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Western Hills Samcheonggak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Three Qing Court, located in the very south of the Han Hua Shan Shan. View from north to south, outside the Yamagata profile similar to Tatu Maitreya, named Han Shan. Rohan Hill cliffs, and the list linked to the southern Shan Ren thousands of waste-lifting connected, that is, under the vast foothills of Dianchi Lake. Samcheonggak 11 nine-storey Tower View Road, buildings, stacked up in the inlay on the brink of a precipice, "suspended "Danger.
Yuan Dynasty, the rule of Yunnan by Rohan foothills of the building Liang, "thousands of cliff-step" Dengkou stone up the hill and opened up the cliff Shannan Ocean's summer palace. That this was the last of the three Qing Yuan Liang Court that the summer palace, summer palace in the actual three-Liang Qing Court, the goal is more lower South Hill provisional list linked to the edge. September 1999 According to Xu I, "Yu Hua Shan in mind too," such as historical records, with the assistance of the Office of the Western Hills, Qi clear who the deep weeds, to find all Palace Um Southern Ocean and Liang summer palace ruins.
Hu of the "unofficial history Nanzhao" contained, positive 27 million (1367) in April, Liang Mu-paste children do not spend , Qunchenchenghe, Ikegami feast in Kunming Liang summer palace. "Liang birthday feast Ikegami Kunming, Xian Poem":
Tim Xianjun count banquet guests, Sincere giant tent Hall of the waterfront.
Miles beautiful sunny open, a fragrant grass-chuan riding unicorn.
Shengge Gold Cup warm send wine, wide-Wai Kai battle Yuh-pei people. Baiguan drunk enough salt Jishou, Wang would like to have longevity Chiharu.
Liang Mu posted positive children 27 years birthday feast, the summer palace has been the "giant tent Sincere Waterfront Hall," This shows that the summer palace built by Liang's, no later than wood paste for the children do not spend Liang Period. On the Qing birthday feast this year, the children do not spend paste wood death of a prince Turn the imperial clan Micronesia ouar following the assassination of Mrs Eliza for, Gaiyuan "Tuyen Quang", said the system, Fengbaiguanshu to restore the imperial examination. Pakistan turn La Val Liang, the last close of Yunnan.
Wu Ming-hong years, the Japanese monk disgrace Yunnan machine first, "Liang Court" poem:
Pitt has been flying chicken future, we are told that this Liang Xi Yu.
Hole Feng-Ying Hua emperor's carriage, the official Liu Yaqian Department of dragon boat.
Castle Peak Henren there are, artesian water merciless sun.
How to know at the time song and dance, Han Yan Qiu shortage lock vast and lonely.
Jiajingnianjian Ming, Yang Shen, "Qu Dian sea," also portrayed Liang Court:
Liang Court, the central pavilion of water, a crow with Double Star Huang.
Hongqiao sea San Shili, Guanghan Gong Temple Night fragrance.
Ming and Qing period, Shi, travel notes, poems are on Liang's summer palace records. The late Ming and Xu, "Yu Hua Shan in mind too," a more detailed inspection records:
"North Korea back under the bridge, Han Ye in the main hall, a hundred high cliffs bring up the rear . Cliff turning point in the South, Stephen stagnant water one foot cliff, is North Korea under the bridge and split seam, said Cold Spring spoon. Stephen over the South, that is, break the southeast, on the cliffs Chong out more, if the suspension of small river Ping ray belt, under the Tui noted Sakamoto cliff collapse, the undersea line. Inter-Fan Yu Ping Sin Temple, the Temple of mine, the permitted three, Fu Shou Hall, the Hall of Guan Di, Zhang Xian Temple, the Temple Zhenwu, sub - Run-on. Zhenwu above the palace, the more cliff-acquire, Liang Xi this summer, the summer also known as Taiwan, South Um do, the stone temple that is also small building. Om South is more to do and not cliffs, the dome wall cloud cover, heavy cliffs and expand more ... ... "
Luo Hansi sites in this three-ching in front of the Court under the cliff. Shi Yu-ming, "Ocean's rehabilitation Hill Temple will be tablets, "records, formerly known as Luo Hansi" Temple will be wonderful. " Also known as the "sea shore temple", was built in the next nine years Koji (1496), "mid-air cliff-hanging stone, such as Rohan, who is based Dian Luo Hansi fine-sounding name." Ming to Ching Tak, Jiajingnianjian (1506 ~ 1566) To form a three-ching North and the South Tower Building Um .
Jiajingnianjian Ming, Luo Hansi South Um cliff, "carved Han Wang Ziyuan (Wang Bao) Kim changed Mabi chicken, Li Han has Falla, al Tai Shi Yang (Yang Shen) moved to engrave."
Wang Bao Yang Shen cut to "transfer payments Mabi Chicken Song", has formed a three-ching Shengjing Buddhist Om North and the South Tower.
Three Um wins from South Tower, Dai Qing Daoguangnianjian Sun Jiong, "Kunming County," there are records. In years to Gu Yuan Jia wrote, "Western Hills tour in mind," the dump have been destroyed: "The three tea-ching Court, Court, Hill's also famous. Wu Shi 'Bi-yun disorder Chickens Taixie, Liang is the old summer palace' Gong is also Ge. Um out at North Chu one of the track. Om Om on the South, the nam Um destroyed this note. "
Samcheonggak Xie Jing Anonymous has a name together:
Banbi from dangerous, such as the Ling-ping, the sea like a mirror, such as the boat leaves, picturesque villages in the city walls, the status of 4:00 Temptress Moon, Yin Chao Mu Qing, how ancient and modern visitors, who enjoy the thousands of weather;
Kowloon-Autumn extremely Pro Hole goes, there are cliff-chuen, Song Tao there, flowers and birds love Lin He, Yi-Star eight or cream, Guan River running, a rare habitat home late to Jinbi Xiao Ao Hushan.
Development of the Western Hills historical sites to be restored Liang Zhu summer palace sites, the formation of Ocean Hill Um up and down two-north-south wall Shengjing dangerous buildings.

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