Friday, December 12, 2008

Ling-tai shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ling-tai Shan Min-northwest at school in the town on the eastern side of a clean long, covers an area of 7.5 square kilometers. Hakka people are living in the birthplace - said the world "the cradle of Hakka" Ning, Lin Shing, the central hub of Changting. Guanzhi Shan Lin Shing south, near the north-ling of the ancestral hall and Hakka Tung Swan, Changting Mother River to the west. The mountains are built in the late Yuan Dynasty Temple Fuyuan, the creation of the next eight years Xianzong Cueifong Temple, as well as Yuantong Si, drunk-Feng Temple. Min is the Northwest's largest Si Miaoqun. Beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural attract people at home and abroad come to pay homage to the network station can not, of letters of visitors have come to tourism. Shan Yin Ling-tai like sitting on a lotus flower, more than 20 Changtan he's around her, the two sides cliffs along the river, Tsui Chuk Ching Chung, the blend of landscape, beautiful, so you feel good. Yuan Tongsi flavor, like a loving mother statue of the Goddess of Mercy; solemn spectacle of Sambo as Nyorai; more than 70 meters long ... ... Dragon King's palace, scenic spots around your head then do not ya. Xu centenarians St. Lay in their own blood in the chest copy of the scriptures, and Lin Yan of Hong Kong Buddhist exquisite calligraphy of the "Universal Door Chapter" Temple worship. Wonders of the most sea of clouds in the morning, look Toyama, Isshiki the sea and sky, boundless sea. Occasionally raised peaks such as the rock in the sea, the endless sea of clouds changes, such as when Tiannvsanhua; the shore when the waves such as; when Thousands of snow piled up; nirvana when a landscape, let your eyes seem to stay in Wonderland, I am not up throughout the community. Terauchi Cueifong Xialing's 200-year-old camellia Zhenyi, two-ton stone turtles as well as the ancient legend let you away.

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