnan Province to increase the level of national culture, various types of training personnel, to safeguard the motherland's unification and social stability have played a positive role. Confucius "Zhengxintai, self-cultivation, regulating the family, governing the country, across the land" and "You and the school official was" thinking under the influence of the Yuan Dynasty, there are five people in Kunming for the first time Title list, in the examination, into the career; the Ming and Qing Dynasties, is full of talents, Juren Scholars and the emergence of a large number of calligraphy and painting at home. Confucian Temple credit. In short, the Confucian Temple in Kunming, the social process has played a historic role is to reflect the representation of Chinese culture, architecture, historical and cultural city is an integral part of the building In the early resumption of reconstruction on the site.

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