Friday, December 12, 2008

Nanzhao Taihe Town site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanzhao Taihe Town at 7.5 kilometers south Dali, the top foot of Cangshan Buddha, Tai Wo village in the vicinity. Taihe city was "River Man" cities, the city also had to build a Small Town - King Kong and the City Nanzhao summer palace. Tang Kaiyuan 25 years (737 Park), Chao Meng homes Shapiro Pavilion of the Tang Dynasty in support of the reunification of the six Chao, the establishment of Nanzhao, 39-year capital Taihe Town and 779 in the sheep vary Mou seeking capital Cashmere Tho City, Taihe Town Nanzhao as a pre-political economic and cultural center for 40 years. This "de Nanzhao monument of the" surviving. Yuan Guo Song "Dali line in mind," Taihe Town in mind: "more than a week to ten years." City spent at the beginning of next. In March 1961, the Council of State Released for the first batch of national key cultural unit. Germany Nanzhao monument of an 15-year-po bell that is too Tang calendar year (766 AD), is Nanzhao Luo Ge Wang Feng Tang was forced to vote in Tibetan revolt, as that "of the denial by, Xi Rong restricted means "Disaffection against the others can not stand the Tang Dynasty. Inscription rich, Nanzhao described in great detail the history of the early focus on the Nanzhao the original Tang Dynasty and the close ties and hostility between the two sides after the two sides went to war three times, the last Nanzhao Tibet. Nanzhao to study the formation of the social system, the relationship between the various ethnic groups in Yunnan, with the South Tang Dynasty and spit out the good relationship between the provision of an extremely heavy The literature. 41 title Beiyin trip is to study the initial stage Nanzhao class structure of the Official System of the important information on March 4, 1961 by the State Council for the first batch of national key cultural unit.

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