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The Mirage Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai Mirage Palace, also known as copper-watt Temple, located in the northern suburb of Kunming City Ming Fung Shan, the name Hill parrots. Ming Fung Shan phase time Hill was originally called, was created Wanli Ming Tai Golden Palace, called Ming Fung Shan, the Department of Yunnan Province since the Ming Dynasty famous Taoist scenic spots.
16 years of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1890) Shu algae " Tai Xiu Gong tablets, "a documented history of the creation of Tai Gong:" Ju Lan South Yunnan (Kunming) will be Yuan Dong Guan, 15, from the city Hsu, Ming Fung Shan, Parrot Hill name. Wanli Ming Ren ago Yin year (1602), Xu Yuan Taoist priest please call the Yunnan Provincial Governor Chen Bin public, the State Council Qian Mu public Changzuo public right captaincy general Public Rui, Liu Yu Shi Shan Association then top, followed Huguang Mountain peak 72 peak of the construction of the Forbidden City, Temple to Ye Tong, cast for the founder Jin Shen Zhen-wu. Gong said the name 'Tai', followed in the Wudang Mountain peaks were also palace. And the time to build three, Tsui Ninomiya, Xianfo for the Holy Spirit, each with its own special Secretary, who Zhanbai can be distinctly . Its temples, to estimate 'Taihe Palace' of the EC. Left to give up its show of Huashan, Kinmen and Matsu Teng-huei; right Kyung Hae Pro Sea, Bristol Revitalizing chicken, a Southern Yunnan Sheng Jing Xun to have. Or we can say that local people called The Mirage, or Golden Summit, and the letter of its population out of our ears. "
Based on the inscription historical period, like a description of Mount Wudang in Hubei Province, Pioneer Tai Ming Palace of the Golden, co-founder, to Ye Tong Hall, really dedicated to the Taoist Wu Jin Shen scale, as well as the Ming Fung Shan mountains. Wanli next 30 years (in 1602) Xu Yuan Taoist priest, "Please call the Yunnan Provincial Governor Chen Bin," Chen Bin Qian country in the public Chang Zuo Mu, the captaincy general right Mu Rui, Liu Yushi, with Deng Ming Fung Mountain Mountain peak in imitation agreed to the construction of Taihe Palace. This year Jia Chen Ming Wanli (1604) the first month Tai Gong founder Chen Bin Suozhuan "Ding Jian Gong Tai Ji" is the same. The tablets sp Shu describes the use of vernacular, popular easy to read. Chen Bin tablets of classical Chinese chronicle, it is not easy reading.
Shu said algae inscription "At that time, and build three, Tsui Ninomiya" for some inaccurate. In fact, the creation of Tai Temple seven years ago, has been built, "Tsui palace." Bin Chen wrote, "Tsui palace in mind," said: "ask more than three years of Yunnan, officials in order to build Tsui Ming Fung Shan Temple, for the Court, Shi Si Lu (Lu), two Hall of Wang, Tao Tianjun, Ho, Er Xian Liu Siren on the Court. "Chen Bin, Jinjiang, Fujian, Ming Scholars, 21 years Wanli (1593) in order to have the right Qian Yu Shi governor of Yunnan. Chen Bin," Dian ask the three ", that is, 23 years Wanli (1595)," Officer in order to build Tsui Ming Fung Shan Temple. "Wanli 30 (1602)", please call Chen Tai Wo bin construction of the Golden Palace, "Xu Yuan Taoist priest," Tsui is the Taoist Temple.
As Chen Bin, "Ding Jian Gong Tai Ji": "search and Yunnan's nine-year", that is, 30 years Wanli (1602), Chen Bin, "Bo Sheng-kai East, with the original Count of Monte between a few homes when the person Hui-free , The queue for extension of Central Point Zhen Qi English-English, and even curled left Palace Tsui, radish, as the palpable, from Pheasant disc Sik Choi, Yu Wan Ran Bureau, no light has yet to Yu Yue's � "Chen Mu-kai Chang Zuo Bin, Mu Rui, Liu Deng, and other times with Hill, Busheng site, the mountain has" even curled Tsui palace left. "This clearly shows that 30 out Wanli Chen Tai-bin for the palace Election , Tsui has been palace. Tai Mirage Palace, Palace in the next three to 30 years Wanli (1602) building, "until the completion of things, to all of Wang, Fu Yi and Shan will be contained." "Jia Chen Wanli (1604) to flood-year-old Chun Ji Dan," Chen Bin Li wrote, "Ding Jian Tai Temple in mind."
Civil - Bin Chen Ming Fung Shan in the "three met Lu", is cited Lvxian Ming Fung Shan said he was "Dongtianfudi", he "ask Yunnan's three-year", "officials in order to build Tsui Ming Fung Shan Temple," "one Lu Si-Ge for the division. " Tsui palace following the completion of the Bin Chen had written couplets:
Arms used to be a charming, a clothing products towards the wrong Wan, nine cents bones, purple crow street, horse riding Red, the military Natou to jump out the door?
Hill has some space with seven phrase Min, Xiang Yao Chao six cups of tea, Jian-Ying Wang days, the sea wind sound, coming from where the President!
Chen Bin live in Yunnan, "the military governor doors," both obsessed with officialdom, "a clothing products towards" and longing for Road "Wan, nine cents bone" mixed feelings, only to ask, "Wang Jian-Ying days, the sea wind sound" Lvxian flying, he "jumped to Natou"?
Chen Bin, "Gong Jian Tai Ji" at the beginning of this paragraph: "The Emperor Xuan Tianyi test of sperm, when the hollow of a tree by Emperor Xuan Block, the most famous trails in Tai Wo, Zhenguan but also, on behalf of the can Si. I have become Juventus Emperor Mu Xia Si, its system-profile, so that through the ages ... ... Yan-lung, "said Wu Xuan Emperor really is" the precision of Tianyi, by Emperor Xuan hollow of a tree when the Block ", true miracle Wu, Tai Shan (that is, Wudang Hill) the most famous. Zhenguan years from the Tang, Si-respect from generation to generation. Mingcheng Zu Wu Zhen Shun Zhu Di, Royal Decree overhaul Mountain, through the ages Re-dedicated Zhenwu. Wudang Mountain "Ride true, as Wing-lok," the legend, after the world really is according to Wu Gong "Wing-lok like" plastic Zhenwu.
10-year Chong (1637) moved to the Mirage Binchuan Gyejoksan, Shi contained in the tablets are the same. 10-year Chong (1637), Yunnan Provincial Governor Zhang quill Tongdian moved to Binchuan Gyejoksan Tianzhu Feng. To this end Tianzhu Feng, also known as the "Golden Summit." Gyejoksan Tongdian destroyed in 1966 the "Cultural Revolution", "So Sijiu" period. Zhang Tong Dian-he moved, Tai Tong Dian Palace of the base, the lower gravel platform railing Weichai relief, to the present day.
Qing Emperor Kangxi period reconstruction Fengshan Tong Dian Tai Temple, "Fan Tong to as many as 500 million" (250 tons). 1980 Tongdian cleaning dirt and dust found Tongdian beam species are covered by smoke scale inscriptions, the beam in the middle of the caisson were covered with words, I climbed up to see "the Qing Emperor Kangxi 1911 at the age of 10 years, ten have big Lu On the 6th of the pro-West AUTHWORLD Jing Wu Sangui building. "Inscriptions confirmed the nine-year reign of Emperor Kangxi (1670) Tai Gong Wu Sangui repair, reconstruction Tongdian Zhenwu, bronze statues, erected" copper pole pennant Shiyu Zhang, Trinidad Maxine Hong Kingston. "10 years of Emperor Kangxi (1671 Years) completed completed on October 16. Wu Sangui as a result of 12 years of Emperor Kangxi (1673) anti-Jubing Therefore, only tablets Fang said, "Recasting the nine-year reign of Emperor Kangxi," is to avoid Tongdian Recasting Wu Sangui.
Wu Sangui reconstruction Tongdian Zhenwu, a cast of "Seven Star sword" hanging in the Tongdian, which is contained in the tablets Zhenwu "hanging Huijian often blame the system and the Demon." Wu Sangui will use a wood-off Big, heavy 12-jin (6 kg) to remain in Tai Temple to show off their Wuwei.
Tongdian positive, 33 Jia Xu Qing Emperor Kangxi (1694) Yunnan-Guizhou Governor Wang Jiwen hanging book "South immeasurable life without the Buddha," a steel tablet. "Immeasurable life Buddha," "Buddha" and many people were puzzled, Mingru generation of cloud Governor's why I hang Buddhist Temple Martial important? Wudang records, 14 Wing-lok (1416) Wudang top of Tianzhu Feng Jian Zhen Wu Tong Dian, right close by home Fengdian site has been immeasurable Buddhist life permitted, Buddhist and refused to give ground. Jian Tong Dian was informed that His Majesty wishes, Buddhist compromise, "not to allow", and has linked Dianshang Zhenwu Shou immeasurable Buddha "important, to worship the same time, Wu Zhen, Song," South immeasurable life without the Buddha. "Ming Fung Tai Shan Palace in Wudang Mountain peaks like to build, based on Wang Jiwen Wudang important story hanging.
25 years of Qing dynasty (1845) "tablets repair the door for two days," recorded two earthquakes in Kunming in the Qing Dynasty: "Qianlong , Yunnan Province, the earthquake, rescue robbed Star flag, none have symptoms of Hope. "Earthquake effect. Light" for 13 years (1833) on July 23, the earthquake in Yunnan, a complex temples of St. Paul , Visiting pantries earthquake shaking destroy bad. "Tai Temple is a bigger catastrophe Xianfeng years, Tai Temple destroyed Bingxian, the three Palace reduced to ashes Each time damage, in varying degrees all the repairs carried out. The 16-year Guangxu (1890) to Sanshiyinian Guangxu (1905) before and after 15 years, the abbot of Tai Gong Li Ming and Qing Dynasties Way, "Chance Jin Wang Chi, YU An intrinsic to the supervision of Yunnan minerals, the former governor Tong Kung-chung, Chu Chang Copper jin 10,000, and some times , Tailor our donors. Casting pavilion, Shi Block statues, fan grid tiles, and rehabilitation of the Mountain Gate, St. Paul, temples, for many of the new. "
Taihe Palace in The Mirage in 1950 to take over the military, as "The Mirage resort in Kunming." One after another under the Bureau of Culture and Education, Construction Bureau, Cultural Bureau, Forestry and Park Management. 196 In the "Cultural Revolution", "So Sijiu" during the Hall of clay statues damaged, the collapse of temples, Huangyanmancao. Tai Temple in 1968 will be zoned Liju Tai Kunming plant for quarters in 1970 to recover from the Kunming Urban Construction Bureau.
To crush the "Gang of Four", year after year to repair old buildings, the reconstruction of mine Hall, Lao Jundian, Sam Hall, the renovation of 3 days door, lattice Star Gate, a new gallery pavilion, the local maintenance of the Ming Dynasty city walls. In 1983 the construction of Tower Mountain to protect the original floor of Xuanhua Kunming Cheng Ming Dynasty Yongle clock.
From 1983 to 1991, Ming Fung in the Shandong area, south of the new levy of land 273 For the construction of an area of 500 acres of the size of the "Kunming Botanical Garden." Botanical garden is divided into 12 categories of professionals Park Flower Tea Garden, the District of greenhouse flowers, azalea garden, water Garden, Magnolia Park, the rose garden, bamboo botanical gardens, plant seed bare areas, rare and endangered flora, the garden Demonstration Zone , Parrot Park (bonsai) and Pine Lawn Park. Provincial and municipal governments have invested 800 million yuan.
To meet 1999 held in Kunming International Horticultural Exposition, from 1997 to 1999, the city government has invested in the Ming Fung Shan Mirage 20,000,000 yuan, a comprehensive maintenance Tai Miyako buildings, the renovated clock tower, the Clock Tower area of travel services for the construction watching a large greenhouse, the new azalea garden products, development of the orchid garden and botanical garden of ferns, the reconstruction of the fall garden restaurant, transforming tourism guest house, the reconstruction of tourism in the park toilets. The Mirage in the self-financing the construction of the "Golden China Expo Garden" on the basis of the further development of the Mirage bronze cultural tourist attractions ... The construction of the training for Tai Golden Palace 400 years to create the largest construction and repair. The Mirage resort in 1999 among the top scenic spots in Yunnan Province.

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