Friday, December 12, 2008

Site of Special Branch - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Red Army General Political Department, the former site of the Zunyi in the Old City of Willow Street in the Catholic Church. The Church by the church and school made up of two parts. By the Church in the north, is a "Rome" construction, air brown wooden bucket brick wall, roof truss Chuan Dou, dome umbrella, ranked four in depth from 32 7 meters above the columns supporting the successful 4, while 2 To bear the weight of the roof. At the southern end of the school, is a cottage-style courtyard building, brick. The former site of the church as a whole 105 meters long. 129 meters wide, covers an area of 13,545 square meters.

935 years after the Zunyi Meeting in January, the Central Committee of the Red Army held in the halls of the Department of the General Assembly, Mao Zedong, Enlai, such as Zhang at the conference to convey the spirit of the Zunyi Meeting, which greatly encouraged by the broad masses of officers and men. In order to mobilize the masses, just the Red Army into the city, the General Political Department in a mass rally held here to discuss the decision to set up a "Revolutionary Committee of the Zunyi County," "back to the Revolutionary Committee of the Shan", "Red union" Kind of revolutionary power, mass organizations and armed revolution, and set fire to the masses Gemingliehuo. It was also distributed "Outline of the Constitution of the Chinese Soviet Republic" and "the people of the CPC Central Committee were" revolutionary, and other documents and publicity materials.

The church was built in five years, Tongzhi (Year 1866) As the repair has never been, rotten wooden pillars, walls tilt. In 1978, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage special funds to carry out a thorough repair, maintain strict original appearance, to Zhuanmu structure for the reinforced concrete structure. In 1984, special funds for maintenance of the Catholic school for the Zunyi Meeting Gallery, is the focus of the text Unit to protect the Zunyi Meeting site of the component.

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